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新疆简介 英文

Welcome to Xinjiang. Xinjiang has accounted for one-sixth of the country's land area, people stepped here, it will be the magic extensive, attracted to the beautiful and fertile. Believe in a matter of days tour of the Xinjiang Celebration of history, culture, magnificent all colorful ethnic customs, mysterious wonders of the natural landscape, rare and rare trace left of the monuments, rich natural resources and fertile resources will let you astonished.

Geographic profile

Tourists, Xinjiang where magic? First let me comment on its geographic profile. Xinjiang's topography can be summarized in a sentence, and it is a "three mountains folder threatened.Trans-Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains, Kunlun Mountains and the South, the Altun Mountains encirclement Tarim Basin, North and the Altai Mountains encirclement Junggar Basin.South of the Tianshan Mountains, commonly known as southern and northern north of the Tianshan Mountains. The Tarim Basin south, in the middle of the Taklimakan Desert; The northern Junggar basin, There was Gurbantünggüt Antonio desert. Two desert around distributed, large and small oasis. Oasis and mountain grasslands, Xinjiang has become the people's native land.

In fact, the image point of view, Xinjiang's landscape is like a word, that Xinjiang is the right lobe of the word "San" which "three horizontal" said the three mountains, stretches more than were the Altai Mountains, Kunlun Mountains and Tianshan a Altun. Wang caught three of the "two fields," said the two basins, north of the Junggar Basin, Tarim Basin south. Xinjiang's total area of 1.6 million square kilometers, equivalent to Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai provinces, four of the total area.

Cultural history

Vast land nurtured a profound history and culture. Xinjiang in ancient times known as the "Western Regions", as early as the Neolithic Age have on the residents.Due to the vast geographical developed transport and has historically been run for many people across the world. Ancient activities in the southern mainly Qiang, is said to have had a distant relative and vandalized the Akatori people. Later that occasion, Xinjiang has developed many "country", which have been called the "Western Regions 36 countries.History of communication between Xinjiang and the Mainland contribution to the largest number of the Han dynasty, 138 BC, He sent Zhang Qian as ambassador to the Western Regions, then the medley of Everything, rock engraving of Huo Qubing, Li Guang and other famous soldiers to attack the front, and gradually make the attribution of West Han Dynasty.

Zhang Qian mission to the West after 1500 years, many businessmen, government officials, the envoy, Zhang Qian monks along the tracks to the west to the east, forming a communication between China and Central Asia, South Asia and the European commercial channel.Along with the Tuolingqing Road, the ancient Chinese exquisite handicrafts, and precious ingredients for gunpowder refining, Papermaking, When printing of the Western European and Asian countries as well as a product of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and its culture and art into China.Circulation in this passage of goods, the most valuable and most representative of that is exquisitely beautiful Chinese silk, Therefore this ancient lines of communication on known as the "Silk Road.Silk Road as a bond of friendship, and the ancient culture in the Yellow River basin, the Ganges River valley culture, Ancient Greek culture and Persian culture linked, became one of the most famous ancient "trade exchanges, Culture Communication road.

After the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road traffic peacekeepers continued popularity, West became famous Buddhist region, south of the Tianshan many caves were dug in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.Tang period, it was the history of Xinjiang's golden age, especially the year 640, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty-Gaochang, shortly after that defeat Turks, the Tang Dynasty western frontier crossed CONGLING to that of Central Asia, Xinjiang has become China's relations with the hinterland.At this time the country strong and not afraid of the invaders, the great frontier, and foreign can travel freely, unimpeded Silk Road, trade exchanges unprecedented prosperity.Song, Yuan and Ming period, a time of Xinjiang until migrated, West was known as Xinjiang.Year in 1759, his troops have since stabilized northern Junggar and the size and southern rebel Zhuo, so long Xinjiang separatist revert reunification.

