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On Health

Health is a kind of physical, mental fulfillment condition, and good adaptability, but not merely the absence of disease and weak state. This is referred to people's physical and mental health, that is to say, a person in physical health, mental health, social adaptation and moral health four aspects are perfect, is completely healthy people.

How to be in health? Firstly,it is very important for us to keep a balanced diet and maintain regular eating habits. Avoid food with lots of sugar and fat. Eat plenty of foods high in protein. Taking more fruits and vegetables are necessary because they provide vitamins and they help in the process of digestion. Secondly,we'd better do morning exercise every day, do sports frequently to make our bodies strong. Thirdly, we have to avoid too much work pressure. Getting too tired all the time may definitely weaken our defense system, making us get sick easily. Finally, we have to get rid of those bad habits that damage our health such as drinking and smoking.

In short, health is our precious wealth of society, is the human survival and development of basic elements. if we stick to things according to the aspects mentioned above, we will lead a healthy life, become as fit as a fiddle and become a completely healthy people.


英语作文如何健康生活 Healthy Life

With the deveolopment of Chinese economic, people’s living standard improve. Meat is much more available to people. Meanwhile, the increasing pressure makes people has no time to exercise. As a result, a large number people are suffering obesity or more or less illness. So, more and more people are dreaming to keep fit in both physical and mental. To reach the goal, I have some suggestions following.


To begin with, exercise is the most important factor. Doing exercise can not only build people’s body but also relax themseves. People always say that exercise one hour

everyday, healthy lifetime. So I suggest those people who want to be health should do exercise everyday. Considering their time, people can do exercise after work or after school even one or twice a week. They can chose to paly sports, running, walking,

swimming or any other exercise that can relax themselves. Secondly, it is nessary to keep a good diet. There is saying,”A apple a day keeps the doctor away.” People need to eat less meat and more vegetable to get enough vitamin and reduce the needless fat. Last but not least, always keeping a good mood can make half the work with double results. A good mood is essential to do a happy life. So please smile to your life and not get angry easily.


To sum up, different people have different attitude towards their life. But everyone wants a healthy life. Just remember do more exercise, eat more vegetable and keep a good mood. Tomorrow will be better.














Dear Dad(Mum),

You’re so busy every day that you don’t pay much attention to your health. I’m worried about your health all the time. I’d like to give you some suggestions. I hear walking is the best sport. Your company isn’t far from home, is it? Why not walk to the office? You’d better take exercise at least once a week, such as playing tennis in the gym. Going to swim is also a nice choice, too. What’s more, it’s necessary to have healthy food. Try not to stay up too late. Having enough sleep can help your brain work better.

Dad, please accept my advice. I really wish you healthy!

Your loving son (daughter)

Tom (Mary)



你每天这么忙,你不重视你的健康。我对你的健康担心所有的时间。我想给你一些建议。我听到走路是最好的运动。您的公司没有远离家乡,是吗?为什么不步行到办公室吗?你最好锻炼,每周至少一次,如在健身房打网球。去游泳也是一个不错的选择了。更重要的是,它需要有健康的食物。尽量不要熬夜太晚。有足够的睡眠可以让你的大脑工作得更好。 爸爸,请接受我的意见。我真的希望你健康!




英语作文 有关健康的


Part 1相关词汇:

1. keep fit /healthy 保持健康 6.give up junk food 戒除垃圾食品

2. take exercise 做锻炼 7. avoid too much pressure sports regularly有规律的做运动 避免太多的压力

4.eating habits 饮食习惯 8.keep yourself happy 保持自己开心

5.have a balanced diet有平衡的饮食 9.lead a happy life 过快乐的生活 Part 2相关句子:

1. It’s very important for everyone to keep healthy. 对每个人来说保持健康很重要

2. We can't study or work well without healthy body.


3. There're many ways to keep healthy. 这儿有一些方法能保持健康。{亚健康的英语作文}.

4. We’d better eat more vegetables and fruit instead of junk food.


5. Try to take exercise every day to make our bodies strong.


6. Taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body.


7. We can spend an hour playing ball games with friends everyday.


8. We should avoid too much pressure and keep ourselves happy.


9. In a word, if we stick to the advice given above, we will lead a healthy life.


10. Though it is very difficult, you will learn it well if you work hard at it.




Today many teenagers are unhealthy because they do less exercise , eat more junk food .They haven’t got enough time to sleep.



