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The Reading Report of <The Lord of The Ring>

Name :秦培菁 Number:2011481118

In this winter holidays, I have read a book. It’s name is the lord of rings. The lord of rings was written by John Tolkien in 1955. In this book he made up a mystical world called Middle Earth and the story starts from a powerful ring which can control other rings and handed down to the different peoples of Middle Earth: elves, dwarfs and humans. The ring was made by the fires of Mount Doom by the evil Wizard Sauron. People live in the middle earth fall into the darkness one by one, but some people start to fight with Sauron. They form a team to destroy the ring and a Hobbit---- Frodo become the person who carry the ring. So the lead of this team: Gandalf take the humans ,elves, dwarfs and Hobbit to start their amazing, dangerous and difficult journey.

Although this travel is very hard and dangerous, they still succeed to destroy de powerful ring and bring the peace and freedom to the middle earth’s people. In this story, I find a lot of thing, such as the true friendship between Sam and Frodo. They teach me: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Even in the hardest time, they never give up each other but help and encourage with the other one. This novel really moves me, after I read this book I am so happy that the justice defeat the evil at last and the love between expedition team. I’d like to sum up this novel with one sentence: read it and you will love it.



An Outward Journey

The man who is working is the happiest one in the world, no matter in which period. That’s a truth the book Ordinary World wants to tell us. It loudly gives out the slogan, as a human, despair the position, as long as you have a burning heart, you will be loved by the life. Everybody in the world should charish their work. One can be ordinary, but can not be mediocre. Only be a worker, and use one’s sincere heart to taste and experience the life, can we truly being alive. This is a book written by life. There is a kind of ordinary sound flood in the earth and universe.

Lu Yao ,His most famous work is the novel Ordinary World, which won the Mao Dun Literature Prize. He was a native in northwest country. Born in a poor peasant family in Yulin city Shanxi province, he had a kind of unique understanding of the country life and the special relationships among the peasants. He had ever been a temporary teacher, which was similar to the character in his book. At first, he had several works, but not very influential. Until 1988, he finished the most important work in his life- Ordinary World, then he became famous and just by this book,he ascended into the first-rate writers. His book also was called as a panoramic

encyclopedia of Chinese country culture. His works usually focus on the country life ,but not only country life. He was good at adding the young people’s life into his work. He thought that the young generation standed for the hope and future of ageneration’s love life to reflect their values.

The pedagogical meaning I get from this book is a kind of profound understanding to the peasant in our own country. The younger generation in the modern city is very hard to figure out the meaning of this point, because they are far away from the real country life. Peasants’ life, peasants’ thought , all of these are quite unfamiliar to most of us. Then this book can be regarded as a bridge, we can indirectly gain a better understanding of the real country from this book.. And that’s the function of books. The book perfectly draw a picture of that time, it reflects the pleasure, the anger, the sorrow, and the passions of the peasants. After finished the book, we can say we experienced that period in one sense. We had ever worked in a filed, the sweat poured like rains from our face and we had ever loved someone ,lost someone. All of these came from the book. The practical significance of the book sets on the current situation and historic continuity of China; sets on the hope of the future and the development of our young generation; sets on the understanding of China and the people.

Life is an outward journey and there is not much time for us to squander, to grieve or to feel depressed. It will be spineless to give up our hope. Just like the famous sentence “Though the torches is drooping, the fire is burning up”. Even the most ordinary people should fight for his life.




By Mark Twain{journey,into,the,earth读后感英语}.

