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假如你的同学王芳丢了一支钢笔,请你为她写一则寻物启事用英语 Lost: A pen My friend Wang Fang lost a black pen on Central Street yeserday. If you find the pen, please call her at 555-7629. 07/10/2009


周末John去公园玩,公园里人很多,粗心的John竟然丢了自己的家门钥匙钥匙,但捡到了一块新手表。John想找回钥匙又想把手表还给失主,他的电话是2639685。请你帮John用英语分别写一则寻物启事和招领启事。 寻物启事 My name is John,In weekend I went to a park .I lost my keys . If you found my keys , please call me at 2639685. Thanks John

失物招领 Is this your new watch? I found it in park.Please call John at 2639685. John

初一英语作文:房间布局介绍 摘要: I live in a flat.When you go in you come into the hall.The toilet is on the left and the bathroom is on the right.There are two doors in front of you.The door on the left leads to a bedroom.The door

welcome to my room ,it is not very big but it is very nice and clean ,there are many things in my room ,near the wall is my bed ,under the bed is my soccer,my desk is beside the window ,there are many books and a tablelight on the desk ,the chair is under the desk , there are many pictures on the wall ,they are all my favorite actors and movie stars,I like their movies ,there is a book shelf in my

room ,on the shelf are my favorite books ,i like them best ,I usually read books when I am free,I like my room very much .


高中英语作文:Losing a Shoe in the City在城里丢失一只鞋

高中英语作文:Losing a Shoe in the City在城里丢失一只鞋 The funniest thing that happened to me was losing a shoe in the city.Last winter,my friends and I visited New York City.As we were going to do a lot of walking,we all decided to wear our most comfortable shoes.Unfortunately,mine were much too large.For example,everytime I walked,my feet left them.Well,just as we were crossing a street,I happened to trip over something.As a result,one of my shoes fell off and landed in a sewer opening under the street curb.As there was no way that we could retrieve my shoe,I had to hop along on one foot until we could find a shoe sore.Finally,after what seemed like an eternity,we found a shoe store where I purchased another pair of shoes.Fortunately for me,it hadn't been too cold out that day.





摘要: 今天小编为大家带来的是关于雅思范文:物品丢失小作文的内容,本章内容对于备考雅思考试的考生十分有好处,体现了雅思考试的特点,希望大家能好好利用,预祝大家取得好成绩。

雅思 写作范文欣赏:物品丢失小作文


You lost a bag of shopping in a museum. Write a letter to the museum to ask for help.

Dear Sir or Madam:


I am writing to ask for your help in finding my lost bag of shopping in your museum.

I visited your museum late this morning after I did some shopping at the nearby mall for my daughter’s birthday. I was so amazed at the African Art Exhibition that I totally forgot about my shopping. No sooner had I realized that my shopping bag wasn’t with me than I hurried back to search for my bag, but in vain. The bag of shopping includes some gifts for my daughter and a brand new tower as well. Though there’s nothing expensive in the bag, it is very important for me and I would appreciate it if you could do me the favor to help me search for it. It may either be handed in to your lost-and-found office or still be somewhere in your museum.{关于丢失的英语作文}.

Please inform me whether you can find it or not, and my address and phone number are given below.

Mike Smith{关于丢失的英语作文}.

No. 123, 4th Street

Shanghai, 200000

Phone: 12345678

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and I am looking forward to your reply. Any of your help will be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Smith

今天的内容到这里就结束了,希望本期内容能为大家在 雅思考试 成绩的提高带来帮助,此外,小编还为大家带来了关于雅思考试的备考资料,资料内容丰富包括练习题和解题技巧,如果您想要下载,请在线联系我们的客服老师。





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With the progressive development of society, many kinds of jobs are disappearing in China gradually, especially in recent ten years. As a consequence, it is not surprising that a young child never know about how pen repairers to work.

For example, there were some people who made a living with selling tea water. They often offered hot tea water to travellers beside the road. What a precious memory. Now, spring water and various types of drink that can be easily bought in supermarkets or small stores is the reason why people selling tea water disappeared.

