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Directions: Write a composition entitled Ideals. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 人人都有理想

2. 实现理想的因素是什么

3. 你的理想及实现的途径



Everyone has his ideals. A businessman wishes to make greater profit; a farmer expects good harvests; a student tries to learn more and better. However, one should be sensible about whether his ideal is well founded or not. If it is, one has to plan and work hard for its realization. Effort, skill and persistence are all necessary. And very often, one has to get help from others, including advice and support in one form or another.

My ideal is to become a doctor. It is said that the field of medicine is a well-paid profession, but I take it as a lofty profession entrusted with saving

people’s lives. To realize my ideal I have concentrated on laboratory work to develop the analytical skills necessary to become a qualified doctor. I'm sure I will persevere in this pursuit.







strive v. 努力,奋斗

with more or less effort 用或多或少的努力

realize v. 实现

be sensible about 意识到

persistence n. 坚持

It is said that 据说

well-paid adj. 收入高的,待遇优厚的

lofty adj. 高尚的

entrust with... 委托给某人

concentrate on 集中注意力于

analytical adj. 分析的

qualified adj. 合格的

persevere in 坚持

pursuit n. 追求;职业

Directions: Write a composition entitled Generation Gap. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 现代生活越来越好,但老年人和年轻人之间的代沟却依然不可逾越

2. 产生代沟的原因

3. 解决的办法


Generation Gap

Though many aspects of our social life have been improved, the generation gap between the youths and the olders remain and even grows wider. In my opinion, because of the influence of individualism from western

civilization, the youths do not blindly follow what the elders say, that causes the gap. The young are creative and revolutionary, always go along with the trend and like changing. While the old, accustomed to everything of the past, are hostile to change. Also with more and more different beliefs and

philosophical ideas, it is natural the young hold different opinions from the old. I think in order to narrow the gap, both parts should try to understand and respect each other, instead of trying to change others as they wish. Diversity doesn't mean conflict so long as they hold the right attitude towards the problems.







aspect n. 方面,方位

influence n./v. 影响

individualism n. 个人主义

civilization n. 文明

blindly adv. 盲目地,轻率地

creative adj. 创造性的

revolutionary adj. 革命的 n. 革命者


trend n. 趋势,潮流 v. 趋向

be accustomed to 习惯于

be hostile to 对……有敌意,与……敌对

philosophical ideas 哲学思想

narrow v. 使变窄;缩小 adj. 狭窄的

diversity n. 差异;多样性

conflict n./v. 冲突

so long as 只要

Directions: Write a composition entitled On Disasters. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 人的一生中,可能会遇到一些灾难事件,给我们的生活带来意外的打击。

2. 面对灾难,我们应该坚强,不要过于沉湎于悲痛,要积极面对人生。

3. 我的看法。


On Disasters

An old saying goes: Life is full of roses and thorns. As we all know, one’s life is full of unexpected events, some of which are wonderful and some of which are disastrous. Those heavy blows, such as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes, threaten to weigh one down.

However, it’s even worse if one can’t drag himself out of the grief in that mental break-down is more serious than the disaster itself. Instead of

indulging oneself in sadness, one should take positive attitude towards life and contribute to the reconstruction of his or her life and hometown.

As for me, if I am lucky enough to survive in a disaster, I will try my best to help those who are suffering by donation blood or money. If I am a victim, I will endeavor to recover from the sadness as soon as possible and be certain to be strong and supportive to the recovery work.








Directions: Write a composition entitled On Students,Rating of Their Teachers. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 现在,学生给老师打分已经普遍;

2. 人们对这种做法持不同态度;

3. 我的看法。


On Students,Rating of Their Teachers

Recently, it is common in colleges and universities for students to grade teachers. Almost every university has been installed the rating system. However, this phenomenon has aroused great controversy. Some people are in favor of this rating system. They hold that students are the receiver of the knowledge and teaching activity and they have the right to evaluate teachers’ teaching. But otherjpeople are against it. They believe that the rating system is partial and will influence the normal teaching order.

