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Campaign in the history of the sport can be considered as a young sport, it was only 100 years ago. In 1890, several stationed in India (India), the British navy (navy) found that officers occasionally played table tennis in a fairly modest boost. Later, they switch to the small ball instead of a flexible hollow little solid ball and shoot with wooden planks instead of the Internet, on the table for new kind of "game", which is named for the origin of table tennis.Table tennis there soon, it has become a popular movement that was all the rage. The early 20th century, the United States has begun to set the table tennis competition appliances production. Initially, the table tennis has other names, such as Indoor tennis. Later, an American table tennis manufacturers to create the sound of impact ping-pong when the new term, as he created the "ping-pong" patent registered trademarks. Another Ping-pong became the official name of table tennis. When it reached the top, it is also creating a "ping-pong" of the new terms。The game was popular in Central Europe in 1905-10, and even before this is a modified version had been introduced to Japan , where it later spread to China and Korea.

One of the first public hints of improved U.S.-China relations came on April 6, 1971, when the American Ping-Pong team, in Japan for the 31st World Table Tennis Championship, received a surprise invitation from their Chinese colleagues for an all-expense paid visit to the People's Republic. Time magazine called it "The ping heard round the world." On April 10, nine players, four officials, and two spouses stepped across a bridge from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland, ushering in an era of "Ping-Pong diplomacy." They were the first group of Americans allowed into China since the Communist takeover in 1949.

This sport is my favourite one because is very easy to play and you dont need to be a very fort person, so people of all years can do this sport without problems. Another reason is that you can have a good time with a friend, parent or to meet someone, also you move your body what is good for you and your body, so you help yourself to have a good health. Maybe not every body like this sport, because if needs ability with the hands and they dont have it, but I think that the most important think for a person who does sport is that he or she must like it, so I play ping-pong because I like it ,like a footballer plays football because he or she likes it.

During my secondary school years I often liked to go to the recreation room to play table tennis. Some of my classmates were very good at this game and I often tried to compete with them to improve my skill. I like playing table tennis, playing table tennis not only because of physical activity, eye protection also have a role, especially for students, better prevention of myopia. Lengthy close-up look at things, the two will be very tired if we do not rest The vision that we dropped so that the eye muscles oppression of the eyeball, a long time will result in short-sighted. From table tennis, eyes to the ball as the goal, kept around from top to bottom-conditioning exercise, can improve the ciliary muscle tension to relax and contraction; eye muscles can also continue activities to promote blood circulation eyeball organizations to improve the eye As sensitivity to eliminate eye fatigue, thus play a role in the prevention of myopia So I like playing table tennis. I suggest that the students have time to play table tennis!{乒乓球的英语作文}.

在运动史上,乒乓球运动可以算是一项年轻的体育运动,它只有100多年的历史. 1890年,几位驻守印度(India)的英国海军(navy)军官偶然发觉在一张不大的台子上玩网球颇为刺激。后来他们改用空心的小皮球代替弹性不大的实心球,并用木板代替了网拍,在桌子上进行这种新颖的“网球赛”,这就是table tennis得名的由来。 Table tennis出现不久,便成了一种风靡一时的热门运动。20世纪初,美国开始成套地生产乒乓球的比赛用具。最初,table tennis有其它名称,如Indoor tennis。后来,一位美国制造商以乒乓球撞击时所发出的声音创造出ping-pong这个新词,作为他制造的“乒乓球”专利注册商标。Ping-pong后来成了table tennis的另一个正式名称。当它传到中国后,人们又创造出“乒乓球”这个新的词语。在十九世界初期的中欧,乒乓球运动很热,后来其运动方式稍加修改,传入日本,而后来又传入中国和韩国。







The origin of table tennis is disputable. In the vast majority of people see it; Table Tennis in the late 19th century originated in the United Kingdom. it is also called ping pang or indoor tennis.

Whatever name it assumes, table tennis has come a long way since it became a kind of athletics item that replaces recreational sport of the lawn tennis of the leisure time. Maybe, in some people’s mind, table tennis is regarded as origin from china. This mistake must be remedied and put right. The truth is In 1904, a shanghai shop keeper called Wang Dao WU, brought 10 sets of table tennis tools home, the game was therein introduced to china.(1)


Then Allow me to introduce some significant competitions in the world .

1. There are so many competitions in the world. but, Table tennis grand slam is regarded as the highest honor. Table tennis grand slam is means that the Olympic Games single champion, the world tournament single champion, the word cup single champion.


1. In the numerous table tennis competition, the most prestigious in the world table tennis championships, initially held once a year to two years after the 1957 event.

