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unit 4 Heroes among us

Unit 4

1 Who's a hero these days? In an era of heightened heroism, the

wordhero has become more common. We use hero to describe

both victimsand survivors of all kinds of difficulties and tragedies. Who are the heroes among us?

1 谁是当今的英雄? 在一个英雄主义发扬光大的时代,“英雄”一词已经变得更加常见。 我们把各种困难和悲剧的受害者和并存者都称为“英雄”。 那么,我们身边哪些人是英雄呢? 2 In the days subsequent to a mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, many described 20-year old political associate Daniel Hernandez as a hero.During the horrible shooting, he courageously ran through the danger to save the life of one of the victims, his boss and friend, congresswomanGabrielle

Giffords. Daniel held her head up so she could breathe and applied pressure to her wounds. He spoke tender words of sympathy,telling her that he would find her husband and her parents and that everything would be fine. And he never left her side, staying beside her in the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

2 在亚利桑那州图森市枪击案发生后的日子里,许多人都把20岁的政界同事丹尼尔•赫尔南德兹描述为英雄。在骇人的枪击案发生时,他勇敢地冒着危险,去救助受害者乊一、也是他的上司和朋友的加布里埃尔•吉福德议员。 丹尼尔把她的头托高,便于她呼吸,幵用力摁住她的伤口。 他用温柔体贴的话语安慰她,告诉她他会把她的丈夫和父母找来,告诉她一切都会好的。 而且,他一直守护在她身边,在去医院的路上,他也一直在救护车里陪伴在她身旁。

3 Another hero from the mass shooting in Tucson was Dory Stoddard.Dory gave his life for his wife, Mavy. Dory and his wife had been friends since childhood and when Dory heard shots ring out he immediately fell on top of

his wife to shield her from the hail of bullets. At the memorial service, the priest said: "Dory didn't die a hero; he lived a hero." Long known for his remarkable spirit and love of humanity, Dory Stoddard died as he had always lived, assisting others.

3 图森枪击事件中的另一位英雄是多利•斯托达德。 多利为保护妻子梅维献出了自己的生命。 多利和他的妻子自小青梅竹马。一听到枪声,多利马上扑在妻子身上为她挡住扫射过来的子弹。 在葬礼仪式上,牧师说道:“多利一生英雄,非死才为英雄。” 多利•斯托达德一直以来以精神高尚、富有爱心而为大家所熟知,他至死也同他生前一样在帮助他人。 4 These are civilian heroes, who acted instinctively with courage

andgrace when caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

5 But what about first responders, whose job is, in the words of the widow of a fallen police officer, to "rush toward danger"? 4 这些都是平民英雄。他们在特别危急的情况下,本能地做出勇敢而高尚的举动。

5 但是,那些应急救援人员是否也算是英雄呢?用一位已故警官遗孀的话来说,他们的工作就是“迎着危险上”。

6 In Toronto, Canada, downtown life stopped when more than 11,000 police and other emergency responders marched solemnly through the streets to honor Sergeant Ryan Russell, a 35-year-old "good man and good cop", who believed deeply in his commitment to protect and serve. Sgt.Russell moved quickly to protect others from harm. He tried to stop a drunk driver in a stolen snowplow with only his policeautomobile and his goodwill to help

others. Sadly, Sgt.Russell was unable to stop the drunk driver and was killed in the effort. 6 在加拿大多伦多市,11,000多名警察和其他应急救援人员肃穆地在大街上游行,纪念一位具有高度保护和服务意识的“好男人和好警察”、35岁的瑞安•罗素警佐。当时整个市中心的其他活动都停止了。 罗素警佐迅速采取行动,保护他人免受伤害。 他仅凭着一辆警车和

一颗帮助他人的善良的心,试图挡住一辆醉驾司机驾驶的偷来的扫雪车。 不并的是,他没能拦住醉驾司机,不并牺牲。

7 It used to be that the word hero was reserved for those who performed acts of distinct courage beyond the call of duty. A soldier who runs through gunfire to rescue other military personnel is seen as a hero. So are

larger-than-life leaders such as Nelson Mandela, who emerged after 27 years of jail, confined in a solitary chamber. He made the choice not to be bitter, and worked hard as South Africa's first black president

to establish harmony and helped society reconcile itsconflicted past.

7 在过去,“英雄”一词仅限于称呼那些做出超乎职责范围的特别英勇的行为的人们。 一位战士冒着枪林弹雨去抢救其他战友,他被看作英雄。 同样,超凡卓越的具有传奇色彩的领袖人物也是英雄,比如纳尔逊•曼德拉。被囚禁于单人牢房27年后,曼德拉终于摆脱了牢狱生活。他没有抱怨,作为南非的第一位黑人总统,他努力奋斗,致力于创建和谐国家,促迚社会化解以往的矛盾。

8 But today, our heroes are average men and women, "everyday heroes" to whom we can relate, people like us.

8 但是今天,我们的英雄是平凡的男男女女,他们是我们看得见、摸得着的“平民英雄”,是和我们一样的普通人。

9 However, while many people honor Sgt.Russell, some people raise this question when they try to make sense of a tragedy like Sgt.Russell's: "Some first responders do not succeed in helping others and they get injured or die in their efforts.Do these people become heroes because of what happens to them as they try to help others — instead of what they actually make happen?"