Asjfa^asXamjconcerned,ljstudents’ratingtofjtheirteacherjisnecessary. On the one hand, students can find a more effective way for their study. On the other hand, teachers can be aware of their teaching effectiveness and make some necessary improvement. In a word, it is a good method of benefiting both learning and teaching. (139 words)

【译文赏析】 论学生给老师打分

最近,大学院校学生给老师打分的现象十分常见。几乎每所大学都 设定了评价系统。

然而,这种现象巳引起了极大的争议。有些人对这个评价系统表示 支持,他们认为学生是教学活动与知识的接受者,他们有权评价教师的 教学。而有些人则持相反观点,他们认为评价系统具有局限性,会影响 到正常的教学秩序。

我认为,学生对老师的评价十分必要。一方面,学生们能够找到更 有效的学习方法。另一方面,老师也能够了解他们的教学成效,并做出 一些必要的改进。总而言之,这是一种很好的方法,对于教与学都十分 有益。


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install v.安装,设置

normal adj.正常的

arouse great controversy 引起很大的争议

be aware of ...知道

effectiveness n.效果

in favor of 支持

improvement n.改善,改进

evaluate v.评判,评价


benefit v.对 有益

partial adj.不公平的


Directions: Write a composition entitled On a Harmonious Dormitory Life. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:





On a Harmonious Dormitory Life

Dormitory life is an indispensable part of college life. But sometimes the harmony in the dormitory is disturbed in one way or another.

As is known to all, a harmonious dormitory life is important to college students and benefits all the members. On the one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

There are several ways to create and maintain a harmonious dormitory life. Firstly, you have to evaluate your life-style and try to get rid of your dirty habits, if there are any. Secondly, when an annoying situation arises, you’ll just have to learn to tolerate each other and co-exist. Thirdly, you’ll have to share with each other and make good friends.

In conclusion, we should j try our best tobuild harmonious dormitory life for the sake of.good study and sood life. (155 words)


寝室生活是大学生活不可或缺的一部分。但有时寝室的和谐会被这 样或那样的方式所扰乱。

2 / 22


众所周知,和谐的寝室生活对于大学学生而言至关重要,所有的学 生都能从中受益。一方面,我们能够好好休息,并将心思放在学业上。 另一方面,我们也会拥有好心情,享受和大家一起的生活。

可以通过许多方式来营造与保持和谐寝室生活。首先,你必须对自 己的生活方式做出评价,如果身上有坏习惯,试着改掉它。其次,当恼 火的局面出现时,你要学会相互理解,和平相处。第三,你必须和他人 相互分享,结交朋友。

总之,为了好好学习、好好生活,我们应该尽最大的努力营造和谐 寝室生活。



Directions: Write a composition entitled The Brain and the Computer. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 有人认为预测电脑的功能将超过人脑。请就人脑与电脑的区别写一 篇作文,你可以从体积、运算速度和结构等方面进行对比。


The Brain and the Computer

Some recent developments in computer industry make scientists predict that the gap between human beings and the machine will be closed by the year 20000. To understand the significance of this prediction, let us compare the human brain with existing computers. The brain consumes electrical energy at the rate of 25 watts and occupies volume of one tenth of a cubic foot. The brain houses between 10 billion and 100 billion items of information. Every brain cell is directly connected to many other cells. As a result, the cells in which information is stored can communicate with thousands of other cells. Incontrast,jhe^computer^consu;mes_1000,000wwattsofelectricaLpower^and occupieshundredsofcubicJ:eeLofspace.^rhe^computermemoryjisJlike^acell

3 / 22



In a word, thejel^ctronicbrainsjcanjhopelesslysucceedJinjcomgarison with the human brains. (151 words)


