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I have got a happy winter holiday this year. In this year, I haappy day winter holiday. In the first day, I went back to my hometown with my parents. When I got there, I saw my grandparents. Then we had lunch together. At that time, we not only had diliciousfood,we also talk about our wonderful life. We laughed and sang, it was so happy then. After lunch, I got out and found my old friends in the field. They were all taller and stronger than before. We sat down on the ground and talk about funny things. It was so interesting and fun. We also played some funny games. I have never play such a funny game since I leave my hometown for a big city. I was so happy that day.It was the happiest time in my holiday. And it was so funny.


January 15th,Sunny

As the winter vacation is drawing near, I have a plan about my vacation. I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to study harder in order to get good grades in the following term. After finishing all my homework, I'm going to enjoy myself in the sea of knowledge. Reading must be a good idea. I'm going to keep fit at the same time. I'll get up eary in the morning everyday and play sports. I really love sports. Besides that, Eating a balanced diet is also good for my health. I'm going to help my mom and dad with the housework as well in the

vacation.I'll learn to cook. As for travelling, I'm planning to go to Hainan. But whether going there or not will be decided on the weather.During the vacation,I'm going to learn more about history,as I'm really poor on it.

So you see, I'll have a terrific vacation!


It was a very busy evening, I was doing my homework at my home. My father was writing a composition in the study room. My mother was interested in Shanghai opera. She was watching a Shanghai opera contest. The apartment was very quiet. Suddenly the light went out. It was a blackout, but I liked it very much. It came and I didn’t have to do my homework. We went to the living room very slowly. After 5 minutes, we all sat in the sofa. It was a lucky, fortunate day. I said that let’s held a concert. My parents agreed with me. I took out some candles and lighted up. We were singing, laughing and talking. We had a really good time. But while I was singing, the light suddenly turned on. Oh, my God. My father went back to his room went on writing. My mother turned on the TV and said to me “Dear, do your homework!” I felt very frustrated. I sat at the desk and thought I hated light. I hoped there would be a blackout the next day. I thought I would enjoy myself more and more. I went into a dream……

Many children are always looking forward to the winter vacation; this is because during the vacation, children needn’t go to school; They can do everything they like, such as playing, watching TV, traveling, or even sleeping all the day and so on. and when winter vacation come on ,it means that spring festival will come on soon.I spent the whole day at home nearly every day, I played with my computer .I played computer games and surfed the internet. during the vacation ,I still stayed in touch with my classmates and my friends. I think I have been a potatoes mouse .During the spring festival, I visited my relatives ,and I got a lot of red bags. Even though my vacation was crazy and exciting, but I really learnt a lot. It was good for relaxing, and I am getting ready for the coming new term now. Good-bye, my winter vacation.


I like the winter holiday very much.

Though it's very short,I can enjoy the Spring Festival.

I can watch cartoon every day.

I needn't go to school frepuently.

Sometimes I can go to play with my friend outside.

With the festival coming,I can play all the time.

I can play video game with my brother.

I am good at playing PC game.

So I often beats my brother.

Then more and more relative came to my home.

We had dinner together.

It's so lively that I'am very happy.

But I still have to do my homework.

During the holiday,I learned a lot.

I love the winter holiday.


Do you want to know what I did during the winter vacation? Well, on the first week, I did my homework,surfed the Internet,played computer games and watched TV.

On the second week, I helped my parents with housework, so I did the dishes, washed lots of my parents` clothes and helped them take out the trash.

On the third week, I chatted with my girl friend on cell phone(手机) and we both had a good time.I had a happy winter holiday! So how about you?

我的寒假 My Winter Holiday

My winterholiday is coming to the end. It almost lasts a month, but I feel that I just havea week off. How time flies. I had a woderful vacation. Or I can say I had awonderful Spring Festival. The first day of my vacation, I started doing myhomework. Because I know if I didn’t work on my study now, I couldn’ t have agreat Spring Festival later on. So I made up my mind finishing my homeworkbefore Spring Festival. How wonderful the expected festival was coming. My housewas full of laugh and hapiness. My families and ralatives gave me some luckmoney and wished me make progress on my study. We also hanged out with friendson the street. When the atmosphere of Spring Festivel was fading away, theLantern Festival is coming. After that, I think I don’t have too much holiday timeleft. Two or three days later, I would go to school for my new term study. See,I was so happy that I feel I just have a week holiday.