A few months ago Mark Twain was nominated for Governor of the great State of New York, to run against Stewart L. Woodford and John T. Hoffman, on an independent ticket. He somehow felt that he had one prominent advantage over these gentlemen, and that was, good character. It was easy to see by the newspapers, that if ever they had known what it was to bear a good name, that time had gone by. It was plain that in these latter years they had become familiar with all manner of shameful crimes. But at the very moment that he was exalting his advantage and joying in it in secret, there was a muddy undercurrent of discomfort "riling" the deeps of my happiness -- and that was, the having to hear my name bandied about in familiar connection with those of such people. He grew more and more disturbed. Finally he wrote my grandmother about it. Her answer came quick and sharp. She said:

You have never done one single thing in all your life to be ashamed of -- not one. Look at the newspapers -- look at them and

comprehend what sort of characters Woodford and Hoffman are,

and then see if you are willing to lower yourself to their level and enter a public canvass with them.

It was his very thought! He did not sleep a single moment that night. But after all, he could not recede. He was fully committed and must go on with the fight. As he was looking listlessly over the papers at breakfast, he came across this paragraph, and he may truly say he never was so confounded before:

PERJURY. -- Perhaps, now that Mr. Mark Twain is before the people as a candidate for Governor, he will condescend to explain how he came to be convicted of perjury by thirty-four witnesses, in Wakawak, Cochin China, in 1863, the intent of which perjury was to rob a poor native widow and her helpless family of a meagre

plantain patch, their only stay and support in their bereavement and their desolation. Mr. Twain owes it to himself, as well as to the great people whose suffrages he asks, to clear this matter up. Will he do it?

I thought he should burst with amazement! Such a cruel, heartless charge -- I never had seen Cochin China! I never had beard of Wakawak! I didn't know a plantain patch from a kangaroo! I did not

know what to do. I was crazed and helpless. I let the day slip away without doing anything at all. The next morning the same paper had this -- nothing more:

SIGNIFICANT. -- Mr. Twain, it will be observed, is suggestively silent about the Cochin China perjury.

[Mem. -- During the rest of the campaign this paper never referred to me in any other way than as "the infamous perjurer Twain."


Next came the "Gazette," with this:

WANTED TO KNOW. -- Will the new candidate for Governor deign to explain to certain of his fellow-citizens (who are suffering to vote for him!) the little circumstance of his cabin-mates in Montana losing small valuables from time to time, until at last, these things having been invariably found on Mr. Twain's person or in his "trunk" (newspaper he rolled his traps in), they felt compelled to give him a friendly admonition for his own good, and so tarred and feathered him and rode him on a rail, and then advised him to leave a

permanent vacuum in the place he usually occupied in the camp. Will he do this?{journey,into,the,earth读后感英语}.

Could anything be more deliberately malicious than that? For I never was in Montana in my life.


We should understand this: We should deal with everything hard,in correct ways. We should handle everything step by step. We should finish everything with our own great effort. Only in this way will we feel the happiness along the journey. As we are learning, we must learn it by heart,,and we should not try hard to speculate. Maybye we may get high marks in the exams by

speculating,but we cannot really learn the knowledge we should to know.



Along our long travelling of life, we may come across our

opponents now and then. When we compite with them, please do not use dishonorable means to win them. Instead, we should be earnest and down-to-earth. We can show our real skill to our opponents. Thus we can catch the happiness of the match. Thus our life can be more valueable.


The book critical the hypocrisy of American’s “democratic political”. An honest man take part in the free election,then he becomes the worest person in the world. This tells us that some so-called “democratic political” are just the excuses of some politicians. The politicians use it to get their power. The book also



Book review on David Copperfield


I. Introduction

The book was written by Charles Dickens, who was a famous writer in England. He was an originator representative figure of critical realism. He was born in a poor family. He studied in school off and on because of the lack of money. He lived a hard life and was forced to go the factory to be a young worker. The he went to attorney office as a worker for five years. After that he was an interviewee in newspaper office. From then on he started his writing career. His hard experience made him care about the life of the civilians. He wrote novels to criticize the unfair society as an originator representative figure of critical realism. The book described the life of a boy whose name is David Copperfield. He was a posthumous child. His new father was wicked. After a long journey, he found his aunt and lived a better life. Then happened a lot of things, but the result was bright. Even though his wife Dora was dead, he went abroad for three years. When he came back, he found Agnes loved him all the time. So they got together.

