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Unit 4 Wildlife protection复习学案

Unit 4 Wildlife protection复习学案

课文佳句背诵: —31) 没有雨林,就没有动物,也就没有药物了。

(1) No fire, no smoke. 无风不起浪(无火不生烟)。

(2) No competition, no progress. 没有竞争就没有进步。

(3) No pains, no gains. 不劳无获。

(4) No sweat, no sweet. 苦尽甘来。/先苦后甜。 —14)其他人认为地球变得太热,以至于恐龙生活不下去了

It's never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,犹未晚矣。 她转过身来,一只羚羊一脸苦相望着她。(BII 2 P26)

4.About 30—停止猎杀,让它们宁静地生活后,有大约30-40头(华南虎)留下来。 结果,这些濒危动物可能会灭绝。 戴茜如释重负,突然笑起来。





4.雇用,利用(v.)_____________;雇用,聘请(n.)_____________;雇员(n.)_____________;雇主(n.)_____________; 失业(n.)_____________失业的(adj.)_________________


6.确定的,某一(adj.)_____________;无疑,确定,肯定(adv.)___________ ;确实的事,必然的事(n.)_____________


8.危险(n.)_____________;危及,危害(v.)__________;受到危害的,濒危的(adj.)__________ Ⅲ. 翻译下列必背短语.



3.和平地;和睦地;安祥地 







10.突然笑起来 ____________________


1.All she dreams is a _____________ and comfortable life in a small village by the sea. (peace)

2._____________(protect)policies should be carried out to save the _____________(danger) animals.

3.The ________ decided to _______ Tom as her secretary and she hoped to have a talk with her __________ before he came to work. (employ)

4.Put this plant into this ___________(contain). It is very ____________(effect) to mosquito-bites.

5.Peter had thought the boss was __________,but he was ______and he fired Peter without ________.(mercy)

6.He opened the ___________(dust) book and coughed ____________ (fierce). Ⅳ.单元重点动词

decrease endanger respond affect  hunt rub

succeed appreciate employ inspect contain bite


1.The output this year ____________ by 20 percent as a result of the world wide financial crisis.

2._____________ by a snake, the man had little hope to survive.

3.To my joy, I _______________ by a computer company at last.{保护华南虎英语作文}.

4.She never ____________ to his letter, which upset him a lot.

5.If you fix your attention on what you are doing, you _____________ sooner or later.

6.He signed the contract without a second thought,__________ the future of the whole company.ⅴ.语篇领悟

根据课文How Daisy Learned to Help Wild life完成下列短文

Not long ago there was a girl (call) Daisy, who went to see the animals that the help of a flying carpet. In Tibet, she saw an antelope with a sad face looking at her, told her that they were killed for the wool that was taken from under their (stomach). Every year over 29,000 of them were killed, there. Farmers used to hunt them because they were (destroy) the farms. Later, the government tried to help the farmers by asking the tour companies to bring (many) tourists to the area and setting the number of animals to be hunted, which brought the farmers a lot of incomes. As result, farmers started to protect them. In the thick rain forest, Daisy saw a monkey (rub) an insect over his body to protect itself against mosquitoes. With all experience, Daisy had learned how to work with WWF to protect wildlife.

Ⅵ.基础写作: 用括号中所给词翻译下列句子,然后将这些句子联成一篇5句话的连贯的


假如你是李华,请写一封信给《中国日报》China Daily 内容为“保护野生动植物”。要求将下列所给的单词或词组使用进去。首尾已给出。

human beings; wild; protection; endanger; die out; environment; preserve; hunt; natural reserve; destroy; pay attention to; take measures; threat

Dear editor,

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua


In our country, the numbers of wild animals is becoming smaller and smaller. Many of them are endangered, and some are even dying out, because the environment that they are living in has been destroyed greatly. At the same time, people are killing them just for getting their fur, skin, teeth and meat. If this situation isn’t paid attention to and some measures aren’t taken, it will be a threat to our human beings. So we should build more natural reserves for them and don’t hunt them. Only if we human beings take some measures can wild animals be preserved.






G8 Unit 4 Topic 1


G8 Unit 4 Topic 1 Plants and animals are important to us.



1. 3. (v.)---discussion (n.) 5.反) 6. ---bright (反)

7. ---(pl.) 8. 9. 10.