Hello ,everybody.My name's ***,I'm from ***.It's really a fantacy place,people there are very friendly and helpful.There're also some places of interests in my hometown,I love it and hope that you can visite it someday.I was graduated from ** School/University,it's also a nice school.There're 3 people in my family,you know,my parents and I.We love each other and live a happy life.I usually play ballgames in my spare time,and I think I'm good at basketball.My dream is to play a basketball game with my idol--Kobe one day. :) So,you see,I'm really an easygoing guy(如果是女的就说gal).That's all,thank you.


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Now ,It's my turn. My name is Edgar, a high school student. I am very honored to be here to give you a speech. Also it's a good chance for me to improve my English. I hope I can make a good performance today. The topic of my speech is "After studying here".

Before I came here,I can never imagine that I can learn so much knowledge about other countries, which can't be got from my books in school. Three months ago, I took my first class. Unfortunately, I felt so embarrassed, because I even can't speak any words, though I know I really love English .

After that, I took some of my tutor's advice and previewed the lesson that I’ll learn. What’s more, In every class, I JUST try my best to say as much as possible. Now,I can only remember It's a really hard time. What’s worse, I had to go to my high school and went there at the same time. After several weeks, I began to get used to the atmosphere in web .At least I'm not afraid to speak in front of my tutor and foreign teachers.

During web’s period,I found I had improved a lot, both physically and mentally. For example, how to be a confident person, how to plan for my future. And the most important is that I have learnt how to communicate with others, which is a necessary skill. Nowadays studying is not the only thing that we high school students should do, there are some more important things we have ignored.

First, I am grateful for my parents. They have spent so much money for me, but never ask for anything in return. I really know how hard it is to work on such living conditions.

Now It's time to introduce my tutor sally. It was she that led me to the right studying here. It was she that helped me deal with all kinds of annoying things. Also there are some other teachers that I appreciate, especially Laura and Anita. Of course, I like to take foreign teachers' classes. Anyway, thanks all of you!

I know I am young; there is a long way in my life. I have to face the difficulties and solve them by myself. But i know i must keep on my dream, I agree that If you put your mind to, you can accomplish anything.

I know i'm not the best ,but i'm the most diligent one。I hope you can remember me ,an ordinary boy.



希望工程 Hope Project

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Hope Project is a Chinese public service project organized by official organization. It aims to help children go back to school, build Hope Primary School and improve rural conditions in poor regions. In many poor areas in China, there are many school age children can‟t go to school because their families do not have enough money. As a result, they have to stay at home and help their families do the farm work. We often say that knowledge changes fate. Therefore, only study can help them go to the outside world and change their lives, even change the poor condition of their hometown. Through the Hope Project, much money and books and other materials can be collected to improve the poor conditions. That makes children can share more resources to get knowledge. Besides, many people in city have a chance and channel to show their kindness. The most

important and meaningful is that they can help those children who are desperate in need.{myhope英语作文}.



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Dear Petty,

I hope you didn’t make any plane for this weekend. You know I am moving into the new house, and I sincerely invite you to come to my new house. I will hold a celebration party on Saturday night. The scenery here is fantastic that I am sure you will like it. On Saturday, you can walk around my house after you get here. The party will begin at 7:00. You can live in my house that night. On Sunday, we can go fishing or play table tennis. So please do some preparation for them. You can drive here and you will see a board “Kelly’s Home” near the road. It only takes you one hour to get here. I hope there will be nothing stopping you to come.

Yours affectionately,



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Generally speaking, life in high school is busy and fulfilling, due to the ultimate goal---College Entrance Examination. Many people say that there is no fun left but bored study and endless exercises. However, as a high school student, I can’t agree with them. Personally, I live a fruitful but happy life in high school. It can’t be denied that study is my priority that I must spend most of my time and energy on it. Sometimes, study may make me frustrated or even drive me crazy, but I still can adjust my mood to enjoy my life. Besides, I can also get sense of achievement when I do well in my study or make progress. The most important is that my friends bring much happiness to me and my parents’ care inspires me to go on. I think friends in high school are my best friend forever, because they know me a lot and witness all of my emotions. They are the persons who grow with me. In addition, teachers in high school care much about our students both in study and life, and classmates are always friendly to each other. We build deep friendship together. All of these make up my fruitful life in high school, which I will cherish forever.

