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Gone With the Wind读后感

Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind are both a romance and a meditation on the changes that swept the American South in the 1860s The story happens during Civil War.

Scarlet, the daughter of a farmer was beautiful and attractive. Before the war, her life was placid. But when the war broke out, her life changed totally. Her husband died because of disease, and she became a widow. However, she was different from other women. She could not bear wearing dark clothes and staying at home all the time. Just at that time, Captain Butler came into her life. They were very similar, both treacherous and avaricious, so they soon became friends. Scarlet had to be feed the whole family, and this made her marble. Later on, Scarlet had her own factory, and was gradually disliked by many people because of her arrogance.

Captain Butler was very wealthy and charming as well. He loved Scarlet, and before long, they got married. On the other hand, Scarlet had been loved a man called Ashley for a long time, but Ashley had a wife, Melanie, who was respected by everyone, except Scarlet. Even after she got married with Butler, she still wanted Ashley.

Some time later, Scarlet and Captain Butler had a daughter. This made Butler become a kind father. But their daughter died. From then on, Scarlet and Butler quarreled much oftener than before. Otherwise, when

Scarlet met Ashley on his birthday at the factory, people saw them hugging, and this made Butler fly into a rage. Melanie fell sick and she was about to die. Scarlet talked with her beside her bed, and she suddenly realized that Melanie was her only female friend, and she loved her very much. She also realized she didn’t really love Ashley. But everything was too late. When she came back home, Captain Butler was leaving. Her tears couldn’t do any help, and she could only watch him leave.

Analysis of Major Characters Scarlett

O’Hara (In-Depth Analysis) The novels protagonist. Scarlett is a pretty, coquettish Southern belle who grows up on the Georgia plantation of Tara in the years before the Civil War. Selfish, shrewd, and vain, Scarlett inherits the strong will of her father, Gerald, but also desires to please her well-bred, genteel mother, Ellen. When hardships plague Scarlett, she shoulders the troubles of her family and friends. Scarlett’s simultaneous desire for the Southern gentleman Ashley and the opportunistic New Southerner Rhett Butler parallels the South’s struggle to cling to tradition and still survive in the new era.

Rhett Butler (In-Depth Analysis) Scarlett’s third husband, he is a dashing dangerous adventurer and scoundrel. Expelled from West Point and disowned by his prominent Charleston family, Rhett becomes an opportunistic blockade-runner during the war,

emerging as one of the only rich Southern men in Atlanta after the war. Rhett proves himself a loving father and, at times, a caring husband. Though he loves Scarlett, his pride prevents him from showing her his love, and it even leads him to brutality. Candid, humorous, and contemptuous of silly social codes, Rhett exposes hypocrisy wherever he goes. He represents postwar society, a pragmatic, fast-paced world in which the strong thrive and the weak perish.

Ashley Wilkes (In-Depth Analysis) The handsome, chivalrous, and honorable heir to the Twelve Oaks plantation near Tara. Ashley bewitches Scarlett through most of the novel. After the war, Ashley becomes resigned and sad, and he regrets not marrying Scarlett. Committed to his honor and Southern tradition, he cannot adjust to the postwar South. Ashley represents the values and nostalgia of the Old South.

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes (In-Depth Analysis) The frail, good-hearted wife of Ashley Wilkes. Melanie provokes Scarlett’s jealous hatred throughout most of the novel. After two women suffer together through the Civil War, however, a strong bond forms them. Eventually, Scarlett understands that Melanie’s unflagging love and support has been a source of strength for her. Like Ashley, Melanie embodies the values of the Old South, but in

contrast to Ashley’s futile dreaming, Melanie faces the world with quiet but powerful inner strength.

Ellen O’Hara (In-Depth Analysis) Scarlett’s mother is born in a descendent of the aristocratic Robillard family. Ellen marries Gerald and devotes herself to running Tara after her father forbids her love affair with Philippe, her cousin. Refined and compassionate, strong and firm, Ellen serves as an impossible ideal for the willful Scarlett. Even after Ellen’s death, Scarlett struggles with the competing desires to please her mother and please herself.