Great changes haven taken place in the field of jobs on account of the development of technology and the manufacture of intellective machines. It can be easily seen that there are less watch repairers, farm workers and even milkman in our society today. It is large machines that instead of human doing plenty of working.

As we all know, several jobs disappearing is an inevitable trend in this changing era. Jobs in the past such as repairing pots and running a small store are disappearing, while some jump-up jobs appear on the stage of history. Both of them play a necessary role in the progress of our society.


Throw away丢弃社会英语作文

Throw-away society

The earth is the home we rely on for existence. Nowadays, the environmental pollution is becoming so serious that many people think that we have stepped into a "throw-away society". Because we are filling our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. Recently, the problem of environment has drawn worldwide attention. Of course, this phenomenon involves several complicated factors .On the one hand, it is mainly caused by the waste products released from artificial substances, industrial production and increased consumption of resources. Besides, the use of chemical substances in agriculture also causes environmental pollution. I think environmental pollution is connected with people’s environmental awareness. When shopping, we use plastic bags just for the convenient. We ignore that the plastic bags discarded by us result in white pollution. In fact, we should have avoided this unnecessary pollution by use environmental-friendly shopping bag as much as possible. At the same time ,many people of all throw away rubbish freely,not only do they throw rubbish away while in the street but also put the trash everywhere in the home .Even some people just dump their rubbish to the river. This is why river pollution is increasingly serious and millions of tons of waste products are heaping around us.

How to change this condition? Our government is trying to work out some effective means to bring it under control, but no great success has bee

n made. In my opinion, if we want to have a good living environment, we should enhance our own awareness of environmental protection. Meanwhile, the affective ways must be taken by our government to protect the environment form being damaged even more. More laws about environment should be published in order to punish the people and originations which do the improper things to our beautiful earth. In a word, the throw-away society must be changed for a better future of our human beings.

The environmental pollution is becoming so serious that many people think that we have stepped into a "throw-away society". Because we are filling our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish.

This phenomenon involves several factors. Initially, with the development of industrialization the products update quickly, so the pollution is mainly caused by the waste products which people don’t want anymore. Meanwhile the process of industrial manufacture makes a mess of waste.


lost and found 失去与得到 英语演讲文章

Lost and Found

Before heading into this year’s topic, let’s take a look back.{关于丢失的英语作文}.

Two years ago, it was about the person I cherished most. I talked about my best friend. We were really close. We shared everything, from snacks to stories. She made me happier than I ever thought I could be. And even when the judge asked what I would do if one day she left, I answered without any hesitation that is was never gonna happen.

But it did happen. We were later separated in to different classes, and there she was turning into someone I didn’t recognize. It scared me, and I broke us up when I was fed up with that. I, myself, let her go. She lost herself there, and I lost her. I guess it’s commonly acknowledged how it tears your heart apart to bear the pain of losing someone. The pain burnt at first. Now we are good, and both found new circles, found our new extraordinary, awesome friends. Life went on well, but there’s always a part of me knowing that she was the very first one made me feel like somewhere I belonged to, even though there’s no way back, I’ll be forever thankful to her. Losing her made me realize how important it is to cherish, cherish what you truly value, before it’s too late.

Last year it was about the dream in my heart. It was to keep all my loved ones stay right here by my side. I said I wouldn’t even call it

a dream if my loved ones were not in that picture. Still true. I’ m still holding on to my dream, sparing every effort, doing everything in my power in order to make sure that one day it comes true. Never losing it is the best thing I’ve ever done, I think, ‘cuz the process of protecting it helped me figure out what matters, find more pieces of myself and put them together.

So, lost and found. Losing can be devastated, losing someone, losing something, but as Luna in Harry Potter said, the things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.( you just have to believe that they’ll always come back, probably in a more pleasantly surprising way.) They say that through the process of losing and finding, we grow up. It’s true, and I think the more important thing is that we learn to figure out what our heart truly desires. Faced with loss, remember to stand high up to it, and learn to accept with smiles. The only way we know it’s right is if it lets us stay true to ourselves. The past is behind us. All we have is the present. And the future. Whatever that may bring. So next time, between losing and finding, let your heart be speaking.

Thank you for your listening!





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