11.---fed---fed 12. ---controlled---controlling 13.---dropped ---dropping

(二) 重要词组

★ SA 1. think about 考虑,思考 8. become smaller and smaller 变得越来越小

2. life in the 农村的生活 9. the 保护热带雨林

3. 清澈的河流 10. see clearly 一切都看得清楚

4. enjoy the of 享受大自然的美 11. be necessary for 对…来说是必要的

5. go to sw. for the summer vacation 12. 事实上

去某地过暑假 13. 组成, 构成

6. on the farm 在农场里 14. the largest part of the human body


★SB 1. take some photos 拍些照片 人体的绝大部分

2. the photos 上面的照片 15. plenty of water 大量的水

3. like sth. better 更喜欢…… 16. in , rivers,

like sth. best 最喜欢…… 在江河湖海中 4. keep a pet dog 养宠物狗 生物

5. give sb joy 给人快乐 18. save every of water节约每一滴水

6. sing to sb. 为某人唱歌 19. 用…装满…,往…填入…

7. be important to sb 对……很重要 ★SD 1. in danger 处在危险之中 8. share sth.with sb. 与……共享 中国的西北部

9. 以……为食 3. feed on 以竹子为食物

10. sth. in groups 分组讨论 4. less and less 越来越少的陆地

★SC 1. cover 6% /half of the earth’s surface 5. 捕杀蓝鲸

覆盖地球表面的6%/一半 6. become dirtier 变得更脏{保护华南虎英语作文}.

2. in 在热带雨林中 7. 华南虎

3. thousands and 成千上万的 8. in the of China 在中国的南方 4. be 黑暗

5. in the 在森林中 杀死老虎以获取它们的毛皮和骨头

6. make the air fresher使空气更清新 10. put… in danger 使…陷入危险境地

7. 调节气候


1. That must be fun.

2. What kind of animal/plant do you like better,…or…?


3. What kind of animal/plant do you like best,… ,…or…?


4. If there is no plants or insects, what will our world be like?{保护华南虎英语作文}.

假如没有动物或昆虫,我们的世界会是什么样? (热带)雨林对我们很重要。


7. All animals can’t live at all without water.


8. In fact, water makes up the largest part of the human body.


9. Without water, there can be no life on earth.没有水,地球上就不会有生命。








如:late---later---latest nice---nicer---nicest

3)以重读闭音节结尾的词,词尾只有一个辅音字母时,应双写这一辅音字母,再加-er或-est 如:big---bigger---biggest thin---thinner---thinnest fat---fatter---fattest

4)以辅音字母+y结尾的双音节词,先改y为i,再加-er 或-est

如:happy---happier---happiest lazy---lazier---laziest ugly---uglier---ugliest


如:careful---more careful--- the most careful

beautiful---more beautiful---the most beautiful

★ 两种变化都可以的词:

clever---cleverer---cleverest clever--- more clever--- the most cleverest

lovely---lovelier---loveliest lovely---more lovely --- the most lovely


good/well—better—best, little—less—least, many/much—more—most,

bad/ill—worse—worst, far—farther/further—farthest/furthest.


1. 二者比较: A is +比较级+ than B

① I’m happier than you.

② Plants are more beautiful than animals.

④ I like cats best because they are more lovely than other animals.

★ 比较级前可用much、a little、even等修饰

The hens are much smaller than cows. 小鸡比牛小得多/一点。

Michael thinks dogs are ’s.

★ 比较级+ and + 相同比较级 “越来越……”

2. 三者或三者以上比较: A is the + 最高级+ 范围(of the three /of all / of us /in our class /…) ① The boy is the tallest in my class.

② The rabbit is the smallest of them.

③ The cats are the bravest animals on the farm.

④ I think roses are the most beautiful of all the flowers.

⑤ Lesson Two is the most important of all.

④ I think the tiger is one of the most dangerous animals of all.