Scarlett manages to overcome adversity through brute strength of will. She emerges as a feminist heroine because she relies on herself alone and survives the Civil War and Reconstruction unaided. She rebuilds Tara after the Yankee invasion and works her way up in the new political order, taking care of helpless family members and friends along the way. Mitchell suggests that overcoming adversity sometimes requires ruthlessness. Scarlett becomes a cruel businesswoman and a domineering wife, willingly coarsening herself in order to succeed. Other characters succeed by exercising willpower, among them Old Miss Fontaine, who watched Indians scalp her entire family as a child and then gritted her teeth and worked to raise her own family and run a plantation. Rhett Butler also wills his way to success, although he covers up his

bullheaded willpower with a layer of ease and carelessness.

This story figured a lady who was fortitudinous. But the society made her play hard, and her personality distorted. She only cared for money, and she didn't care about other people's feeling. When she finally regretted, Butler’s patience had been replenished.


In addition, Scarlet had a tag,“ Tomorrow is another day.”This showed that she was optimistic. When Butler left her, she also said, “Tomorrow is another day.” This sentence gave her courage, and made her feel much better. Maybe we should learn this point from her. No matter how difficult our life is, just faces it optimistically, and tomorrow would be another day.

When I read out the book, my heart was full of sorrow, Scarlett was a plain girl, but what she did was not plain .She didn’t stay silent in the war time, her own world was changed by herself struggle. In fact ,many people lost what they have like Scarlett ,but they all gave up to strive for the happiness that essentially belonged to them .Scarlett have the braveness to change the old rule .What she finally have is the consequence of her own effort .Another character that I love most is Melanie ,she is so kind-hearted ,she always stand in the side of others ,in my heart ,she is the embodiment of kindness.

At last I want say maybe god wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we


the witches of pendle

Last week ,I have read ‘The witches of pendle’,this novel is talked about a story of witches.In 17th England,many people believed witches,they were all afraid of witches,bacause they can kill people by cursing.

Jennet Device ,who are the leading role in this novel,she was adopt by her mother,when she was young,her family was very poor,so everyday,Device was very cold and day ,her grandmother and mother was ill,so Device’s sister Alizon went out to find some food ,then they meet John,Alizon wanted John can ill and died because John didn’t give them money and ofen laughed at them, to ours surprise,when John went back,he was ill at once.then everyone thought Device’s family were witches,Device also thought that herseif is’t a witch but her family last,her family were sent to prison .because Device real brother told everyone a lie,so Device was sent to prison too.

After have reading this novel,I felt very sad,In that times,everything was so bad,why people can’t help and believe each other,with the development of our social,I believed that our world can be more and more harmony.




When Duncan was the king of Scotland, there was a great lord, called Macbeth. This Macbeth was a close relative of the king, and was highly

respected for his bravery in the wars. Once Macbeth and Banquo won a battle, there was a terrible moor on their way home, where they were stopped by three figures with strange appearance. They looked like women except that they had beards, and their dry skins and shabby clothes made them look not like any creatures on the earth. Then they told Macbeth some riddles that Macbeth would be given the nobility of thane of Cawdor and would be the king later, what’s more, they said Banquo’s sons would be kings in Scotland. Surprisingly, things began to happen as the witches said. And Macbeth began to believe that he would be the king of Scotland. So he and his cruel wife began to plan it.

As the king visited Macbeth to celebrate his victory of the wars, when the mid-night came, the lady Macbeth waked to plan the murder of the king. But when she approached the asleep king, she found that he looked like her father, which stopped her. And she returned to discuss with her husband, who began to hesitate as the king was fair and merciful. But he later was forced to gather his courage to the bloody murder. After he had done the murder, his wife dyed the cheeks of the servants with blood to make it seem their guilt. Next morning, the murder was discovered and after that Macbeth became the king. What’s more, Macbeth worried that Banquo’s sons would be the kings after him, so he arranged a great supper and he invited Banquo and his son. In fact, there were lots of murderers appointed by Macbeth on the way by which Banquo was to pass, in the fight, Banquo was wounded but his son Fleance escaped. After that, there were many horrible imagination in Macbeth’s head every night and he began to do many bloody things and kill many people, which set all his important nobles against him. Finally, in the battle with Macduff, he was killed by Macduff and then, Malcolm became the king which belonged to him oringinally.

This book is written by Willian Shakespeare, who was the most outstanding ideologist, writer, dramatist and poet in the Renaissance Period in Britain. He was born in a rich business family in 1564 but he dropped out when his father was broke. When he was 21, he went to work in the London Theater, and soon, he began to display on the stage and later he tried to write some scripts and poetries, some of which were famous now, for example, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant Of Venice and so on. His works are the outstanding representatives of the humanist literature, occupying a very important position in the history of world literature. His work is still popular in the world nowadays, with different cultural and political forms of performance and interpretation.