II. The story or A summary of the book

David Copperfield was born at Blunder stone, in Suffolk. His father’s eyes had closed upon the light of this world six months when his opened on it. His father’s aunt is the principal magnate of their family. She hoped that the baby was a girl, but when David was born, she walked out and never came back. When David grew old, his mother married Mr. Murdstones, a man who is strict with him and his mother. When he did not do very well in his study, he bit the boy. In a word, he hated the boy and didn’t want take more care to him. Then David was sent to school. Though he left his mother, there he can learn some knowledge. But his mother’s death hit him heavily. He was forced to leave school and work to continue his life. He was slighted, and taught nothing, thrown upon him and put to work not for him. It made the boy run away. He was robbed at first setting and his way was difficult for him. Luckily he found his aunt and was accepted by her. she gave him a new life, so he continues his study again.

He lived in Wick field’s home and made good friends with Agnes. But he didn’t like

Uriah the first time he saw the man. Actually the man is an atrocious. The firm nominally conducted under the appellation of Wakefield and Heep. But in reality, Uriah was a really forger and cheat. Wakefield’s death associated with the ruffian more or less. So Uriah’s death was worth what he had done. Another atrocious man took away Emily the day before his marriage with Ham, which made all the people so angry especially for Ham. Mr. Peggotty went out to find the girl and eventually he found her. But Hum lost his life for saving people under the sea, what annoyed them was the passenger on the boat should be the bad man.

For David, he fell in love with Dora, a really lovely happy girl. He just wanted to be with her and cared more about her. Finally they married and lived a happy life. But Dora got a very serious sick and left the world. David feel sad about this, he went abroad to travel. When he came back three years later he found that Agnes still wait for him and loved him. That really moved him and he knew the importance of her love. They were with each other all their lives.

III. Comments on my review on the book

I thought a lot after reading the novel. David’s life was unlucky but he never gave way to anything. He tried his best to live stronger and better. Even though there were some people who did wrong things around him, but he never changed. He insisted on working hard and loved people. The life is not very luckily sometimes, but at last he gained a happy life. I really learnt a lot from him. No matter what situation we were, the compliment is useless. What we should do is to change it to become better. In our life we have a lot of friends no matter what they are like, only if they treat us well we should cherish them. Remember what they did for us and do anything we can do to support them when they are in trouble. Try to improve ourselves. Learn to love others. Cherish the time they spent on us and understand that it’s not easy for others to do so. Even though you can’t stay with him or her, we can’t hurt them at last. All in all, love ourselves, love others and live a meaningful and wonderful life.

Be an integrity man. Don’t lose your way in front of money, state and others. The most important thing is our interpersonal. Once it changed it will harm a lot of people. The world sometimes is not peace, but we have keep peace in our heart. Don’t toss your believe. A{journey,into,the,earth读后感英语}.

wrong life is really terrible, but instead a bright life is worth to pride. So we should live a life that we don’t regret it one day when we think about it. Just do it. Believe in ourselves.


环游地球八十天 英文读后感~~~ 大学英语

Fortunes Always Good To the Brave

-----Afterthoughts of Around the World in Eighty Days If I tell you, I will travel around the world; you may say I would not have enough courage as well as money to stick it out. If I tell you I will travel around the world in 80 days. You may think I must be crazy.

However, there is always someone who was called a brave man. Phileas Fogs is a rich gentleman who lived in 19th century Britain. Mr. Fogs was such a man who had created miracle. With the advances in science and technology, the world has become smaller and smaller. However, there are still very few people who have the courage to try this adventure.

