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Nature and human

In the past hundred years, there have been frequent natural disasters, such as floods, droughts干旱, mud-rock flows, seismic地震 sea waves, earthquakes, windstorms and the stretching of new deserts. The disasters have killed millions upon millions of people, destroyed countless homes, and wiped out 消灭numerous pieces of fertile肥沃的 land. Now more and more people become aware that those disasters have much to do with what we have done to the earth. We have cut down too many trees in the forests,we have badly polluted the environment, we have shocked our

explosions of nuclear bombs. As a result, climates have become abnormal, rainwater rushes down hillsides山腰山坡 angrily, and the underground energy

planet. It is urgent for us to stop damaging it, and to do our best to protect it and make it a lovely place suitable to live in, for we have nowhere to go and survive except where we are now.{人和自然英语作文}.

human and animals

There is no doubt that human activity has an effect on the planet. We see the evidence of mankind’s endeavors努力尽力 all around us. Overall全面考虑,

it seems that human activity harms the Earth more than benefits it makes. As is vividly betrayed in the photo above, due to over development, there is Absolutely, we should reserve some land for the world’s animals for the following reasons. First, mankind’s need for land is constantly growing. If{人和自然英语作文}.

the demand is not checked controlled in some way, humans will eventually develop all of the earth’s available land. At that time, mankind will have no more room to grow, and all the wild animals will have disappeared, as well as other valuable resources. Second, humans are able to innovate改革 and can use the land that they already possess in more efficient ways. Animals are unable to do this. Once their land is taken away from them, they will die.{人和自然英语作文}.

will be. Therefore, we should treat such animals as a valuable resource to be protected.{人和自然英语作文}.

To sum up, the world’s endangered animals are an important resource and we should protect them by setting aside some land for them. Although mankind’s need for land continues to grow, people are intelligent and inventive enough to put the land into use properly. In this way, we can have enough land for farming, housing and industry, and preserve the biodiversity of the planet at the same time. Only to obey nature in order to overcome nature. - Darwin



Nature is kind of a loving mother, but also a butcher in cold blood. - Victor Hugo

自然不仅是位慈爱的母亲,还是个冷血的屠夫。-维克多雨果 It is usually their own surroundings as a form of free merchandise, I do not know any way to cherish and spoil. - Gan Harman


The land to all the people are the essence of the material, and finally, it has been there from the people of the rebate is rubbish these substances. 土地对人类来说根本,然而人类给予自然的是垃圾。-惠特曼

Not only natural can not mandatory, but also subject to natural.


The last drop of human, environmental damage will be tears of remorse after. 人类的最后一滴水,将是环境破坏后悔恨的泪。 Pollution of the environment protection of the environment shameful glory. 保护环境光荣 污染环境可耻。 Please do not trample on the grass at the foot of you, because like you, it is there that the sacred mission of a green environment.

请不要践踏您脚下的青草,因为,它和你一样,是都有这绿化环境的神圣使命。 There is no business to be done on a dead planet.


Don’t blow it - good planets are hard to find.

别摧毁它 -- 好的星球是很难找到的! For 200 years we've been conquering Nature. Now we're beating it to death. — Tom McMillan


I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for


going out, I found,was really going in. — John Muir

我本来只是出去走走,结果决定待到天黑再回去,因为我发现,出走竟是返我。-约翰缪尔 Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. 不带走一草一物,除了照片;不留下些许痕迹,除了脚印;不猎杀任何生物,除了时间。 Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it.

Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. 人类并未织起生命的网络。我们不过是其中的一根线,无论我们对这网做了什么,我们都等于是对自己做了。所有事情绑在一块,所有事情紧密相连。

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

自然与智慧永不相悖。 There is a pleasure in the pathless woods. There is a rapture on the lonely shore. There is society where none intrudes. By the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but Nature more. — George Gordon, Lord Byron

无径之林,常有情趣;无人之岸,几多惊喜;世外桃源,何处寻觅;聆听涛乐,须在海里。爱我爱你,更爱自然。 Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.

只有当最后一棵树死去,最后一条河被污染, 最后一条鱼被捉住,我们才会意识到——钱不能用来填饱肚子。

We should not be over enjoyed our victory on the nature For each such

victory, the nature will take revenge on us. 我们不要过分陶醉于我们人类对自然界的胜利。对于每一次这样的胜利,自然界都对我们进行报复。-恩格斯

、They throw rubbish into rivers , too.他们还乱扔垃圾到河流理去。

2、Right side, please.请靠右行。

3、It's our duty to save water.节约水是我们每个人的责任。

4、Something must be done to stop the pollution.人类必须采取一些措施来制止污染。

5、It's everyone's duty to love and protect the environment.爱护和保护环境是每个人的责任和义务。

6、Let’s do our best to make it more beautiful.让我们尽力让它更美丽。

7、We don't need to do big things—we can start out small.我们不需要做大事,我们可以从小事做起。{人和自然英语作文}.