In my opinion, this story revealed the fact that people could be easily

affected by faith, ambition, humanism, and superstition. When I finished the story, I couldn’t feel sorrowful and sad for him though this story was definite as a tragedy. Macbeth was forced to change due to the excessive praise by witches and he might haven’t changed so great with such a cruel way. Before he became the king, he was also somewhat virtuous as he felt so criminal when he began to kill the king. But his wife was so aggressive and forced him to be tough and bloody. So after he became the king of Scotland, he began to slaughter so many people in order to protect his throne, which mad that many nobles left him and his final death. Most people couldn’t refuse the temptation of power, money, ect. But we’d better believe ourselves first and think all the things twice before we do it.




Macbeth, a classical tragedy written by Shakespeare, is a monumental work worthy of reading. In fact, there really exists a Macbeth in the history of Scottish. He killed Duncan, the king of Scotland, and ruled the country for seventeen years. The play Macbeth is adapted from real events. Shakespeare chooses to portray Macbeth as a usurper.

At first, Macbeth is a hero admired by almost everyone. He is a brave and capable warrior who has won numerous battles. Even king Duncan says,“ The sin of my ingratitude even now was heavy on me. Thou art so far before that swiftest wing of recompense is slow to overtake thee.” We can see from it that, at that time, Macbeth already occupies a lofty position and is second only to the king. Macbeth is ambitious but upright after so much success. However, all things changes after he encounters three witches. They predict Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor and then, king of Scotland. The prediction brings him joy but it also creates inner turmoil. From that point on, Macbeth is quite another person. He wants to be king. But he also knows Duncan is a good ruler. He is hesitating. However, with his wife’s instigation, he murders the king and comes to trone.

Macbeth’s action of killing is seemingly due to two reasons, one is the witches’ prediction, the other is his wife’s instigation. But I think the fundamental reason lies in Macbeth himself. His evil ambition leads him to kill the king. If he doesn’t want to be king, then all these words said by the witches won’t have any effect at all. Although ambition is a good thing for most of the time. It helps people achieve more and be more successful. But if we give in to our ambition and let it guide our life, then everything will loose control. Macbeth is undoubtedly a typical example. At first when he murders Duncan, he still feels guilty. But later, he kills Banquo and the Malcom family without any human emotion. Ambition has made him become a devil.

Lady Macbeth is an important person in the play. Without her, Macbeth will not have the courage to kill the king. Like her husband, she is ambitious,too. But she knows her husband better than himself does. So she incites him to usurp the throne instead of just dreaming about it. She is a man trapped in a woman’s body. To some extent, she is far more vicious than her husband. She is unscrupulous. When she has helped her husband kills the king, she says,“My hands are of your color, but I shame to wear a heart so white.”After all the deeds she has done, she is afraid. Apart from all the evil past, she also felt unhappy sometimes. Just as she says,“Naught’s had, all’s spent, where our desire is got without content. Tis safer to be that which we destroy than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.”At last, she is tortured to death by her fear. It’s fortunate that Lady Macbeth is a woman, if she is a man, with her strong desire for power, she would be more harmful to her country and cause more people to suffer.

From this play,we can see what greed brings to a man. It makes a national hero lose his sense, killing all the people that stand in the way, and in the end become a villain himself. By reading it, we realize that, ambition, if not controlled by sense, will cause endless trouble. People will go mad by their thirsty for power. In Shakespeare’s

times, even today, money and power symbolize success. There are people who will take whatever they can to become successful, even if it means sacrificing other people’s lives. If everyone does this, then the world will absolutely in chaos and disorder. Fortunately, the world is governed by laws and justice. There will always be some people who rise up to safeguard the order of the society. One day, people will understand that conscience and morality are the things that really matter. Successful person without conscience is doomed to fail.

In the play,there is a famous saying,“Fair is foul, foul is fair”. I think it means that everything is changeable. Even a person so merciless like Lady Macbeth can feel her own guilt sometimes. Macbeth is once a respected warrior, even the king has to depend on him. At the beginning of the story, Macbeth defeats the former Thane of Cawdor who was a usurper. That man later regrets what he has done before. At that time, he is no longer a devil. He has changed. But it is already too late. To reward him, king Duncan grants him the same title as Thane of Cawdor. By writing this, Shakespeare may imply that Macbeth will probably change into a usurper himself. He changes from a person of justice into a ruthless monster. Sometimes, there is not a clear boundary between the good and the evil. We should behave cautiously and be careful not to just led by our natural desire. The heaven is but one remove from the hell, people’s sense stands between them.{the,witches读后感}.