Tourism Resources

Members tourists, in a preliminary understanding of Xinjiang's geography and history, let us talk about Xinjiang's tourism resources.Xinjiang is very rich in tourism resources, according to characteristics classification, the following five outbound law : First, the "Silk Road Trail YOU.Some Internet Silk Road Famous cultural heritage, tourism industry in Xinjiang has become the trump card. In Xinjiang, the Silk Road was divided into South and North of three roads.Three road most fascinating when several Turpan, Medea, Kuqa, Kashi, they have a special position, is a transport hub. Second, the "Desert adventure travel.Xinjiang has second in the world, China's largest desert -- the Taklimakan Desert, an area of 330,000 square kilometers, Therefore desert tourism has become the characteristics of Xinjiang tourism projects. Desert tourism warming and desert explorers and the humanities to do with color.。Living in the desert hinterland of Kenya, teeth Tungus, has lived a primitive simplicity, struggling with others in life. Their smiles and wicker pure rammed into a simple room, to the desert of human nature, bring beautiful light.All of this will constitute a desert tourism culture, but also allowed us to visit and experience with the reasons. The third is the "Nomadic You.Xinjiang's natural grassland about 80 million hectares (about 12 million acres). We can use more than 5,000 of the 10,000 hectares of the country, the available pasture area of 26.8% second only to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, ranked the country's second.Those natural advantages for the development of Xinjiang's tourism grassland provide good conditions.Prairie grown to bluegrass, lonely purple spears A.aequalis, geese crown grass, vast wilderness, grass everywhere. Grassland tours, also enjoyed equestrian show Diaoyang performances, Jiang Greig performances, they may participate in camel competitions, people fully appreciate the grassland culture of charisma and style.

Fourth is "primitive ecological You.Since the 1980s of the 20th century, Xinjiang has established 16 nature reserves, covering a total area of over 22,450 square kilometers.There is still a plan to build 12, the number of them, the area is so vast that was the highest in the country. It has been called the "club of Jiangnan" by the Ili, the existing six provincial-level nature reserve its Nature Reserve in Xinjiang represents about one third of the total.Kanas Lake in particular the most representative, Zhonglin which the Xinjiang romantic travel on the 6th (horseback on the 4th) is the most famous brand names. "Land abounds in Wonderland" in Guozigou, which means more fruit, groove summits Permian confrontation, Tsung

Cheng, lush, fruit haunting known as the "King of Yili first.In Gongliu County Qiaxi outside the scenic known as the "paradise on earth", where mountains water with Fine.

5 "You folk customs.Xinjiang's ethnic atmosphere is singular attractive, 13 major nation has its colorful national athletic games and activities.Horse-racing is a Kazakh, Kirgiz, Mongolian, Tajik and other national favorite sport; Diaoyang love these peoples is the traditional folk sports; "Sisters recovery" is a proposal grams unique civil immediately, It displayed the young men and women skilled horsemanship and robust physique, voice and transmission between men and women adore him.The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang also have eating characteristics, crusty pancakes, pilaf kambing such as Xinjiang is the essence of food and signs They and many scenic spots and historical sites in Xinjiang as an attraction for foreign tourists. Xinjiang's ethnic handicrafts or where more than 100 species, including gemstone jewelry, Jade Carving, carpets, musical instruments, Uighur spending cap Yingjisha Dagger, Antique Toya, most tourists favor.

Traffic today

Xinjiang today, the traffic is convenient.Aviation, Xinjiang is China's longest route, the one most Terminal provinces. Urumqi as the center of the air transport network, linking its northern towns Shituzuo important. Efficient and convenient flights can be completed within a few hours on the number of ancient, and even a year of arduous journey.Railways, 40 to 3 Xinjiang Railway has been completed.They are : Xin Railway (Lanzhou-Urumqi), commissioned in 1962 and has a total length of 1,892 km; Southern Xinjiang Railway (Turpan to Korla by Kashi), the implementation of the opening two minutes, the total length of 1446.37 km; Xin Railway Sector West (Urumqi to Alashankou), the total length of 460 km, in February 1991 opening.Highway, Xinjiang has built interface, good highway network, Urumqi, as a starting point to the trunk roads as much as several ten.

Members tourists, I heard the above presentation, I see you already have in Xinjiang broad understanding of it.This is just Xinjiang's past and present.Future Xinjiang, the "western development" strategy targets, we will also produce greater changes At that time we set foot on this re-wide decline of land here and the people of all nationalities in all, will sincerely sing "We Xinjiang good place" in the new song.







Topic:Water resources around the world are falling deficient. Analyze the possible reasons and provide your suggestions.


Access to water is vital to every living creature on the planet. Despite the fact that approximately two thirds of the earth surface is covered with all forms of water bodies, countries worldwide are faced with different levels of water shortages. Some reasons can be cited to explain the emergence of this problem.