根据最近计算机行业的一些进展,科学家们做出预测:电脑将于 20000年时接近人脑。

为了弄清这项预测的重要性,让我们来对比一下人脑和目前的电脑。 人脑消耗电能的速度为25瓦,大小为一立方尺的十分之一。人脑能储 存上百亿到上千亿条信息。每个脑细胞都直接与许多其他细胞相连。因 此,存储着信息的那些细胞便能与几千个其他细胞发生联系。相比之下, 电脑耗能一百万瓦,占地几百立方尺。电脑的记忆正如鸽舍中的一个小 格子,没有思考能力,也无法与外界取得联系。



predict v.预测,预言 cubic foot立方尺

gap n.差互巨大 house v.容纳

close v.消失,结束 communicate with ... 与„ „交流,沟通

significance n.重要性 意义

compare ... with ...把 和 in contrast 相比较 进行比较

pigeonhole n.分类架

consume v.消耗 in a word总之,简言之

at the rate of ...以 的速度 in comparison with ... 与„ •„比较,同„„比较起来

occupy volume of . 占据 的体积


Directions: Write a composition entitled On the Low-carbon Life. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 目前人们很崇尚低碳生活;

2. 低碳生活的重要性;

3. 怎样创建低碳生活。

【经典范文】On the Low-carbon Life

Recently, it is very popular to live a low-carbon life. It not only results jt^omJbejpEomstionfifthejgovemmestjbuLaJsojEises^utjofjthejpeaple’s internalheart.

Living a low-carbon life is of great importance to every one. First of all, it can protect the environment to a great extent. Second, it can save the limited{信仰英语作文}.

4 / 22


natural resources and energy, and will leave a better world for our

offspring.jThird, it is a healthy lifestyle and will help mould a harmonious social atmosphere.

Therefore, how to create a low-carbon life is necessary for us to consider. To begin with, we should save the energy, such as the electricity, water and domestic gas. Second, when we go out we can walk or ride a bike instead of by car. Third, we should not use the plastic bags which are hard to break down. If so, we can live a low-carbon life and gain the happiness of it. (158 words)

【译文赏析】 论低碳生活

最近,低碳生活日趋流行。这不仅得益于政府的宣传,同时也是人 们发自内心的结果。{信仰英语作文}.

低碳生活对于每个人而言都十分重要。首先,很大程度上它能保护 环境。其次,它能够节约自然资源和能源,并为我们的后代留下一个更 美好的世界。最后,它是一种健康的生活方式,将有助于塑造一个和谐 的社会氛围。

因此,如何创造低碳生活是我们需要考虑的问题。第一,我们必须 节约能源,比如,电能、水资源和天然气。第二,当外出时,我们可以 步行或骑自行车来代替汽车。第三,我们不应使用不易降解的塑料袋。 这样,我们才能够在低碳生活中生存,并且从中感受到乐趣。


results from起因于,由于

to a great extent在很大程度上

harmonious adj.和借的,和睦的

to begin with首先,本来

instead of代替,不是而是

break down分解,失败,毁掉


Directions: Write a composition entitled Generation Gap. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:{信仰英语作文}.

1. 现代生活越来越好,但老年人和年青人之间的代沟却依然不可逾越;

2. 产生代沟的原因;

3. 解决的办法。

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我的信仰 当看到这个题目时,电影《勇敢的心》里的一个镜头不断在我的脑海中浮现—沙场上华莱士神色坚定,骑着战马,挥舞着手中的利剑,指向天空朝着他的军队呐喊:“如果战斗,你们可能会死。如果逃跑,至少还能……多活一会儿。年复一年,直到寿终正寝,你们愿不愿意?用这么多苟活的日子,去换一个机会,就一个机会。回到这里,告诉我们的敌人,他们也许能夺走我们的生命,但他们永远夺不走我们的自由。”每当看到这个片段,我都会热血沸腾,心中激荡起无限的遐想和对自由的信仰。历史中的华莱士或许没有电影中那么的英俊潇洒,但有一点可以肯定他是个信仰自由的人,可以为了苏格兰人民的自由而浴血奋斗,至死不渝。