First of all, you should keep taking exercise every day. (做锻炼) Second, have a healthy diet. (健康的饮食习惯)

1.You’d better eat more fruit and vegetables which What’s more, a healthy lifestyle can help us grow up healthily. (健康的生活习惯)

1. Having enough sleep can help your brain work better. Don’t it’s bad for our health.

Finally, besides body health, we also need friendship.(友谊,交流,心理健康)




Part 1 . 相关词组:

1. 有平衡的饮食

2. 保持健康

3. 有规律的做运动

4. 做锻炼

5. 健康的生活方式

6. 保持自己开心戒除垃圾食品

7. 避免太多的压力{亚健康的英语作文}.

8. 过健康的生活

Part 2 . 相关句子:

1. 对每个人来说保持健康很重要

2. 没有健康我们就无法学习或工作好。

3. 每天做运动能帮助我们强健体魄。

4. 早餐是一天中最重要的一餐,对我们的健康非常有好处。


6. 别熬夜,尽量早睡早起。

7. 健康的生活方式能帮助我们健康地成长。

8. 我们应该避免太多的压力而保持愉快的心态。

9. 总之,如果我们坚持以上的建议,就能过上健康的生活。



It’s necessary for us to have healthy life habits. But many students don’t care about it. Evert day, 20 percent of the students don’t eat breakfast, 40 percent of the students only do sports on PE.{亚健康的英语作文}.

I think it is bad for our health. Breakfast is important for us to have energy in the morning. Doing sports can not only build up our bodies but also reduce diseases. Here is some healthy advice for us. First of all, we should eat breakfast such as milk, eggs and bread. Second, we can play basketball with friends. It can not only make us strong but also help us make more friends.{亚健康的英语作文}.

The first wealth is the health. So, let’s keep healthy together!




According to the survey, 40 students like watching Tv or playing computer games in the free time, 30 students would like to do some sports and 10 students choose to talk with others after class.

I think it’s a good idea to do sports and talk with others after class. Because sports can build up our bodies, communication can help us with problems and comfort us. However, I don’t think it’s good for us to spend too much time watching Tv or playing computer games. They are bad for our eyes. Here is my advice to relax. First, we can have enough sleep. Then, we can play basketball with friends at weekends. Last but not least, we can have a chat with parents.

In a word, we should choose a healthy way to relax ourselves.



假如你是李丽,假期你将参加一个英语角主办的以“Healthy Lifestyle”为主题的演讲比赛。请你准备一篇发言稿,谈谈你对健康生活的看法。要求如下:


注意:1。次数80—100;2;请结合实际情况适当发挥;3 信的开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Sir or Madam,

Good afternoon!

A healthy lifestyle is important for us.We need to start a healthy lifestyle.Here are some of my suggestions.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thanks for your attention!

One possible version:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Good afternoon!

A healthy lifestyle is important for us.We need to start a healthy lifestyle.Here are some of my suggestions.First,take exercise every day. Doctors suggest that we walk at least 10.000 steps a week to keep fit.We can also get the same amount of exercise from our favorite sport.Second,watch our diet.Eat fresh fruit and vegetables instead of fast food and sweets.Unhealthy food can make us put on weight fast.Third,rest while we can.The body needs about eight hours’sleep every day.We’d better go to bed early in the evening and not stay up.

If you really love life, then follow these suggestions and start a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for your attention!



The importance of health

Health is far more important than wealth.

Good health enables us to do what we want to do in our career. But bad health gives nothing. Even though you have little money, you can still live a happy life with a healthy body.

So, how to keep healthy? First of all, Taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body. Regular exercise is an important part of keeping me healthy. Besides, keeping a happy and optimistic mood everyday is also a good way to stay healthy.

In order to eat healthily, I usually avoid eating food high in fat, like french fries or cookies. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit which are full of vitamins.





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