Macbeth is a great tragedy worthy of reading. Everyone can get something from it. In Shakespeare’s time, capitalism flourishes. People are money-worshiping. They rush to win all the things they wanted at the expense of other people’s rights and freedom. Shakespeare notices there phenomena, so he writes a play to warn people. The happiness received through fame and material success will not be strong enough to defeat the moral guilt. People will pay for their evil deeds.




About the author:

O. Henry, one of the short novel masters, brought new breath of American short novel so that his articles were long-standing prestigious and influenced all over the world. He observation and analysis to society and life is not deep, sometimes it is shallow. His life was not very smooth, always shared joys and sorrow with frustrated people, so he can express their complex emotions with unique way. Design of his articles is novel, language is humorous , and the ending of his short story is always beyond people’s exception. He was good at describing details and remake atmosphere, especially the night life

<Witches’ loaves>{the,witches读后感}.

Miss Martha kept the little bakery on the corner. Miss Martha was forty, her bank-book showed a credit of two thousand dollars, and she

possessed two false teeth and a sympathetic heart. Two or three times a week, a customer came in whom she began to take an interest. He was a middle-aged man, wearing spectacles and a brown beard trimmed to a careful point. He spoke English with a strong German accent. His clothes were worn and darned in places, and wrinkled and baggy in others. But he looked neat, and had very good manners. He always bought only two loaves of stale bread. From his surface, Miss Martha was sure that he was an artist and very poor and she confirmed her ides with a painting. Often when Miss Martha sat down to her chops and light rolls and jam and tea

she would sign and wish that the gentle-mannered artist might share her testy meal instead of eating his dry crust in that droughty attic. Miss Martha began to dress herself up and maintain her face. As time went by, the gentleman still bought only stale bread, and he seemed even slim down. She wanted to give him something alibility, but she did not dare affront him. One day the artist went to buy dry crust as usual. While Miss Martha was reaching for them there was a great tooting and clanging, and a fire-engine came lumbering past. The customer hurried to the door to look as anyone will. Suddenly inspired, Miss Martha seized the

opportunity. With a bread knife she made a deep slash in each of the stale loaves, instead a generous quantity of butter, and pressed the loaves tight again with agonizing mood. Before long, she heard some noisy. The artist was scolding loudly to her with resentment. Through the strang man with tha artist, she knew that her butter ruined his opus.


As other O Henry’s novels, this article is unexpected but sensible. Miss Martha considered that the poor artist can not afford any cakes, any pies and other delicious Sally Lunns. She always thought that if the artist could get the help from her, he would live much better. For this reason, Miss Martha put some butter into his loaves self-assertively. If she could communicate her thought with the artist or concerned the use of dry bread, the tragedy would not have happened. Everything before we do, must be

think carefully. Don't let the results backfire because of rash.



Impression after reading Wizard of Oz

Afterreadingthe "Wizard of Oz" ,I understand the friendliness and mutual assistance among people should unite as one. I

am not afraid of all the difficulties and move forward the truth. The wizard of oz, a beautiful and kind girltolddasey rose more adventures .The characters in this book are more iron man, dasey rose, the lion, the witch and the scarecrow, Oriental witch, north west witch, witch... Among them, Oriental witch and western witch is evil, and the north and south of the witch is good witch.

In the main text of more than Lucy gave a young girl aunt and uncle living in the Prairies. One day, the wind suddenly Vol dragon boat suddenly struck, she and her hut, a puppy with Guadao Meng Jin Renqing surprising places. Accidental death of the hut where the evil witch in the East, more than Lucy as a noble woman was magic, and access to the evil Witch of the East Bank of shoes. She wants to go home, north of good witches guide her to go to the distant country Feicui Cheng. Aoci find a magician Aoci help. Lucy has rescued more than the way the brain to find the scarecrow, tin and find the heart to find the courage of a lion„„ several in the way they help each other, overcome all difficulties, and the final realization of their own wish.