从1840年鸦片战争开始,中国的仁人志士就在不断追求着自由,国家没有了自由,一切明主与富强就都是空话,人们也都失去自己的自由。为了唤醒沉睡中的人们而舍身卫道的谭嗣同;笔书“天下为公”为了自由民主而弃医从政的孙中山;为了解放全中国而慷慨就义的李大钊;为了推翻压在旧中国身上的“三座大山”而战斗一生的毛泽东……他们都是英雄,他们都是自由的战士,他们的行为深深激励着我这个新一代青年。21世纪的我们身处太平盛世,很难再想象他们当年为自由而奋斗的艰辛了,然而历史车轮的印记是如此不平坦,我们的美好生活是他们不屈斗争的结果,五星红旗的鲜红印证了多少人的视死如归,积淀了多少英魂对自由的向往……他们没有机会享受由他们创造的自由了,但是生活在和平年代的我们是否应该用一种信仰来看待这份自由。我信仰自由,虽然那个人人为自由而抛头颅洒热血的年代已成为历史,虽然那些慷慨大义、视死如归为自由呐喊的勇士们已经逝去,但是那个血色浪漫的时代、那些自由卫士却清晰的留在了我的心中,深深的在我心中烙下一块印。 自由,在马克思恩格斯看来,既不是人的某种先天固有的东西,也不是在人之外与人无关的、永恒的东西,自由就存在于人们的社会劳动实践之中,表现为不断的追求过程。马克思恩格斯强调,人的自由是和物质生产、社会进步相联系的。历史已经证明并将继续证明:“自由必然是历史发展的产物。最初的、从动物界分离出来的人,在一切本质方面是和动物本身一样不自由的。但是文化上的每一进步,都是迈向自由的一步”。从人类历史的发展看,“真正的人的自由”,人的“自由个性”的发展只有在共产主义才能达到。而在我们当今世界,美国倡导“自由”,它的军队作战备忘录第四条规定:美国人民,美国军队,美国所以一切有生力量,为自由而战,美国将拥有全世界,最強大的信念,为自由而战。但是,现实中它不断干预他国内政,武力威胁他国,妄图称霸全球,它的所作所为违背了自由,它所谓的自由是建立在损害他国利益之上的,并非我们信仰的自由。所谓“天下大同”,中国的传统观念告诉我们,世界上任何一个国家的人民都有信仰自由、追求自由的权利。




1. 中国服饰文化指的是中国的汉族和各少数民族的传统服饰文化。中国是一个有56个民族的国家,由于受到各民族文化、传统和地理特征的影响,各民族的服饰风格各不相同。另一方面,中国各民族在穿衣风格上也互相渗透并互相影响。服装式样是各民族的重要标志。各民族服装的变化显示了其经济生活、宗教信仰、理想信念、审美情趣和风俗习惯的发展。

Chinese costume culture refers to the traditional culture of costumes of the Hans and the minorities. China is a country consisting of 56 nationalities, and each of them has its own clothing style with distinct ethnic characteristics due to the influence of different cultures, traditions, and geographical features. On the other hand, they have influenced and learned from one another in the way of dressing. Dresses are the important symbols of the nationalities. The changes of clothing manifest the development of an ethnic group’s economic life, religious belief, ideology, aesthetic consciousness and customs.

2. 中国的餐桌礼仪最重要的原则是“食不言”。吃饭不讲话被认为有益健康。但若是参加社交的宴会(banquet),不语就失礼了。社交宴会上的座次和上菜次序很复杂。每上一道菜要由尊者或长者先食,他一般坐于桌首位置。开饭后要尽量坐得靠前,以免掉落食物弄脏衣服,吃的时候尽量不要发出声响。此外,喝汤的时候不可过快,应尽量小声。

The most important role of Chinese table manners is to remain silent while eating. Not talking over meals is supposed to be good for the health. It is impolite if people do not talk to each other during a social banquet. The table arrangements and serving order for a social banquet are extremely complicated. Each dish should be tasted by the eldest person who is seated at the head of the table. The diners should sit close to the table so food won’t drop on their clothes. Try your best not to make noise when

chewing. One should drink soup slowly and is not supposed to make a lot of noise.

3. 在中国,动物被赋予了独特的象征意义。例如:在中国传统文化中,金鱼象征财富。中国人过春节(the Spring Festival)时,最常见的年画(New Year Picture)就是一个大胖小子怀抱一条大金鱼,取意“富裕和谐”。在中国的传说中,蝴蝶象征着恋人之间至死不渝的爱情。虎在中国文化中是尊贵、力量和勇气的象征。在某些少数民族(ethnic minority)文化中,人们认为燕子成对出现能够带来美满婚姻与幸福生活。

In China, animals are endowed with special symbolic meanings. For example, the goldfish means abundance of gold in traditional Chinese culture. In the Spring Festival, one of the most popular New Year Pictures is a plump baby holding a large goldfish which represents both wealth and harmony. Chinese legend has it that the butterfly symbolizes an undying bond between lovers. The tiger is seen as an emblem of dignity, power and courage. In the culture of some ethnic minorities, the presence of swallow in pairs is a blessing, which signifies happiness to a marriage and good luck to a family.