A trigger for water crisis is people’s lack of knowledge of the value of the water. Given the ready availability of water in many countries, people tend to believe that the reserve of water in the world is infinite. Notwithstanding the

increased expenditure on water supply, water is perceived as a cheap commodity by many families. Many people see water a perpetual resource. For this reason, the unbridled use of water is commonplace, accelerating the exhaustion of this valuable resource.

第一句话是段落的中心句,后文为展开论述支持论点。第二三四句话讲的是人类对水资源重要性的认识是如何的缺乏,最后一句话是前面论述的逻辑推论,句与句之间逻辑性强, 连接顺畅。

Rapid population growth is another force contributing to the water crisis. Not only does it reduce the amount of water available for manufacture, farming and households, but also has a profound effect on the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems. Massive urban and industrial growth fuels unprecedented demands, often at the expense of aquatic ecosystems. Many water resources are not replenished before being re-used and depleted.

第一句话是段落的中心句。后面的分句逐层论述为什么人口增长助长了水资源危机。使用了not only ……but also 的句式,巧妙地连接两个原因。

Human-induced pollution is worthy of concern as well, a factor regarded by many as the root cause of the rapid loss of drinkable water. The untreated discharge of various pollutants such as heavy metals, organic toxins, oils and solids in water bodies is believed to have severe impacts. Industrialization, meanwhile, results in abnormal climate and

biological destruction. While some areas have become barren, other areas are hit by floods. Floods ravage everything, including reservoirs, dams and cannel. The water supply problem will intensify.


这三段是文章的主体部分,在一般情况下,原因通常可以归分成三段。一般来说最重要的,最有说服力的原因应该放在第一段,第二段第三段的重要性依次降低。这样可以使文章具有逻辑性和层次性。每段的段首用一句话简明的概括本段的中心论点。接着对每段的主体句进行支持性论述,分别使用了推理和例证的方法。这样不仅段落之间逻辑严密,段落内部也逻辑明朗,使文章整体富有说服力。文章注重了长短句的变换,富有节奏感。表示同一个意思时作者也变换了不同的表达方式以增加文采:如表达……的原因时使用了“a trigger for…., another force contributing to…, worthy of concern as well”。

As noted above, the steady loss of water is attributable to inappropriate usage, population growth and pollution. In order to tackle the above-mentioned problems, one can adopts various approaches, besides the existing strategies, such as restoration of ecosystems, rainwater harvest. New technologies can help ease water shortages, by tackling pollution and making used water recyclable. In agriculture, water use can be made far more efficient by introducing new farming techniques (e.g. drip irrigation). Drought-resistant plants can help cut the amount of water needed.

按照逻辑顺序,分析原因之后应该提出对策,文章最后一部分即对策部分。作者用 “As noted above……”承上启下,接下来用举例的方式给出对策。


首段:背景介绍 作家立场


Some people believe that personal happiness is directly related to economic success.

Others believe there are other factors.

Discuss the two sides and give your opinion.


The pursuit of happiness has long been the dream of generations of human beings. They have always been puzzled Get Word ("puzzled"); by the essence of happiness. What is happiness? Is it closely related to one’s economic success? Will one’s financial success lead to happiness directly? Personally Get Word ("Personally"), I don’t agree that one’s economic success is the only prerequisite of one’s happiness in life.


Happiness may fall into different categories Get Word ("categories");. An old saying goes like this: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Happiness may mean being a successful and respected leader of a company, or a stable and comfortable job in a large international company, or a big flat downtown, a fantastic set of furniture, etc. However, happiness can also be a harmonious and peaceful family, or a hospitable and considerate friend, or just a smile, a gesture, a hint. In fact, happiness may be composed of anything you could ever think of. At least, we may have two types of happiness: [wv]spiritualGetWord("hospitable and considerate friend, or just a smile, a gesture, a hint. In fact, happiness may be composed of anything you could ever think of. At least, we may have two types of happiness:

[wv]spiritual"); happiness and materialistic happiness.


One’s materialistic happiness is dependant on one’s economic success, though not completely. Without a strong and steady economic background, one could never imagine an easy and simple life, let alone an affluent and luxurious one. If you aren’t able to afford a house, a car, or even a book, anybody would be horrified at the mere mention of this kind of life. Definitely, some people will feel happy right away if their basic demands for life are satisfied. However, we have to admit that these people still need to be successful materialisticallyGetWord("materialistically"); to some degree.