Test on Unit 4 Topic 1 for Grade 8


(A) 根据句意或首字母提示填空。

1. We should p___________ the rainforests.

2. I go to my hometown for my summer v__________ every year.

3. Trees and plants in the f_________ help to make the air fresh and clean.

4. Rainforests _________ 6% of the e__________ s__________.

5. We s___________ the world with animals and p__________.

6. We can see t___________ of stars in the sky on a summer night.

7. He c_______ his face with his hands.

8. G___________ look like ducks, do you think so?

9. When he first moved to this city, he felt e_______________ is fresh.

10. The teacher will ask the students to d____________ the topic in groups of four.

11. W__________ are the largest animals in the sea.{保护华南虎英语作文}.

12. It is so pleasant to walk along the West L___________.

13. Guangdong is in the s_________ and Yunnan is in the s____________ of China.

14. He keeps a pet dog and it gives him a lot of j______.

15. Many people like living in the c____________ because they think they can enjoy the b_______ of the n_________.

16. He is getting t_________ because he has a serious illness.

17. Her boyfriend sent her 99 red r________ on Valentines.

18. As we know, an o________ is bigger than a s_______.

19. We must stop those people from k_________ wild animals for their f______ and b________.

20. Could you please f_________ my cup with boiled water?

21. They need to plant more b________ for those pandas in the zoo.

22. They build more and more houses and the farmers are losing their l________.

23. When we get angry, it’s necessary for us to c___________ our temper (情绪).

24. Water is i_____________ to all plants and animals.

25. The rainforests give us w________, r_________, fruit, medicine and so on.

(B) 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. Tigers are (danger) than elephants.

2. Which do you like (well), Chinese, English or Japanese?

3. Is the Yellow River one of the longest (river) in the world?

4. There are many

6. It’___ in the classroom. Can you see the words on the blackboard __________ (clear)?

7. I think Section B is __________(easy) than Section A.


10. All _________(live) things can’t live at all without air or water.

11. After that war, the army ____________ (control) the whole country.{保护华南虎英语作文}.

12.My grandma kept five ___________(goose) in the countryside last year.

13. Their living place is __________(quiet) than ours.


14. The library of this school has _________(many) books but _________(few) newspapers than that of the other school.

(C) 根据中文提示完成句子。

1. (事实上), water covers most of the earth.

2. In his class, girls (占了) only 30% of the students.

3. Rabbits (以……为食) grass.


5. Tom a room (与……分享) Tim.

6. In the countryside, there is_____________(更新鲜) air and greener trees.

7. There is ________________(少) noise in the countryside than in the city.

8. ____________(狼__________(最危险的动物) in the world.

最聪明) of the three.

10. Usually girls are______________________________(细心) than boys.

11. Elephants are __________________(强壮) than any other animal in the world. 越来越冷).

13. Egypt is one of the______________________________(古老的国家) in the world.

14. Mike is ________________________________(高两厘米) than Bill.


II. 单项选择

( ) 1. — What are you doing?

— I’m life in the countryside.

A. think over B. thinking over C. think about D. thinking about

( ) 2. Water is very important all living things. We must ______ every drop of water.

A. for; leave B. for; keep C. to; save D. to; show

( ) 3. There were __________ animals in the forest many years ago.

A. thousand of B. thousands of C. three thousand of D. three thousands of

( ) 4. Which is of the two boys?

A. the tallest B. the taller C. taller D. tall

( ) 5. Yaoming is one of in the world.

A. best players B. the best player C. best player D. the best players

( ) 6. Our rooms are bigger than .

A. yours B. them C. their D. your’s

( ) 7. — Our teacher told us that these exercises were __________.

— Really?

A. far more easy B. much easier C. even more easy D. so easier

( ) 8. He is the tallest __________ the three.

A. in B. of C. at D. for

( ) 9. Insects __________ plants.

A. feed in B. food on C. feed on D. feed of

( ) 10. — The man in the red car __________ his father.

— Yes. I think so.

A. can be B. must C. must be D. can not

III. 情景交际


K= Katy B= Betty K: Hi, Katy speaking. B: Hi, Katy. It’ B: It’B: At five o’K: OK, see you then. B: OK, see you.


(A) 根据首字母提示补全单词,完成短文。

in the Jordan valley. It is near the city

from the north. The lake is the water is salty. Fish cannot in the winter people come to the lake. They sit in the sunshine or bath in the warm water.

(B) 根据短文内容,选择方框中所给词的适当形式填空,使文章完整正确。

Water is the


It covers most parts of the earth. It’s in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. We can swim in lakes or

rivers. I think it’and heaviest animals in the world. But now they are in because the ocean water is




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