4. 随着经济全球化的深入发展,产品质量和食品安全日益成为全球性问题。对于国内外消费者对产品质量和食品安全的反映和诉求,中国政府高度关注。我们认为,即使存在万分之一的不合格产品,也有可能对消费者构成百分之百的危害。经过多年坚持不懈的努力,中国的食品质量控制和食品安全监督水平有了很大提高。

With the fast development of economic globalization, product quality and food safety have increasingly become a global issue. The Chinese government shares the concerns of both Chinese and foreign consumers about the product quality and food safety. We are keenly aware that if 10 000 products are sold, just one defective product that finds its way to market will harm the interest of the consumer who buys it definitely. Thanks to the efforts over the years, China has improved a lot in strengthening product

quality control and food safety supervision.

5. 1978年以来,中国的农业技术得到了很大的改善。中国引进了高产农作物,增加了农用化学品和农业机械的用量,扩大了灌溉面积。农村地区的耗电量增加了6倍多。近年来,中国在农业和食品工业研究方面取得了巨大进步。例如:早在20世纪90年代中期,就启动了一个大型国家生物技术项目。中国的研究中心从那时起就开始研制先进的生物技术,如合成DNA技术。

China has significantly improved its agricultural technology since 1978. Our country has introduced high-yield crops, increased its use of agro-chemicals and agricultural machinery, and expanded irrigation area. Rural electricity consumption has increased more than sixfold. In recent years, China has made great advance in agriculture and food-related research, for instance, a major national biotechnological program was initiated as early as the mid-1990s. Chinese research centers since then have begun to develop advanced biotechnological tools, such as recombinant DNA technology.

6. 微博(microblog)的实质是一种“超短网络日志”,即在网页上按照时间顺序排列个人信息的一种记录形式。微博的最大特点就是利用网络空间,发表自己的观点和主张。2009年新浪微博的推出使得微博一时间成为网络世界的新宠。现在,至少70%的网民都是微博用户,微博也正在成为一种越来越重要的文化载体甚至社会载体,以至于眼下的时代被称为“微博时代”。

The core of the microblog is a kind of “short network diary”, namely, a recording form of displaying the personal information on the web page chronologically. The biggest characteristic of the microblog is to use the network to express one’s point of view. In 2009, with the introduction of Sina’s microblog, it became the new favorite of the virtual world in a short time. At present, at least 70% of the netizens are microbloggers. It gradually becomes a more and more important cultural carrier or even social carrier,

so that the current era is called “The Era of Microblog”.

7. 中国的大多数银行现已能够提供完全可靠的、功能齐全的网上银行业务,不收取或只收取少许费用。随着越来越多的银行网上业务的成功以及越来越多的客户登陆它们的网站,网上银行业务很可能变得像自动柜员机一样普及。许多网上银行网站现在还提供先进的工具,可以帮助你更有效地理财。目前,银行业面临的挑战在于如何使客户乐于学习使用并信任这种新型的服务渠道。

The majority of banks in China are capable of providing completely reliable and multiple functional online banking service, free of charge or of little charge. With an increasing number of successful online banking businesses and more log-ins of online customers, multiple functional online banking services could probably become as widespread as ATM machine. Many online banking webs also offer advanced tools to help you to manage your finances more effectively. The challenge that the bank industry is confronted with today lies in how to get customers be willing to learn to use and trust this new-style service channel.