On the other hand, one’s success in economy may not necessarily lead to one’s spiritual happiness. As we all know, money doesn’t get you everything and some even say that money is the root of all evilsGetWord("evils");. One’s

financial success may be built on the sacrifice of time, health and love, which are the three most essential elements of spiritual happiness. All of us are not new to this picture: a successful business man tasting loneliness alone with a broken heart.


In my point of view, one’s economic success is only one of the key factors of happiness, but never the only one. To be happy, one needs to be both spiritually and materially satisfied Get Word ("satisfied"); though each of us may have a totally different picture of happiness.


This should be a familiar scene in a Hollywood detective movie: an American police officer, armed with a pistol in case of a sudden strke from a misty corner, patrols a dark alley in search of the criminal element.In the meantime, his UK counterparts has to do the same job with merely a short baton in ha12 He is like a fearless knight fighting for honour against enemies armed with guns with only his lance. Naturally, the ending will always be unfavourable to him. Or the ending will always not be to the delight of the spectators.Police, as protectors of his people , should do what they can, and use whatever means they can, to keep people out of harm's way. But in the UK, police are on duty without carying a gun, which is a very bad idea. They are handicapping themselves.

However, opponents argue that violence in films and on television is detrimental to audience’s psychology. Taking fantasy for reality, people become aggressive and eccentric. They believe things can be solved by violence. In addition, violence has negative impacts on the stability of society. Research findings reveal that 60 percent of crimes are committed by teenagers after watching films or television which had a large amount of violence. Teenagers are so

vulnerable and immature that they cannot judge whether the activities performed in mass media are right or not. As an illustration, a boy killed his younger sister in Australia because he imitated the violent scenes from television programs.

大作文:some people say the purpose of education is to prepare individuals to be useful adults for society. Others say the purpose of education is to achieve personal ambitions.Do you agree or disagree?


My personal answer to the purpose of education is that students and teaching staff should hold critical attitudes. It means that education involves the temporary and ultimate goals. The ultimate goal of education is the service of society. However, whether or not achieving it should take the accomplishment of personal goals as the prerequisite.{乌鲁木齐英语介绍作文}.

On one hand, students are expecting to acquire the survival skills with the aid of schooling training in the professional skills and thinking abilities. Personal ambitions also consist of the access to their preferred working fields and the progression in the professional fields. Besides, they finally win the social respect and acknowledgement.


When it comes to whether or not taking the social service to the society as the education goal,views differed greatly. However, I firmly believe that the accomplishment of personal wishes does not contradict to the willingness to the service of society. Graduates have to acquire the decent jobs, reasonable salary and social respect first and

simultaneously contribute to the society. Take the excellent architects as an example, they design the fashionable structures for people’s living and aesthetic demand while they can acquire adecent income as well.








The text feature of Xinjing Attractions description words

学 生 姓 名 满丽丽

学 生 学 号 学 生 班 级 英语2011-2班

学 科 专 业 英语

学 年 学 期 2014-2015学年

指 导 教 师 所 在 学 院 语言文化学院



The English attractions description words is aim to pass the true information to the tourists, make the tourist know more about the attractions, meanwhile increase the tourists' knowledge on culture,history, nature,and add the tourists' interest. The text of attractions description words charactered by objective content, concise text, explicit purpose and regional features. The text feature of Xinjiang attractions description words are not only objective, concise, explicit purpose but also contain the local cultural character.



英语旅游文本的主要目的在于向读者传递真实的旅游景点信息,是旅游者更多的了解旅游景点, 同时达到增加读者的人文,历史,自然知识增强旅游兴趣的目的。英语旅游文本应该具有内容客观,文字简练,目的明确,结合地方特色的特点。因此,新疆旅游景点介绍的文本除了内容客观,目的明确,文字简练之外还需融入当地的文化特色。

The Text Feature of Xinjing Attractions Description Words Introduction{乌鲁木齐英语介绍作文}.

The English attractions description words is a part of exposition, the main characters of English attractions description words are objective content, concise text, clear logic.the attractions description words are belong to "informative"text, it is aimed to spread information of relative tourist spots to tourists. In order to emphasize the the function of attractions description word and the ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of translation text, the translation texts are required to be objective and accurate, transpicuous, readable. Thus can make the target readers can gain the relative information as the original readers.