2. 在名目繁多的乒乓球比赛中,最负盛名的是世界乒乓球锦标赛,起初每年举行一次,1957年后改为两年举行一次。{乒乓球的英语作文}.

3 What we are most familiar with, is the Olympic Games.

1. 奥林匹克运动会是国际奥林匹克委员会主办的包含多种体育运动项目的国际性运动会,每四年举行一次。

The Olympic Games is an international gymkhana including many kinds of sports which is hold by the Olympic Games Committee every four year. Table tennis was first introduced into the Olympics in 1988, and since than has become a crowd favorite.


China has eve made a clean sweep of all seven gold medals at the World Table Tennis Championships in Japan.{乒乓球的英语作文}.


To date, there are six players who have ever win the Table tennis grand slam. They are Waldner from Sweden, Deng Yaping, Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, WangNan, Zhang Yining from china.

Then, I will introduce some related knowledge of table tennis to you .the most basic knowledge is needless to say.

• 男子单打 men's singles 单打 singles


• 女子单打 women's singles 双打 doubles

• 男子双打 men's doubles 团体赛 team event

• 女子双打 women's doubles 混合双打 mixed doubles

• 还记得1970年的乒乓外交在中美关系上发挥的作用吗?

• Remember what a little ping-pong game did for the relationship between china and the usa in the 1970s?

• 继美国总统尼克松于1972年破冰之旅访华后,两国之间进行了的融冰之旅“乒乓外交”。{乒乓球的英语作文}.

• The "ping-pong diplomacy" melted the ice between the two countries, after which US president Richard Nixon paid a groundbreaking visit to China in 1972.

• 这场比赛是为了纪念美中两国1971年举行的一场具有历史意义的表演赛,那场比赛被称作“乒乓外交”,开启了两个冷战对手之间的关系解冻。1971的访问产生了乒乓外交,根据时代周刊的评论“或许历史上从来没有一种体育运动这么有效的被作为国际外交的工具”。

• ping-pong diplomacy opened by the Nixon administration toward China in the 1970s.The match commemorated a historic 1971 exhibition match held between the two nations that was dubbed "ping pong diplomacy, " and began the thaw in relations between the Cold War rivals.

• ping-pong diplomacy opened by the Nixon administration toward China in the 1970s .The 1971 visit launched an era of "Ping-Pong diplomacy, " and according to Time, "Probably never before in history has a sport been used

so effectively as a tool of international diplomacy.

• 四月是纪念“乒乓外交”三十五周年。然,2008年北京奥运会之后,“乒乓球外交”就不是中国用体育运动改善形象的唯一一次举动。

• April marks the 35th anniversary of "ping pong diplomacy".

• Obviously, with the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it hasn't been the only time China has used sports to try to improve its image.

• China is called "table tennis kingdom". There are so many outstanding athletes.

• I don’t want to say how many awards they'd won.


• Wang Nan and Wang Nan of the ball wind, and deep features, the feelings she was able to escape shirt can go on hiding.

• When Wang Nan wears the white stomacher type nuptial dress appears when the people, everybody sends out applause Gao Guo Wang Nan has even won the championship the time decibel{乒乓球的英语作文}.

• 王楠的人和王楠的球风一样,内敛而深沉,对于感情的事她更是能逃就逃,能躲就躲。当王楠身穿白色抹胸式婚纱出现在众人面前时,大家送出的掌声甚至高过了王楠夺冠时的分贝。

• 张怡宁有个绰号叫“冷面杀手”,是因为她在比赛当中从来都不笑。

• Zhang Yining has a nick name of the "cool-face killer", because she never smiles in the game.

• Wang Hao Chinese table tennis team has always been the most Buaishuihua one, in a not very familiar with the interview with reporters even blush. • 王皓一直都是中国乒乓球队中最不爱说话的一个,在接受不太熟悉的记者采访时甚至还会脸红。

• 王皓的妈妈和奶奶从小就将他打扮成女孩,给他扎小辫子、结蝴蝶结、抹口红、穿小花裙及红皮鞋。

• Wang Hao's mother and grandmother from a young age he would dress up as girls, Xiao Bianzi root for him, bow knot, wiping lipstick, wearing a red leather shoes and small Huaqun

• Wang Hao shows the glamour of Penhold Backhand to the world

• Anyone loves table tennis. I wish to have an opportunity to play with you and learn from each other.




Our grade had pingpong matches after school last Friday. There were three pairs taking part in the matches on that day. The finals are the most exciting. Many students went to watch them and cheered for their classmates. At last Qi Li of our class got the first place. How happy we were!





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