8. 教育是人类文明进步与繁荣的重要标志,是经济社会发展的重要动力源泉。在人类的历史进程中,教育承担了不可替代的使命和职能,发挥了重要的作用。早在两千年前,中国古代的一部经典著作《大学》(The Great Learning)就曾提到,大学的宗旨,在于彰显人类自身的美德,重塑他人,追求达到至善至美。这一教育思想千百年来薪火相传,至今仍展示着其蓬勃的生命力。

As an important driving force for economic and social development, education signifies the progress and prosperity of human civilization. In the course of human history, education undertakes an irreplaceable obligation and plays a vital role. The Great Learning, a classic written in ancient China as early as 2 000 years ago, advocates that the way of great learning lies in the illustration of illustrious virtues, the

remoulding of people, and the pursuit of ultimate goodness. This educational thought has been handed down over generations for thousands of years, demonstrating its vigorous vitality up till now.

9. 今天中国幼儿园里的大多数孩子都是独生子女。他们机灵、好学、想象力丰富、精力充沛,但往往以自我为中心,不守纪律,而且比较脆弱。一般来说,刚进幼儿园的4至6岁的孩子都是以自我为中心的,但9至10岁的孩子则表现出有自制力、不怕挫折的优点。因此我们的教育强调集体主义( collectivism)、互助友爱,鼓励孩子们自己照顾自己,并且教育他们与人分享的好处。

Today, most kids in Chinese kindergartens are the only children of their family. They are clever, studious, and full of imagination and energy. However, they are usually self-centered, undisciplined and more vulnerable. Generally speaking, children aged from 4 t0 6 having just entered kindergarten are egocentric, while children aged from 9 t0 10 demonstrate the quality of self-control, being not afraid of setbacks. Therefore, our education program attaches great importance to the collectivism, mutual help and love. Children are encouraged to look after themselves. They are also taught the benefits of sharing with others.

10. 各种慢性疾病(chronic diseases)已经成为影响中国人健康的主要隐患。随着钱包越来越鼓,中国人的生活方式也发生了巨大的变化,其中包括饮食上的变化和向城市迁移(migration),这也使得中国人的健康面临极大的风险。卫生部( Ministry of Health)的数据显示,高血压 ( hypertension)和肥胖症已经成为导致中国人死亡的主要原因,目前超过2.6亿的中国人患有慢性疾病。

Various chronic diseases have become the major health challenge for the Chinese. With fatter wallets, the Chinese lifestyles have changed dramatically, including changes in diet and migration to cities, which has put the population’s health in peril. Major




2016-07-19 小简老师 高中英语


一. 名词


1. He gave me a very good advice yesterday.

句中的a要去掉,因为advice是不可数名词。一些汉语概念为可数的词在英语中却是不可数的,表示数量时在要其前加a piece of,类似的词有:news, bread, work, paper, chalk, furniture, information等等。

2. That girl loves reading book.


3. He went into a book's shop and bought a dictionary.

一般表示有生命的东西的名词的所有格用’s,如my mother’s car, 而此处适宜用名词修饰名词,改为a book shop.

4. My family is watching TV.

一些集合名词如看成一个整体,则用单数的谓语动词,如My family is a happy one. 如果强调集合中每个个体的个人行为,则用复数的谓语动词。此处看电视是个体行为,应把is改为are。类似的词有:team, class, audience等。

5. I bought some potatos and tomatos at the supermarket.

中学阶段,以“o”结尾的名词中有四个词变复数时要加es,它们是tomato, potato, Negro, hero; 其余的都加s变为复数。

6. This has nothing to do with their believes.(这和他们的信仰没关系。)

以f, fe 结尾的词变为复数时一般去f, fe 加ves,如knife—knives, thief—thieves; 而roof 和


二. 冠词

7. The boss wants to hire an useful person.

用a还是an,取决于后面单词音标中的第一个音,如为元音用an,为辅音用a。useful的第一个音是辅音所以应把an改为a。类似的,我们说a European country.