The tourist attractions description words are texts that used in tourist spot in order to simple introduce the tourist spots. They play an important role in passing on massages and educating. They can increase the tourists' knowledge on culture, history and nature ,add interest in touring. Moreover, according to the differences between different regions, most of the tourist spots are the symbol of region's characters, therefore , the attractions description words refer to local culture and history. So the tourist spots introductions charactered by objective content, concise text, explicit purpose.As for Xinjiang, it is located in the motherland as inland by a strong continental climate, where gathered a lot of ethnic minorities. So the attractions description words of Xinjing have its own feature.

I. Objective content

Attractions description words merely objectively introduce the basic information of tourist attractions, neither express emotions nor arguments, not exaggeration. In the attractions description words without emotional words, but very objective. It is required to pass the true information of attractions. For example, Turpan is located in a depression with the area of more than 1000 square kilometers of the eastern part of Xinjiang and some 80 meters below the sea level. And nearby the Moon Lake, or Eding Lake in local language, the lowest water surface is 154 meters below the sea level, the second lowest continental point in the world after the Dead Sea. Turpan is called the Land of Fire, which was derived from the intense summer temperature, the highest ever recorded was 47.5℃ and in summer the ground surface temperature is about 70℃. The Depression is characterized by high temperature and rare perspiration, so it is hot but it is not wet, during summer, although it is extremely hot, the streets are full of people.

In this attractions description words about Turpan, there are many objective date in describe the general geographical situation, like "1000spuare kilometers ","80meters ","154meters","47.5℃"and "70℃".what's more, it also mentioned several geographic

names such as"Moon Lake ","Eding Lake ". By this way, the attractions descriptions pass the objective information of turpan to readers.

II. concise text

In English attractions description words are always simple and plain, without many splendid words,however, the attraction description words pay more attention to scientificity, try best to pursuit the correct expression, and usually use proper nouns and technical terms, they are more profession. For instance, Tianchi (Heaven Lake) Natural Landscape Reserve is located at the foot of 5,44-meter Bogda Peak, the highest mountain in the eastern part of the Tianshan range. It covers an area of 158 square kilometers, including the 71-square-kilometer Tianchi Scenic Area, within which are 20 major scenic spots. Located in the north-central part of the scenic area, Tianchi Lake is 1,910 meters above sea level, 3.3 kilometers long and one kilometer wide on average. The lake stores 160 million cubic meters of water all the year round. Tianchi Lake freezes up in late October and thaws in early May. In the meantime, the lake’s surface is covered with ice one meter thick. In summer, the temperature stays at around 20℃ It is a pleasant and comfortable place. Tianchi is not only a summer resort, but also a good alpine skating rink in winter. Coming from a glacier, the water of Tianchi Lake is pure and the ice surface is smooth. With a gentle breeze blowing most of the time, it is an ideal place for skating competitions.

As we all see, the attractions description words of Tianchi involved in many geographic terms like "Natural Landscape Reserve", "glacier" meanwhile it also describe lots of Tianchi's geography informations, firstly, it introduce the Tianchi's geography simply and Tianchi's location accurately, it described the scientific scale of the Tianchi by a set of dates, and it descried the different seasons of Tianchi. The words are very simple but scientific and educational.

III. Clear logic

Direction tourists' route is another function of attractions description words ,especially in Xinjiang, there are long distance between one attraction from another. Thus the attraction description words always keep in clear logic and correct tour order.For example, Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is located in an alluvial fan-shaped basin on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains. The city opens on to the Junggar Basin in the north. In the Mongolian language, Urumqi means "Beautiful Meadow." Hongshan Mountain is the highest spot in the center of the city. Hongshan's main peak is 464 meters above sea level. With towering crags, the mountain was named after the cliffs, which gleam red in the sun’’s rays every morning and evening. The upper part of the mountain looks like the head of a tiger, so it is also called "Tiger Head Mountain." It faces Yamalike Mountain, less than 1,000 meters away. At the foot of the mountain is the Urumqi River, flowing from north to south. On the top of Hongshan Mountain is a statue of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) national hero Lin Zexu. Standing at the "Yuantiao

(looking far into the distance) Tower" on the mountain, one can view the whole city. According this attractions description words, the tourists travel the Urumqi and surrounded attractions in order. This text introduce the attractions from the upper to the foot of the mountain and from the north to the south.firstly, it describe the upper part the Tianshan mountain,and than it introduce the city of Urumuqi, in the city there are hightest spot that is Hongshan, at least, it introduce the Urumqi River which at the foot of the mountain. A very clearly and specific picture will in your mind, it describe the attraction orderly and well arranged.