童年趣事 Funny Things in Childhood

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I think childhood is the happiest period in life, because there are few troubles and worries at that time. The only thing we worry about is our study. Therefore, it‟s a time for fun and enjoyment. In my memory, my childhood was colorful and interesting. I was born in the countryside, and I didn‟t have many toys, just like other kids in my hometown. But as a creative group, we could always make a lot of toys by ourselves, which need no money at all. We could get all materials around. Toy-making process is of course very interesting. Sometimes, we might quarrel with other kids because of different ideas, but we would get on well soon. Of course, I was to blame by my parents due to my

naughtiness. Sometimes they even banned me out. However, when I remember those things now, I often feel happy rather than sad or angry. I will always cherish my childhood in my mind.



怎样与人沟通 How to Communicate With Others

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Communication is common and important in our daily life. All of us live with others in the society and no one can live cut off from it. Everyday, we must talk to others to give and get information, but how can we communicate with others? Some people claim that they don‟t know what to say and how to speak to others, strangers especially. I think first you should find a topic that both of you are interested in. Then, pay attention to your manners, speed, pitch, expressions and your body language. You should make others feel

comfortable, so that they are willing to talk to you. Last but not the least, being a good listener. Listening to others shows your respect to them. Only when they heard, they want to talk. So do you. Before you talk, listening to others first.


遵守社会公德 To Comply with Social Morality

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Social morality is an important part of our life that reflects the degree of civilization of our country. Generally speaking, social morality contains many aspects. For example, civility, which requires people behave in a becoming manner and be friendly to others. Be ready to help others telling us that give a hand to those who need help. When we help others, we can get gratification as well. Just as the old saying goes, “Roses given,

fragrance in hand.” Besides, respecting the old and cherishing the young, protecting the environment, observing law and discipline are also included in social morality. Observe social morality is the basic requirement to a man of being moral, which has positive effects that keep our society stable and harmonious. As a member of our society, we should keep these disciplines and requirements in mind, so that act as a moral people.


通讯方式的变化 The Change of Communication Methods

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With the rapid development of science and technology, communication methods of people have changed a lot. In the long history of the past, people communicated with people who were far from them only by letters, which took a very long time to get the message. In the late 19thcentury, telephone was invented, but it was not widely used. Letter is still the main method. Later, telegraph came into being and was popular, which was much faster than letter, bringing great convenience to people. As time goes by, telephones become increasingly widely used. Now, the phones has been developed as mobile phone, fixed telephone, Internet telephone and other categories, being an essential communication tools in modern information society. In addition, network communication is popular as well. A great number of people communicate with others on the Internet, such as the chat room, bbs, MSN and so on. People can make video calls that not only can hear the sound, but also can see the people you talk to. In short, there are various

communication methods in modern world, which bring great convenience to people.


参加电视节目需谨慎 Be Careful to Take Part in TV Shows

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In the modern world, it is undeniable that an increasing number of people are pay attention to the TV shows. They regard it as an indispensable part of their dreams. It has aroused wide public concern. Subsequently, a heated debate comes.


Maybe, the lure of fame is not easily resisted. In order to chase their dreams, some people give up their study unwisely. This phenomenon has drawn public attention. Many reasons can explain it. For example, the low employment rate, the desire for fame, and the most important I think is that young people want to be known to the world.


As far as I am concerned, taking part in TV shows can improve the ability to adapt to the society and broaden vision. Young people can learn many things, however, it‟s not wise to spend too much time on this. After all, study is the priority for the youth.


日记 Diary

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Today is the day of reunion of our elementary school class. We made an appointment a week ago that we would go back to our elementary school. About nine o‟clock, we all got to the school gate. The guard asked what we are going to do, and we answered that we just want to walk around in the campus. He let us enter. I felt so familiar and warm when I entered the campus. Something has changed, but many are the same. We went to the classrooms we once stayed. There were many memories in them. I could clearly remember where my seat was. Life in primary school is relaxed and interesting. We had many time to have fun, and our classmates always played together. I miss the life in primary school every much, which is the most beautiful and unforgettable memories in my mind.