8、The federal government promulgated the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.联邦政府颁布了《水清洁法》和《空气清洁法》。

9、Protecting the environment is every man's responsibility.保护地球环境是每一个人的责任。

10、We don’t need to do big things—we can start out small.我们不需要做大事,我们可以从小事做起。

11、if everyone could make a big contribution to environmental protection, our home will become much more beautiful.如果每个人为环境保护作出一点贡献,我们的家园会变得更加美丽。


初中英语作文:人与自然 Man and Nature

初中英语作文:人与自然 Man and Nature

Weoften say that the earth is our homeland and human society comes from nature. Therefore,I think our society is a part of nature. People should live harmoniously withnature. All the materials we need to live with come from nature, but we shouldalso repay the nature, rather than blindly solicit. For example, we shouldplant more trees and take actions to protect the environment. In addition, wehave to control population. Due to excessive population growth, human beingsrequire much more natural resources than before, which lead to excessivepressure on nature. In order to long-term development, the population growthmust be controlled. We all come from nature which is our homeland, so we musttry best to protect it. 我们常常说地球是我们的家园,人类社会也是从自然界分解出来的。因此,我认为我们的社会是自然界的一部分,人们应该与自然和谐共处。我们所需的所有生活材料都来自于自然,但是我们也要回馈自然,而不是一味地索取。例如,我们应该多种树,要采取有效措施保护好环境。此外,人口数量也应得到控制。由于人口过多,人类需要的生存材料也大大增加,导致了自然界所承受的压力过大。为了更长远地发展,人口的增长速度必须要得到控制。我们都来自自然,把自然界也称为我们的家园,所以我们必须要尽最大的努力去保护它。


人与自然 英语作文

Man and the nature

Recently,with the development of the industry,there’re a growing number of natural disasters surrounding us such as the earthquake, flood, hurricane and tsunami. Overall ,the cause behind this phenomenon is related to many aspects.However ,it’s our fault indeed.Putting it in another way,it’s a consequence caused by ourselves to a certain extent. When it comes to the relation between the human and the nature,every individual may hold diverse opinions.For instance,someone argues that men should bring out the resource from the nature ,and what’s more, spare no effort to make the use of the environment.As a contrast,someone emphasizes that we should keep the balance with the ecological system rather than ask for a great deal of benefit from it.Apparently,the merit varies from one to one.

As far as I’m concerned,the human and the nature should complement each other.Provided that we just gain what we need from the nature instead of repaying something valuable to the environment,we couldn’t step far.On the other hand,if we are only engaged in giving our service to nature,the human society wouldn’t make any advancement.Taking everything into consideration,only by striking a balance between demanding the wealth from the nature and dedicating ourselves to it can we make our relationship with nature more harmonious and go further.



People and Nature

The relation between people and nature is very close, people、 plants and animals are nature, I believe we all heard the word "the animal is the people’s best friend." People respected nature and was one part of nature.

It seems that people today are masters of Nature. But while we are disrupting the order of the natural world, we are the ultimate victims, for nature is seeking its revenge. Disappearing forests, drying rivers, polluted soil and worsening climate punished greedy people beings. We have taken too much from nature, and given back too little.

Looking forward to the future, when we gain reasoning, when we remember the interdependent relationship between people and nature, when the world work of people persistently to protect nature, then nature will be our friend instead of our slave or servant. Sure, people can live in harmony with nature is the key to people survival. So we should protect our natural.

I love nature very much!



Do We Have Priorities?

As we all know, there are many kinds of species living on the earth including human beings. Under the protection of the fantastic planet, we are breathing the clean air, tasting the delicious food and enjoying the numerous natural resource, which the planet providing for us, to improve ourselves physically and intellectually. Although we have got the power to reach the top of the food chain, do we have priorities over animals and other life-forms, or even have the right to sacrifice lives of other species to obtain our own benefits?

I think the answer is NO because each life-form occupies a special place equally and plays an important role within its ecosystem like human beings. Once human beings break the balance of the food chain, there may be unrecoverable destroy to the nature, which consequently punish ourselves in return. For example, the Sanxia Project does bring a lot of benefits to Chinese such as power generation and flood prevention, meanwhile, it also cause the extinction of many ancient animals and the dramatically change of world climate. People around have already been drought for several years since the Project is built. Human beings are too eager to get short term benefits to ignore what the damage will bring in a long term.


It seems that it is paradoxical to meet the needs of both animals and human being at the same time. What we should do is not concerning on ourselves’ endless ambition, then taking a consideration of the nature when there is a conflict. For our own sake, human being had better protect the nature as well as making use of it. In a word, all species are equal to exist on the earth and human beings do not have priorities.















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