Mr. Fogs set out with his servant passpartout --This Frenchman’s name might have been specially made up in the novel. His name implied that he would play an important role in Fogs’ journey. Together, they’re had their ups and downs. Mr. Fogs was a generous man, he was always willing to help people in need. Of course, it would be best that it wouldn’t affect his itinerary. During their journey, they rescued a young Parisi woman who would be forced to be sacrificed the next day. The joining of the lady lent colors to their tight schedule. Three of the team looked after each other and continued their journey. Everyday, they were racing against time. They confronted dangerous situations and overcome the difficulties again and again. But there were always more barriers in the way. They were followed by a detective during the ride, because Mr. Fogs was apprehended as a criminal by mistake. It brought them a lot of trouble. They did whatever they could to complete their journey by the deadline. Unfortunately, when they finally rushed back to London, they miss the deadline by 5 minutes. It was a fact that is hard to accept. Mr. Fogs thought he had lost the bet and all his fortune. When they were in deep desperation, the story went through a dramatic change! Thanks for the time difference, they didn’t miss the deadline, they actually saved a whole day. What a big surprise! It appeared that his success was achieved by accident. But the reason for his success is far more than pure

luck. Fogs’ courage and wisdom helped him win the big fortune. Meanwhile, he got the love of Aouda.

This story excites every reader. Many people have their own dreams and look forward to achieving success. But, most of them are too afraid to give it a try. For them, dreams are too big and therefore, difficult to come true. They are not willing to take the challenges in life. For Mr. Fogs, success is not an accident. Having the courage to face both the opportunities and challenges, he dares to do whatever it may take to succeed.

Therefore, never complain about the many barriers in your way. No one’s life is easy, to achieve your dream, it is important to stick to it and never give up. Stay calm when problems crop up. Learn how to deal with changes. Be a strong person and smile with your life. If we persist in our dreams, we will see the sunshine of life just for us!


1.irregular adj. Not according to usual rules or what is expected.

2.detective n. a police officer whose job is to discover information about crimes and find out who is responsible for them.侦查员

3.departure 离开

4.wager 赌注,打赌

5.incident n. an event which is either unpleasant or unusual 事件,事故 n. an official mark made in a PASSPORT which allows you to 7.enter or leave a particular country 签证

8.bounce v. to move up or away after hitting a surface 弹起,反弹

9.sacrifice :to kill something and offer them to a god gods. 献祭,为……祭祀

10.brick :a rectangular block of hard material used for building walls and houses. 砖

11.wear on to pass slowly 慢慢地过去

12.current adj. of the present time 现在的,当前的

13.priest n神父,牧师

14.warrant v. to promise that something will be done or will happen 保证,允诺

15.release a written statement which gives information to be broadcast or 16.published 发布,公



17. knight n. 爵士,骑士

18. Pilot a person with detailed knowledge of an area of water. 领航员

19.opium n. a kind of drug 鸦片{journey,into,the,earth读后感英语}.

20.guilty adj. compunctious 内疚的,良心不安的

21.draw 从……移出,抽出

22. rascal n. a dishonest person 流氓,无赖

23.on deck v. slang to hit 击倒

24.crew 船长

25.barely adv. not gradable 仅仅,勉强

26.sword on 危险临头

27.warrant n.逮捕令a legal document that is signed by a judge and gives the police authority to do sth.

28.detective n.警探a person, especially a police officer, whose job is to examine crimes and catch criminals.

29.consulate n.领事馆the building where a consul works.

30.stamp n.信函a small piece of paper with a design on it that you buy and stick on an envelope or a package before you post it.

31.priestess n.僧侣a person who performs religious ceremonies in some religions that are not Christian.

32.whistle n.汽笛声the high loud sound produced by air or steam being forced through a small opening.{journey,into,the,earth读后感英语}.

33.propose n.建议to suggest a plan, an idea, etc.

34.merchant n.商人a person who buys and sells goods in large quantities, especially one who imports and exports goods

35.companion n.旅伴a person or an animal that travels with you or spends a lot of time with you.

36.ruin v.毁坏to damage sth. So badly that it loses all its value, pleasure, etc; to spoil sth.