《风雨哈佛路》观后感 Impression of Homeless to Harvard

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英语作文 my favourite sport (80词)

my favourite sport

I am an active girl,and I like doing sports very much.My favourite sport is swimming.I often go to swim with my good friend WangHua.She likes swimming ,too.And she is very good at it.She always swims better than me. When I am swimming in the pool, I am very happy. I look like a lovely fish in the pond. I enjoy swimming, because swimming can make me strong and healthy. It can also bring me a lot of happiness. Of course, I like watching this sport. I hope I will become a swimmer in the future.

My Beloved Grandparents

My grandparents are very special to me.They have worked hard all their lives and sacrificed a lot for my family.Not only that,but they are also special friends to me.They are easier to talk to than my parents and they are very kindto me.For example,my grandmother makes me delicious things to eat and my grandfather often takes me shopping.

In addtion,they are the leaders of my family.They are full of wisdom and know the stories of our ancestors.They are the ones

that hold our family together.As a result,I owe them a great deal,but I don't know how to repay them.All I can do is cherish them and never take them for granted.

How to Learn English Well?

Learning English is essential for each person, because English is the diplomatic, business, technology, law, finance, computer, medical, aviation, United Nations, engineering, rock music, and so on, common language.

Excellent English in career is most likely to be promoted step by step, a higher position and salary, social stream power and influence, in terms of more accomplished.

Of course, you want to study English start from the grammar, word learning, they need to constantly practice. And then, you should speak English as much as you can to practiceyour oralEnglish.

The Course I Hate Most of the Long-distance Education

The course I hate most of the long-distance education is English because I have spend much time and effort in

English every day, only to find little improvement in my English studies. I failed several times on the English tests and I lose heart in it.

As far as I’m concerned, English is very difficult to learn. I find it hard to remember English words. Secondly English grammar is quite different from Chinese grammar. The most important reason is that I have little chance to practice English in my daily life.

I don't know what I can do to improve my English. One day in the park

Last Sunday, I got up very late. After having my breakfast, I called Jack to go to park with me, and he agreed happily. We met at the gate of the park and then walked inside to play. We saw many people there. Some were doing exercise; some were reading books under the tree. There's also a very beautiful lake in the park.

It was just like a mirror. Jack and I bought two kites. The wind was so strong that we began to fly kites on the grass. We really had a very wonderful day in the park!




1、请以My Favourite Teacher 为题,从所教学科、长相等方面简单介绍一下你的老师。(不少于5句话)

My Favourite Teacher

My favourite teacher is Miss Li. She is my Chinese teacher. She is tall and young. She is kind. Sometimes she is strict. Her class is funny. I like my Chinese teacher.


My Favourite Teacher

I have a good teacher. He is Mr He. He is my PE teacher. He is tall and strong. His class is funny. He often books and ping-pong on the weekend, His favourite food is beef. Because it`s healthy. I like my PE teacher. What about you?

3、请以My Weekend 为题,写一写你平时在周末做什么。

My Weekend

I often busy on the weekend. On Saturday morning , I do my homework. I read books in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, I often listen to music. I play football with my friend. in the afternoon. I watch TV on Sunday evening. I like my weekend. What about your weekend? Can you tell me ?

4、请以My days Of the Week 为题,介绍你一周的课程或活动安排。

My days Of the Week

I go to school from Monday to Friday. I have Chinese , English, and maths every day. I like Mondays and Fridays . Because I have PE class. I can play ping-pong, I like Tuesday ,too. Because I have music. I can play the pipa. I often do homework and watch TV on the weekend. What about you?



Hi! I`m Li Ming. My favourite food is ice cream. It is sweet. I don`t like chicken. But beef is OK. Because it`s healthy. I like milk. It`s fresh. I don`t like Coke. It`s not healthy. What`s your favourite food ? Can you tell me ?