8. Plane is a machine that can fly.

plane为可数名词单数,不能单独放在句中,应在其前加冠词或把它变为复数,而本句后有a machine, 因此只能在其前面加a,变为A plane。

9. He played a piano at the party yesterday.

把a 改为the ,因为乐器前用定冠词。

10. The machine was invented in 1920s.

在in后加the,因为表示年代用in加the再加几十的复数,如在八十年代in the 80s。

11. Xiao Hong went to school by the bus every day.


三. 代词


12. He is one of those speakers who make his ideas perfectly clear.

定语从句的先行词是those speakers,为复数,因此从句中的指示代词应为复数,应把his改为their。

13. Whom do you think has left the lights on?

放在疑问句特殊疑问词后的do you think / believe / guess / imagine / suppose等都不参与句子成分。本句中去掉do you think后缺的是主语,应把Whom改为Who。

14. The boss pretended not to see John and I.

John和I在句中都做的宾语,应把 I 改为me。

15. These books are mine;those in the bag are her.

her是形容词性物主代词,后面应该加名词books,或把her 改为hers。

四. 数词

16. There are fourteen hundreds students in our school.

hundred / thousand / million / score/ dozen等词前有具体数字时后不加s,前面没有具体数字时在其后加s 和of,表示大约几百几千的概念。如 two hundred students(两百个学生),hundreds of students(成百上千个学生)。例句中应把hundreds改为hundred。

17. Their school is twice as larger as our school.


18. Today’s homework is a five-hundred-words composition.{信仰英语作文}.


19. Two third of the students in our school are from America.

英语表达中分数的分子用基数词,分母用序数词,分子大于一时分母后要加s,所以就把third 改为thirds.

五. 形容词和副词


20. The patient appeared nervously when he talked to the doctor.


21. The artist worked hardly to finish his drawings on time.

此句需要一个副词来修饰,hardly是副词,但意为“几乎不”,hard 也可以是副词,表努力,因此把 hardly 改为hard.

22. This shirt is more cheaper than that one.


23. He is the most successful of the two businessmen.


24. He works less harder than he used to.


25. The book is fairly more interesting than that one.

fairly只能修饰形容词和副词的原级,可以修饰比较级的副词或短语有:much, even, still, far, a lot, a little, a bit, any, no, by far, rather等,因此把fairly改为rather.

26. This is as an interesting a story as the one in the magazine.

as … as中间的词序是as加上形容词加上a(n)加上名词再加上as,因此应改为as interesting a story as the one.

27. The weather here is nicer than Xizang.

同样的事物才能相比较,weather和Xizang不具有可比性,因此应改为The weather here is nicer than that of Xizang.

29. I would rather take a train than went by bus.

这个词组为would rather do… than do…,因此把went改为go.

30. Is there interesting anything at the meeting?

修饰anything, something, everything, nothing的形容词都要放在它们的后面。

31. I never have seen such a person before.

像never之类的副词在句中应放在be动词、助动词之后,实意动词之前。因为应改为I have never seen such a person before.

32. The book is worth to be read.

be worth doing意为值得被做。因此改为The book is worth reading.

33. It is sure that he will succeed.


34. He is regarded as one of the best alive writers at present.

alive 为表语形容词,偶尔也做后置定语。因此把alive改为living,或把alive 放在writers后面。

35. I don’t know that he has finished the work yet.

yet用于否定和疑问句,already用于肯定句。把yet 改为already.

36. He said nearly nothing at the meeting.

nearly不与否定词用在同一个句子中,而almost可以。因此把nearly 改为almost。

六. 介词

37. He usually goes to school by his father’s car.

by加上名词表示一种交通方式,中间什么都不加,如by car, by bus, by plane等;如果名词前有其他的词修饰,则应用除by以外的其他介词,此处把by改为in.

38. Please wait me at the school gate.


39. He has been married with Betty for more than twenty years.

marry不跟 with连用,应把with改为to。

40. I finished the work on time under the help of him.


七. 情态动词

41. He can be at home now because the light in his room is still on.

表特别有把握的肯定判断时用must,因此把can 改为must。

42. He need come here before the meeting begins.

作情态动词时need用在否定,疑问和条件句中,不能用于肯定句中,而作实意动词时则可以。所以应改为:He needs to come here before the meeting begins.

43. He used to get up very early in the morning, and now he is still doing so.

used to 用来表示过去常常做某事而现在不了,所以应把后半句改为:but now he is not doing so.

44. I needn’t come yesterday because all the work had been finished.

由于情态动词本身不体现时态,所以在谈论过去的事情时在情态动词后加 have done,因此













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