37.bounce v.上下摇晃to move up and down

38.waist n.腰部the area around the middle of the body

39.sacrifice n.牺牲the fact of giving up sth.

40.opium n.鸦片a powerful drug

41.foresee v.预见to think sth. Is going to happen in the future

42.torture v.拷打to hurt sb. mentally in order to punish them or make them tell you sth.

43.pyramid 棱锥体

44.betrayal n. 背叛,出卖

45.bay n. prevent someone or something from harming you 阻止某人或某物造成伤害

46.porter n. a person whose job is to carry things 搬运工人

47.territory 领土,领域

48.steward a person whose job it is to organize a particular event 服务员,管家

49.midday n. the middle of the day 正午,中午

50.polygamy 一夫多妻制



Little Prince

This is a fairytale whose distribution volume is only second to The Bible. It’s been translated to versions of many other languages. And I gather there must be something special, something really great about it. It’s this conviction that drove me to read it at the first beginning. Well, with due respect to the author, I failed to see how this fairytale be worthy of our attention, despite the fact that many readers claimed this book to be designed for adults.

Anyway, as a well-acknowledged book, it must possess unique feature to maintain it’s position. And it’s reputation and popularity will by no means be destroyed by what an unknown man says. I will talk about the main contents of the book, and the inspiration it renders as usual.

This book mainly tells us the experience of a prince from a tiny planet, who traveled to many other planets and finally came to the earth and met the pilot in a desert. The prince and the pilot became good friends, and the pilot gradually got to know the feeling and experience of his friend. Before he came to the earth, little prince had been to other 6 little planets where he made acquaintance with some strange people. The first man he met was a king on a little planet, yet he claimed to be the king of the space and ridiculously justified his unshakable governance over all. The second person was a man of vanity, who enjoyed compliments of any form without considering whether it’s sincere or not. The third person was an alcoholic who tried to forget the fact that he’s addicted to acohol by drinking like a fish. The fourth person was an abosolute money-oriented businessman, who cared nothing but his fortune. Next came the lamp-lighter who performed his duty blindly. The last one was a geographer who knew too much about geography to solve a real problem related to it. These six people each represented one kind of person like us. The author satirized people’s conceit, emptiness, fakeness, innocence and blindness through the tone of a child.

I see eye to eye with the author in that the cause of people’s loneliness can be concluded to the negligence of the bonds that connects them. People are supposed to care about each other, cherish what’s really important for them, and be grateful for the happiness that they’ve gained. We all believe knowledge and experience enable us to see clearly and make right judgements all the time. But we may sometimes lose the right to speak straighforwardly, think creatively or love courageously resulting from what we’ve experienced. That why in our middle school textbooks, it’s the little kid that breaks the illusion of the emperor by saying ”but mum, he ain’t were anything”.

When I was a child, I was definitely a good boy who went home on time after school and did his homework and never tried anything without mom’s permission. And now I am a grown-up, and still I am a good man, at least, that’s what I heard. Sometimes when I was lonely and I began to think about my childhood, then all the happiness and care-free

life came back to me as it were yesterday. Kids that once accompanied me during my childhood now become fathers and mothers of their kids and I myself am a child no more. Thinking about all these things have made me moody. There’re changes happening in our lives whether we are happy about it or not.

People told me life is a journey which will never stop once it’s started. What’s left behind are happiness and sorrow, pride and shame, success and regret. There’s good old time to reminisce and there’s sad hours that reminds us of the pain. Your feeling makes them real, and you know you lived.

I want to conclude by saying some positive words that each yestersday used to be today, and each today is the future of yesterday, so making the most of today is the best way to cherish your lives. Our mortal beings are doomed to die. It’s not sad, instead, death it’s just a process of our lives. After all, we’ve lived our lives and it’s what we do and how we think that determine who we are.

(when you look at the above passages, don’t regard it as a composition or an article, because if you do, you will be puzzled at the structure. It’s just a few words that come to my mind at the moment and I type them.)

Have a nice day!





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