IV. Regional feature

Xinjiang is located in the motherland as inland by a strong continental climate, where gathered a lot of ethnic minorities. Many of the attractions original from the local humanity. Therefore, the local ethnic minorities culture effect most in Xinjiang attractions description words. Such as the "Kares", the water from the surrounding mountains and underflow nourishes the depression. And the local people developed a unique irrigation system: ”Karez”, by which water is introduced to the agricultural Karez were living in Xinjiang working people of all nationalities, under the local climate, hydrological characteristics of a creation of a clandestine diversion project, some Karez 1600, Turpan up with the most concentrated, according to statistics, a total of Turpan of Karez 1158, a total length of 5,000 km, the distance from Urumqi to Harbin milestone.Karez has been able to build a large number of Turpan, with the

natural conditions here inseparable. First Turpan Basin lying low, below sea level below 2,085 square kilometers area alone, Surrounded by mountains and Turpan, the annual mountain snow melts after the inflow of large valley.When the snow running through the desert to seep into the ground when it formed the undercurrent, which Karez to provide a rich source of water. The name of "Kares"original form the Uighur language ,and the local people mainly plant grapes, the grapes are famous in all around the country, the Kares have been a part of their life.


The attraction description text is a kind of exposition and which require the text to be objective , concise and clear logic, In order to emphasize the the function of attractions description word and the ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of translation text, the translation texts are required to be objective and accurate, transpicuous, readable. According to Xinjiang regions special characters , the feature of eature of Xinjing Attractions description words are required to contain Xinjiang's local ethic minorities culture.So in English attractions description words of Xinjiang, we should pay more attention to the effects of ethic minority in culture,history, and customs.







"The reputation of anyone who is subjected to media scrutiny will eventually be diminished."



Sample Essay

The intensity of today's media coverage has been greatly magnified by the sheer number and types of media outlets that are available today. Intense competition for the most revealing photographs and the latest information on a

subject has turned even minor media events into so-called "media frenzies". Reporters are forced by the nature of the competition to pry ever deeper for an angle on a story that no one else has been able to uncover. With this type of

media coverage, it does become more and more likely that anyone who is subjected to it will have his or her reputation tarnished, as no individual is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. The advances in technology have made much

information easily and instantaneously available. Technology has also made it easier to dig further than ever before into a person's past, increasing the possibility that the subject's reputation may be harmed.



The above statement is much too broad, however. "Anyone" covers all people all over the world. There are people whose reputations have only been enhanced by media scrutiny. There are also people whose reputations were already so poor that media scrutiny could not possibly diminish it any further. There may very well be people that have done nothing wrong in the past, at least that can be discovered by the media, whose reputations could not be diminished by media scrutiny. To broadly state that "anyone" subjected to media coverage will have his or her status sullied implies that everyone's reputation worldwide is susceptible to damage under any type of media scrutiny. What about children, particularly newborn children? What about those people whose past is entirely unknown?


Another problem with such a broad statement is that it does not define the particular level of media scrutiny. Certainly there are different levels of media coverage. Does merely the mention of one's name in a newspaper

constitute media scrutiny? What about the coverage of a single event in someone's life, for example a wedding or the birth of a baby? Is the media coverage of the heroic death of a firefighter or police officer in the line of duty ever going to diminish that person's reputation? It seems highly unlikely that in these examples, although these people may have been subjected to media scrutiny, these individual's reputations are undamaged and potentially enhanced by such exposure.


Without a doubt, there are many examples of individual's whose reputations have been diminished by media scrutiny. The media's uncovering of former U.S. President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky will most likely overshadow the entire eight years of his administration. Basketball superstar Michael Jordan's sterling reputation has been

tarnished more than once by the media; first by media coverage of his gambling habits, then most recently (and in a much more harmful manner) by news reports of his marital infidelities and the divorce from his wife of thirteen years. Fame and fortune can turn an ordinary individual into a media target where reporters will stop at almost nothing to "dig up dirt" that will sell more newspapers or entice more viewers to watch a television program. It could even be

argued that media scrutiny killed Princess Diana as her car sped away from the privacy-invading cameras of reporters in Paris. There is no doubt that there are a large number of people who have been hurt in one way or another by particularly intense media scrutiny.