I also know a truth: people must toward their own ends forward along the way forward, through thick and hard, and finally achieve the ideal harbour. Every goal is to must pay the hard work, does not fear the difficulty, with a kind heart, and companion, help each other, unity and friendship, you think good day will come. In this book, dorothy and her friends in order to achieve the wish, does not fear the difficulty, help each other, down the enemy, friends have to achieve their wishes, dorothy in the southern end of the good witch green help, also returned to his hometown in Texas, ended the long journey. I later in life and learning to dorothy learning difficulties in life, and to find ways to solve it. In the study does not understand more, ask the teacher asked the students to more abundant, knowledge.

This fairy tale story of breathtaking twists and turns, praised the kindness, courage and the quality of fraternity and mutual help, ideal for the spirit of persistent struggle, is always worthy of our study.

Read the wizard of oz, I realized that friends are very precious. With the scarecrow, dasey rose more than iron and the lion, never met together, and then to friends together and help each other, the results achieved their desire. We are friends, we should help each other. Fr{the,witches读后感}.

iends are very rare and very important, we must cherish him, let the flower of friendship forever bloom.

Impression after reading the wizard pursuit

Today, I read a book, its name is the wizard pursuit ", it is about something about the protection of animals material.

This film gave me the influence of the great shock. From the book I know some animals on the verge of extinction still being people's kill and eat. For example: Chinese sturgeon, Asia black bear, etc. These precious animal was still part of the human to kill and eat. They think that animals are low IQ kinds, hunting, edible they are often taken for granted. But you think: suppose Chinese sturgeon, Asia black bear these precious animals extinct, people will go to kill another animal, this kind of animals extinct, butcher knife will reach another kind of animal... So a variety of animal then to have the possibility to in human whittle down extinct, until finally, the world's animals and destroyed them.

This is what a terrible consequences ah! But I think: if people don't like live according to the old, but get rid of a bad habit of before, protect the animals, people and animals live in harmony of words, perhaps the world's animals not only won't destroy again, still can add some more lifelike species!

Here, I can't help but I think some people do to protect animals - his duty. And some people did not, for example, two days before I found the street someone pushing filled with hides car, body is covered with fur coat of peddle around. Since someone to sell, must be someone to buy, since some people buy, the hunter will continue to hunt for these people buying and selling, such as the years go by buy ah, sell ah final consequence will make wild animals extinct.{the,witches读后感}.

Thought of here, I suddenly feel so with the science and technology developed modern life by the extinction and the extinct species pressure, as well as a take TuQiang, peaceful coexistence with nature of the primitive man. But all this is just a can never achieve fairy tale

Since cannot escape this problem, simply calm in the face of these difficulties and problems!

I strongly urge, please protect animals, protect ourselves only survival home!

Impression after reading Around the world in Eighty Days

———Time is money , time is money.{the,witches读后感}.

Every time I see " around the world in eighty days " will have the new harvest. I truly feel that " time is money, time is money ".

Around the world in eighty days " is a French science fiction writings of Jules Verna. The science fiction novels the heroine is Mr Falk. He and the other gentleman bet 20000 pounds. His faithful servant and he in eighty days go around the world. They put a British club as a starting point. Mr. Falk eventually won not only the wealth and my love for you. He also won the all England people praise.

Around the world in eighty days is very difficult by the relatively backward transportation. But Mr Falk did it. He filled this fabulous blank. Why? His capital is to count every minute and second. He also prepared: He targeted, planed an elaborate. Before his departure, according to the book and morning daily newspaper he published in the theoretically feasible schedule. He right developed route and planning. He used a hot air balloon and the ship. Even in the tropical rainforests of India he spent 2000 pounds to buy elephants walking. His every action saved time.

But Mr. Falk was not a selfish man. In India he saved the daughter of the natives—Ada. The two eventually agree in opinion

and married.

In this book, I admire Mr. Falk’s Cherish the time of noble character. He can do comply and persist in the end. He hopes the infinite pursuit of victory. So in our study and life we will study his spirit. We should take the time as its own life and all the wealth. We must grasp the available all the time to do something right.

In daily life, we also use every minute to do every thing like Sir Falk. We just pay the sweat and hard work, even if failed, there will be gains. Everyone will meet difficulties and setbacks. You can not discouraged. You must be calm and keep a cool head to face difficulties. We must find a good method to solve the difficulties. As long as we believe that " time is money, time is money ", we must do every thing.











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