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交通方式 英文作文

The transportation

In the modem society ,the transportation is becoming more and more important.whether the people go to work or travel,we must do it by the transportation.So,I think,we should discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the transportation.

The first is the car.Cars have been coming in our life.It is convenient for us whatever we do.If,we have something that is urgent to do ,the importance of the car is showed.But,the cars are quite expensive,some people can’t buy a car,and the gas is also not cheep.On the other hand,the cars will make the air become bad and make the traffic pressure become serious.

The next is the bus.Some people don’t like to go out by bus.In their opinions,the bud is dirty、crowded and tired.But,I think the bus is cheeper a lot than the car,and that will reduce the environment pollution.And we never worry about the car lost.

The last is motor bicycle.It is so convenient for the young people to go out.Whatever we buy things or go to the friends,it will be their first choice.And the motor bicycle is not so expensive.When the young people ride it ,we will become very cool,so a lot of people will ride it fast which is the fatal shortcoming.It is very dangerous ,and that will make the people deform or die.

So,I think we should find the way that is handy .In my opinion ,we should take the bus more,,because it is convenient and it can make the air cleaner than the car and it is safer than the motor bicycle.








作文 有关交通安全的英语作文


越来越多汽车进入我们的家庭生活,改善了我们的生活,但同时也带来了很多问题,如塞车和车祸,给家庭和社会带来极大的危害。作为中学生,我们应该怎样做呢? 请写一篇有关交通安全的短文(80字左右)







参考词汇:sidewalk 人行道 zebra-crossing 斑马线


★ 范文

With more and more cars coming into our families, we are happy that it has greatly improved our life. But unluckily, it has also brought many problems, such as heavy traffic and traffic accidents.


Traffic safety is everybody's business. We must obey the rules. For example, we must walk on walk side, when we cross zebra – crossing, stop and look right and left, then go across fast. Don’t play football on the road .we can tell our parents not to drink before they drive, not to run through red lights, not to talk and laugh while driving etc.

We can say cars are coming into our life, but only when everybody thinks traffic safety is everybody's business can we be safe driving on roads and walking on sidewalks



Nowdays, with the rapid development of the road, cars have been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well. Traffic safety as the most importent one, is closely related to everybody's business.

This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons . Some of the accidents are due to mechanical problems. As the vehicles in the road become common, the function of vehicles has improved and the speed is getting faster. However, most of them are the results of careless and reckless driving, which could not be avoided. A lot of people disregard traffic signals and rules. They drive regardless of speed limits, run through red lights, drive in the wrong direction, talk and laugh while driving, and turn at will without giving signals. They even don't slow down while approaching crossroads. So many people violate traffic regulations that we cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of traffic safety. Meanwhile, we can not ignore the fact that there are many problems existing in the design. They are all important reasons accounting for this phenomenon.

Some effective measures must be taken to slove this problem. The major cause for traffic accidents is people’s lack of safety awareness. Completing a safety driving education course is a very important way to reduce the number of traffic accidents. The key point for this issue is people’s awareness towards safety. It is a long-term goal rather than a single course for safety driving. The best way to solve the troubles is that we all abey the traffic rules. First, we can't get through red light and must observe traffic order. Secondly, tell our relatives not drive after drinking. Then, we should be care about road damage and inform relevant departments to solve the problems early. Finally, an active part in social activities, protect our order society! Another measure is improving the traffic condition by add traffic signal and other traffic safety facilities。Only when everybody takes traffic safety as their own business, can we achive safe driving and walking on road.

Last but not least, I hope we can have a good futere , and I believe we can do it!



The problem of traffic jam

Nowadays, with the developing of the economy, more and more people are moving into the major cites industrial centers. So traffic jam has become a serious problem in our daily life. At the same time, many people are complaining about the heavy traffic. What we should do?

At first, we should try our best to ride bike, because it can not only help reduce the pressure of traffic but also help protect the environment. At second, when we go out, we had better choose public traffic transport. At last, the government should broad the road to make more cars pass through, and underground train and city train should be developed quickly. In a word, when we face the traffic jam, we should be patient and believe the traffic polices.

If we do it, I believe that the city will be better, the life will be better too.



The way to relieve traffic jam{交通英语作文}.

In these days,With the development of economic and living standard,there are more and more private which caused heavy traffic jam. As to deal with this thorny problem,i would like to introduce my suggestions like follows.

First,controlling the number of private car.for this part,on the one hand,government should retrench the policy of buying private car.on the other hand,relevant department may draw up the rational set refering traffic to the policy to buying private,government may appropriately heighten the requirement of driver’s license the term to traffic controls.traffic development could raise the frequency of control times.

Secondly,improving city roadway overall’s planners could reform the distribution of roadway.government relevant officials should invest to repairing road.aggrandizing the rand of road properly could relieve the problem of traffic jam in some ways.

Thirdly,staggering the rush hour of getting around.traffic department can exchange with much more companies or institutions to stagger the time of on and off some extent,traffic jam’s happening occurs in commuting this time,a great amount of people and private car huddled in the roadway,which generated severe traffic congestion and traffic,if the commuting time can be arranged in a perfect way,congestion of traffic can be alleviated in large part.

Fourthly, to ease the we all known,the orderly circulating can not be pursued without a logical commander.traffic department should throw into a great quality traffic polices who are well-trained.

Those are some suggestions for handling traffic congestion.only with these measures taken can we expect a favorable traffic conditions.




Traffic accident in our side to happen from time to tome, we should study well some knowledge to avoid traffic accidents.

First, we can't run red light, abide(遵守) by traffic order. Secondly, tell relatives don't drive as drinking, safe driving. Then, find road damage, inform relevant departments, early solve the problems. Finally, an active part in social activities, protect our order society!

That's my advice! I wish you a happy...{交通英语作文}.




2.作文内容:假如你加李华,你从网络上了解到最近的交通事故频频发生,造成事故的主要原因是因为酒后架车,请你写一篇短文,奉劝司机朋友珍爱生命,切莫酒后架车 ..作文自述100左右..可用词组:drunk driving( 酒后架车),for the sake of(为了)..急用

Just a few days ago,

I was going online at home .when I saw a great number of news about the car accident, I got very shocked. It is one of the most terrible things in the world not only for the victims themselves but also for the others. In these car accidents said above most partly lead by drunk driving, the drivers had drunk a lot before they started to drive, so awful and terrible for them doing that dangerous behavior. for the sake of safety of yourself and for the happiness of your family, never do drunk driving in your life!

A Traffic Accident | 交通事故

Yesterday when I was walking along the street, I saw an old lady in front of me.

She wanted to cross the street. All of a sudden, a bicycle ran against her at a high speed.

The old woman fell to the ground. The cyclist was very frightened and ran away. I hurried to help the lady up, called a taxi and sent her to the nearest hospital. Luckily she was not badly hurt.

We live in a large city which is like a big family. We should care for each other




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