毫无疑问,也有许多例子能证明一个人的名声会被媒体审视所毁损。媒体对美国前总统Bill Clinton与Monica Lewinsky的风流韵事的揭露极有可能会将其八年的执政生涯置于阴影之中。超级篮球明星Michael Jordan一世英名也被媒体不止一次地玷污,首先是被有关其赌习的媒体报道,其次是最近--且以一种更具致命性伤害的方式--被有关他婚姻不忠以及与其结婚13年的妻子分道扬镳的报道。当媒体记者不择手段去挖掘某些可促使其报纸销量大增的"猛料"时,或去诱惑更多的观众观看某一电视节目时,名和利就会将一个普通人转变为媒体追踪的目标。我们甚至可以提出这样一种论点,即正是媒体的审视将Diana王妃置于死地,随着她的汽车去竭力逃脱巴黎街头的记者们那侵犯隐私的相机镜头。毫无疑问,肯定有许多人被极其强烈的媒体聚焦以一种方式或另一种方式所伤害。{乌鲁木齐英语介绍作文}.

In summary, it seems impossible that for every person that is subjected to media scrutiny, his or her reputation will eventually be diminished. Millions of people are mentioned in the media every day yet still manage to go about their lives unhurt by the media. Normal individuals that are subjected to media scrutiny can have their reputation either

enhanced or damaged depending on the circumstances surrounding the media coverage. The likelihood of a diminished reputation from the media rises proportionally with the level of notoriety that an individual possesses and the

outrageousness of that person's behavior. The length of time in the spotlight can also be a determining factor, as the longer the person is examined in the media, the greater the possibility that damaging information will be discovered or that the individual will do something to disparage his or her reputation. But to broadly state that media scrutiny will diminish anyone's reputation is to overstate the distinct possibility that, given a long enough time and a certain level of intensity of coverage, the media may damage a person's reputation.






"People work more productively in teams than individually. Teamwork requires cooperation, which motivates people much more than individual competition does."

Sample Essay

Teamwork as a whole can naturally produce an overall greater productivity through the concept of "synergy", where the total of the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. But the idea that people work more productively in teams rather than as individuals is going to vary greatly between the types of teams that are organized, the end reward or motivation for both the team and the individuals, as well as the individuals themselves.

Regarding individuals, some people are born with the desire to succeed, no matter what the situation or task that they are facing. These people may evolve into the classic "Type A" personalities that work ferociously because they are driven by an internal fire that says they must always be doing something, whether individually or as part of a team. Other people may desire to be less socially involved or are very highly competitive with other people. For these people, their work is most productive as individuals, because the very idea of cooperating with other people limits their

effectiveness and efficiency because they simply do not want to be a part of the team. Whether this mindset is innate or developed over time does not matter, it is merely the state of their being and neither motivation nor rewards can generate inside them the desire to work collectively as a team.

Some people are highly motivated by social interaction and the desire to work with others towards a collective effort.

Obviously these individuals are at their most productive when working as part of a team. Organizational behavioral studies have shown that Asian cultures are much more likely to develop this type of collective behavior as opposed to the more individualistic behavior associated with Western cultures. It could naturally be assumed then that there may be cultural values that can determine whether people are at their most productive individually or as part of a team.

Another variable is the end reward that is involved with the task at hand. Will the rewards be greater if the team

works together towards a common goal, or are the rewards more geared toward individual performance? To the extent that the individual is motivated by the end reward, obviously his or her performance inside of a team may be more or less productive with respect to the entire team, depending on how the performance is rewarded. Individual goals may interfere with the group performance. Synergies may not be achieved because the individuals are not working towards a whole "sum" but rather towards an individual reward. Productivity thus will vary for each person as a team member or as an individual depending on the degree to which that person is motivated by an individual or overall team reward.

Finally, the degree of productivity of a person will depend upon the type of team that is organized. Is the group composed of equally contributing individuals? Does the group have an outstanding leader that can motivate both the individuals and the team as a whole? From a pure productivity standpoint, the presence or absence of a charismatic and exceptional leader can make all the difference whether a person would be more productive as a part of a team or as an individual. Personality types that work well together can prove to be much more productive as part of a team than as individuals, and vice versa.

Fundamentally, measures of productivity depend greatly on the individuals themselves. The dilemma facing leaders in all areas of life is how to best assess these individuals to determine how to best harness their capabilities to reach their ultimate productive capabilities. Whether a person is more productive alone or while working in concert with

others is one of the great challenges that leaders and managers must face to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently.

























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