Hello! I`m Li Ming. I have salad and beef on Mondays and Fridays. Salad is my favourite food. It`s fresh. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays , I have chicken and tomatoes. On Thursdays, I have milk and fruit. Milk is my favourite drink. It`s healthy. What about you? Tell me ,please!



We`ll have an English party next week. I can play the piano for the party. Li Le can sing English songs. Ming Ming can do some kung fu for us. My good friend Yan Yan can play the pipa. We`ll have a happy party.

8、同学们, 你们房间整洁漂亮吗?请用英语介绍一下你的房间。

My Room

This is my room. It`s small,but it`s nice and clean. There is a bed, a desk and a chair. There is a photo on the wall. There is a big clock above the desk. My computer is on the desk. There are many books on the desk, too. I like my room. What about you?

9、同学们,你们的乡村美吗?都有些什么呢?请用英文简单描述一下吧。 My Village

This is my village. It`s beautiful. There are many tall buildings and some small houses. There are many mountains near my village. There are many trees on the mountains. There is a long river in front of the village. Look! There are many ducks on the river. There are many fish in the river. I like my village very much.




1. My Plan for the Spring Festival(我春节的计划)

Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. Many people will prepare many things for the Spring Festival. Now this is my plan for the Spring Festival. First, I will visit my friends and my relatives. Second, I will make a big snow man with my daughter / son and my wife / husband / friend. Third, I will stay with my parents, because I have no more time to stay with them when I am at work. This is my plan for the spring festival. I hope all of you have a good time in the Spring Festival.

2. Why I like learning English(为什么我喜欢学习英语)

Why I like learning English? First, English is very useful. English is the most widely used language in the world. If we make a visit to foreign countries or do business with foreigners, we need communicate with them in English. Second, with China becoming stronger and stronger, we have more chances to go abroad. We can know the English-speaking countries much deeper if we know English. Both China and English-speaking countries have realized the importance of the culture exchanging. Above all, English is useful and important, we must learn it well.

3.My Dream(我的梦想)

1) I have a dream from the first time I sit in a car—I want to drive. Driving is the most meaningful way to meet human being’s desire of “faster”. What’s more, driving a car can take me to any place I want whether it rains, snows, blows or not. A smooth ride in a good car is enjoyable. With rows of trees moving backward rapidly, music playing, breeze blowing, my soul flies in the air. I love this feeling very much.

2) My dream is to be an English teacher one day. Firstly, I like children very much. I would like to sing, to dance, and to play with them. Secondly, a teacher has two vacations each year. I can enjoy myself during the summer and winter holidays. Finally, I want to teach the students all I know and help them to explore their potential so that they can work better for our country in the future. In order to be a good teacher, I will train my patience, improve my handwriting, and enrich my knowledge.

In a word, I will study harder than ever to prepare for my future teaching job.

4. About Self-study(关于自学) As adult students in Chongqing TV University, self-study becomes very important. As for me, there are several pieces of tips of self-study.

First, I always make a study plan in the beginning of a new semester. Second, preview every unit before the lesson. Third, try to finish the homework after class. Fourth, go over what I have learnt in class regularly at home. Without review, you will absolutely forget what you’ve learnt as quickly as possible. So reviewing is helpful in understanding and memorizing what you’ve learnt.

5. The Job I Like(我喜欢这项工作)

I like to be a teacher. Three reasons have led me to choose this occupation. First, teaching is learning. To make my lectures more vivid and stimulating, I have to read more books, explore new knowledge and gain a better understanding of the world, which is the very thing I enjoy in my life. Second, teaching means freedom and independence. As a teacher, I’m free to use my own ideas and make my own decisions. Finally, I like teaching because it offers certain peace of mind. All in all, the reasons above make me like teaching best.

6. My Favorite TV program(我喜欢的电视节目)

The News Report has always been my favorite TV program. The News Report contains a large amount of information ranging from the international political situation to the latest football game. And the most important character is its fast pace. Because of this fast pace, news programs can contain much information in a short time. In my opinion, the News Report is more than a TV program. It is a way of communication. From this program, people can know what is happening in the world now. I especially appreciate this while watching the news.{myhope英语作文}.

7. My Family(我的家庭)

There are seven people in my family. They're my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, my two younger brothers and I. My father is a businessman. He's busy working every day. My mother is a housewife. She cooks meals, washes clothes, and teaches us lessons every day. One of my younger brothers is a junior high school student, and we go to the same school. My grandparents help my parents look after the youngest brother every day. We go to the movies every Sunday. How's your family?

8. About Television(关于电视)

Television has its good sides as well as bad ones. It makes us informed of daily news, lets us know the outside world, provides lessons for learners, and it has brought joy and interest into people’s lives.

Unfortunately, some television programs have been extremely harmful to the young. Violent movies are shown on TV programs. Children regard the murders as heroes or models, so they imitate. Therefore there happened many murders or shooting cases in American campuses. What a big harm!

So young people should learn to get ride of the bad influences of TV and learn to make use of the advantages that TV brings us.

9. My Classmates(我的同学)

Liu Kai is my classmate. He is a good student and always ready to help others. One day on his way to school, he saw a little girl crossing the road when a car nearly hit her. Just then Liu Kai rushed up to her and caught her by the arm. The little girl was saved. She told him where she lived, and he took her home. When Liu Kai hurried into the classroom, the teacher had already begun lesson. He told the teacher why he was late. He was then praised for what he had done.

10. My Favorite Book 11) The Book I Like Best(我最喜欢的书)

My favorite book is “Dream of The Red Chamber”. The book tries to tell us that there are different kinds of love, only one kind which should be considered as True Love. In our life, we should marry the true love instead of wealth and good looking. From this book, we also get to know a part of the noble people’s life in Qing Dynasty and find some life philosophies from it. So this book is very instructive to people. We should learn more from this book as well as other books.{myhope英语作文}.

12. My Favorite Food(我最喜欢的食物)

I like different kinds of foods, among them, egg is my favorite. Egg contains a lot of essential nutrients needed by the human body. Eggs are oval shaped spheres with a light brown color. Egg is the basic ingredient to many dishes, like omelet and French toast. You can easily get eggs at any supermarket, and they are sold for a very cheap price too. Besides the cheap price, egg contains lots of nutrients and is a very good source of energy. In conclusion, egg is my favorite food.

13. My Hometown(我的家乡)

My hometown is „, which is not far from Chongqing. It is a modern city. There are lots of high buildings there. Most of us live in flats because we can be close to our friends. My hometown is a beautiful city. On either side of the roads, there are some big trees and nice flowers. The roads are also very clean, which makes people happy and comfortable. The weather here is very nice. I like autumn best, for it’s neither hot nor cold but very cool. I love my hometown. Welcome to my hometown.

14. My English Study(我的英语学习)

English is always my favorite subject and I am good at English. I would like to share 4 good studying habits with you.

First, remember 20 new words, and never give up.

Second, go over grammar points I have learnt in English class regularly.

Third, read an English article in China Daily every day.

Fourth, write an English composition every week and ask teacher to revise that for me to improve the writing level.


If you do things above, I am sure your English will also be improved. 15. My Best Friend(我最好的朋友)

Linda is my best friend. She is 15 years old pretty girl with a round face and two big black eyes. She always has a smile on her face. Every morning, we go to school together. She studies quite well and she's one of the top students in our class. When I have difficulty in English, I always ask her for help. We are both interested in music. At weekends, we join the same hobby group and play the violin together. We like each other and enjoy staying together.

16. How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Studies(我的英语学习中,如何克服困难)

I have made a lot of improvements in English. The following is my way to overcome the difficulties.

Every day, I do half an hour’s morning reading to try to pronounce every word out. And I will then spend half an hour listening to English radios like BBC to correct my pronunciation. Because I have trouble in English grammar, I attend a full-time English class to study grammar. The teacher recommends me to buy a grammar book—《Advanced English Grammar》. It helps me with my English study a lot. These above are what I have done to overcome my difficulties.

17. My Study Plan我的学习计划

A new semester is coming. In order to study English well, I make a study plan. First, try to remember 20 words from the course book every day. Second, go over grammar points I have learnt in English class regularly. Third, form a habit of reading an English article in China Daily every day. Fourth, write an English composition every week and ask teacher to revise that for me to improve the writing level. Fifth, listen to English radio as often as possible to improve my listening.

18. The Chinese New Year(新年)

“New Year” is a time for good cheer. In China, men and women, boys and girls, all look forward to a happy year. It is time for rest and refreshment. Business is suspended for a time. Young fellows lay aside their school work and give themselves up to merriment and joy. Each family has its members together for reunion. Friends call on one another. Public places are filled with all kinds of cheerful people. Children with lucky money in their new clothes have a delightful time playing games. The Chinese New Year lasts about a fortnight. It gives sufficient recreation to people.

19. The Computer(电脑)

Nowadays, computers are becoming more and more popular. Computers can help different people in different ways. They can help children with lessons and homework, help students and scholars do calculations, analyze data and present the latest achievements. Furthermore, they can assist engineers and experts in the design of a mold, a bridge or a spaceship. Besides, computers can offer fun and entertainment to us with the internet games, movies, and etc. Indeed, computers have become a good companion of man.

20-1. How to Keep Healthy 20-2) How to Keep Healthy(如何保持健康)


1) Nowadays more and more people are concerned about their health, but how to keep healthy?

First, it is necessary to take some exercise every day. Research shows that getting plenty of exercise makes the heart beat faster and the lungs work harder.

Second, eat more fruits, vegetables and less meat.

Third, getting rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking is also an important way to keep healthy. Smoking and alcohol drinking injure one's health a great deal, and therefore should be given up.

2)It is obvious that we should keep fit. On one hand, good health enables you to work more attentively and enjoy your life. On the other hand, poor health will deprive you of the right to have a good time and you may lose many chances to enjoy yourself.

There are many remarkable ways to keep your health. First of all, we should exercise everyday. We can get up a little earlier in the morning to have a jog in the garden. We can also have a walk after supper. They are very helpful to our health. What’s more, we have to give up bad habits that are harmful to our health, such as smoking. Thirdly, we have to go on a diet sometimes or to have meals more regularly.

Personally, I think health is of great importance to us. So we will develop good habits to keep ourselves healthy.


21. My Plan for the National Day Holiday(我的国庆假期计划)

National Holiday is coming. There are altogether 7 days, so I need to plan it in advance. Firstly, I plan to have a good rest for the first 2 days when I can have a good sleep and don’t worry to get up late, and then do a good cleaning of the home. Secondly, I would go to Zhouzhuang, a traditional southern town with my husband for a 2 days’ trip. I hope I like it. Thirdly, I would to Chengdu by train to attend my classmate’s wedding. These above are my plans for the National Holiday.

22. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mobile Phone(移动电话的利弊)

Like everything else, mobile phones have both favorable and unfavorable aspects. First, it's useful. As a wireless mobile telephone, it's easy and handy to call wherever one goes and call the one however far away he is. Second, it's convenient. Whenever one meets trouble or something urgent, one can make a call immediately.

However, the mobile phone also has many disadvantages. First, it's expensive to buy and costly to pay the bills. Second, it's also easy to lose and costly to get it repaired. Third, it's alleged the microwaves in it might do harm to people's health.

I believe its advantages will far outweigh disadvantages soon.

23. Living in a Big Family(生活在大家庭中)

I live in a big family with 4 generations together. There are 5 people in my family. We share a 3-bedroom flat with each other. My grandparents have got retired and enjoy the love from the grandchild-me. My parents both work in a bank. I study in Chongqing University and like the college life very much.

Every weekday, we are busy with our own business. But on weekends, our whole family will gather together with Mum cooking delicious food. I love my family and enjoy living in a big family.

24. About Friendship(关于友谊)

Friendship is a kind of human relations. It is a human instinct to make friends. When in trouble, we need friends to offer us help, support and encouragement. With success achieved, we also need friends to share our joys. Friendship is one of the greatest pleasures that we can enjoy. It implies loyalty, cordiality, sympathy, affection, and readiness to help. In short, when we have established friendship, we ought to cherish and treasure it. Only thus, can we develop real friendship and keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning all our life.

25. A Day to Remember(印象深刻的一天)

It was Sunday. Our teacher Mr. Zhu led us to a park nearby. Usually we go to the park to spend our holiday. But today we went there to take part in voluntary labor.

We got there at nine o’clock. Mr. Zhu divided us into three groups and then we started working. Group One was responsible to plant trees and water flowers. Group Two were busy collecting litter left by the tourists. I was in Group Three. We went to the children’s playground and cleaned all the equipment there. We worked very hard. At about eleven we finished work. We all were tired but very happy. I will never forget the day in my memory.

26. My Teacher(我的老师)

My English teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. There is always a smile on her face.

Miss Huang likes singing. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is a good dancer, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing. Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute. Her favorite color is blue, because blue is the color of the sky and the sea.

She is my favorite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much.

27. My Hobbies(我的业余爱好)

I have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, playing the violin and keeping a diary. I like sports very much. I go running at six o'clock in the morning. After classes in the afternoon, I play table-tennis with my friends. These sports have kept me healthy.

At home, I like to sing and play the violin. I practice singing and playing the violin every day. Busy as I am, I am quite happy.

Of all my hobbies I like reading books most. In my bedroom there are nearly six hundred books. There are story books, textbooks, magazines, and others. All these books have

enriched my knowledge.

28. 你的一位外国朋友给你来信,打算到中国旅游。你给他回信,提出旅游建议。你的回信应包括下列内容: 1.接到朋友的来信; 2.你对旅游的安排计划及理由; 3.表达你希望见到朋友的心愿。

Dear Sam:

I have just received your letter and know that you are going to come to China to see me. I am really excited about it. You know I miss you so much. In your letter, you told me about your travel plan. I advise you to go to Beijing and Xi’an. There are many royal buildings in Beijing like Palace Museum, Summer Palace. Xi’an is typical of old China. There are lots of historical buildings there, especially those of Qin Dynasty.

I hope you enjoy your stay in China. I am looking forward to your coming.

Yours ever


29. My Travel Plan

选择一个你想旅游的地点,并安排旅行计划。你应包括下列内容: 1.说明你想旅游的地点;

2.说明你为什么选择这个地点; 3.描述你的旅行计划。

Dear Amy,

I plan to make a journey to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan province. It’s a beautiful place with fresh air, beautiful natural scenery like waterfall, lake and high mountains. Because many films and TV series have been made there, it is very famous. What’s more, I am very busy and exhausted this year, so I want to go for a relaxation. I plan to stay there for a week and travel with a tour group. I believe I will enjoy myself there.


Yours ever


30. 你的朋友邀请你参加他/她的生日聚会,告诉对方你不能接受他/她的邀请。你应包括下列内容: 1.告诉对方你不能接受他/她的邀请; 2.对对方的邀请表示感谢; 3.说明无法接受邀请的原因。

Dear Lisa:

Congratulations on your coming birthday. Thanks for your invitation, but I am sorry that I am afraid I am not able to attend your birthday party. You know, our company will hold an important meeting in our Paris branch to talk about the recent trouble appearing in business. I am the one who needs to make a presentation. I am terribly sorry for that. Anyway, I hope everything goes well in your birthday party. Remember to show me the pictures taken in the party when I come back from business trip.

Best regards!

Yours ever


31. 假如你是李明,遗失了一本书。你应包括下列内容: 1.书在哪里遗失的; 2.这本书对你很重要; 3.拾到者应该如何和你联系。

Dear All:

I lost a book at 5 pm on December 29th in room 210 of Wenxin Building. The title of the book is 《Advanced English Grammar》. This book is very important and helpful to me, for I am bad at grammar. The final examination is getting nearer and nearer and I am worried about my English exam very much. Anyone who finds the book please contact Li Ming on 13774336899. I will be very grateful to you and your kindness. I am looking forward to your calls.

Li Ming

32. 你应邀到一位好友家吃晚饭。事后给朋友写信表示谢意。你的信应包括下列内容: 1.表达谢意; 2.表达想回请的意愿; 3.期待朋友的光临。

Dear Amy:

Thanks for your invitation to your home last night. I enjoy the food very much. I will hold a small party to celebrate my birthday on November 12th, and I will invite a lot of friends to have dinner at my home, would you like to join us? Oh, there will also be a band to perform live music. I think it will be exciting to dance with the live music. Please be sure to come. I am looking forward to your coming.






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