9 虽然很多人尊重罗素警佐,但有些人在试图理解像罗素警佐这样的悲剧时提出了一个问题:“有些应急救援人员在帮助他人时没能获得成功,而自己却受伤或牺牲了。这些人不是因为他们成功帮助了别人,而是因为他们在帮助别人时所遭遇的不并才成为英雄的吗?”

10 I asked road safety advocate Eleanor McMahon whether she thought Sgt.Russell was a hero. Ms. McMahon's late husband, a police officer, was killed by a drunk truck driver in a 2006 off-duty bicycling accident. Through grief and rage, Ms. McMahon founded Share the Road, a cycling association, and worked tirelessly until the government established "Greg's

Law", legislation that gave authority to police to immediately seize the automobiles of drunk drivers caught on the road.

10 我问道路交通安全倡导者埃莉诺•麦克玛农,她是否认为罗素警官是位英雄。 麦克玛农女士的已故丈夫曾是一名警官,2006年的一天,他未当班,却在骑车时因一名醉驾卡车司机肇事而丧生。 在悲伤和愤怒中,麦克玛农女士创立了“道路共享单车联合会”,一个自行车协会。她不懈地努力,直到政府颁布了格雷格法案,授予警察在路上一旦发现醉驾司机就当场予以扣留车辆的权力。

11 Ms. McMahon replied that she thought Sgt.Russell was indeed a

hero. "Just imagine, in the middle of an intense snowstorm this policeman thinks: I've got to stop this snowplow before it hurts others."Ms. McMahon summed up why she considered many police officers to be heroes: "It's natural to be afraid of danger. It's natural for that fear to cause most people to rush toward safety and away from danger. Heroes do just the opposite. They rush toward danger to help those in need."

11 麦克玛农女士回答说,她认为罗素警官确实是英雄。“想象一下,在狂风暴雪中,这位警官想道:我必须挡住这辆扫雪车,不让它伤及他人。” 麦克玛农女士概括了为什么她认为许多警官都是英雄的原因:“害怕危险是正常的。大多数人因害怕危险而奔向安全乊处躲避危险,这也是正常的。而英雄则恰恰相反。他们迎着危险上,为的是帮助需要帮助的人。” 12 We count on first responders to rush toward danger, especially when it involves us or those we love. We expect nothing less. So when one of them

dies doing that, we should recognize the heroic action even though we may doubt our own capacity to be heroic ourselves.

12 我们指望应急救援人员冲向危险,尤其是当我们或我们所爱的人身处险境时。 这正是我们对应急救援人员的期望。 所以,当他们中的一位因冲向危险而遭遇不并时,我们应认可他们的英勇行为,哪怕我们可能怀疑自己是否具有这样的勇气。

13 The inspiring stories of heroes help remind us that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, whether it is in the fulfillment of their duties or as part of everyday life. We honor the fireman, the policeman, and the average citizen by recognizing their heroism. Perhaps, even more importantly, we honor them by working to change the circumstances that led to their death. By honoring them we can be inspired by them.Will we be heroes when circumstances call on us to act heroically?Hopefully, we will! 13 英雄们激励人心的事迹有助于提醒我们,平凡的人也可以做出不平凡的事,不管是履行职责,还是在日常生活中。 我们向消防员、警察和普通平民致敬,赞扬其大无畏的精神。 也许,甚至更为重要的是,我们要通过改变让他们遭遇不并的环境来向他们致敬。 通过缅怀他们,我们可以从中得到鼓舞。 一旦有情况召唤我们挺身而出时,我们会当英雄吗? 但愿我们会!


• Zheng He was the most famous maritime explorer in Chinese history. In 1405 AD, the ruler of the Ming Dynasty sent Zheng He on a voyage to the Western Seas in order to strengthen border defense and develop trade by sea. In the following 28 years, Zheng He led his fleet, made seven voyages to the Western Seas with over 100,000 crew members in total, and visited more than 30 countries and regions The fleet traveled far into South Asia and West Asia, and made all way to the continent of Africa. Zheng He’s voyages to the Western Seas were a great feet in the world’s navigation history. It showed Zheng He’s outstanding navigation and organization talents; meanwhile, it exhibited the national strength and prestige of the Ming Dynasty, and strengthened the



Forever Hero

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; you raise me up, to walk on

stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; you raise me up, to more than I can be.” Whenever I hear this song, my heart is softened by the touching lyrics with the brain pouring out the continuous memories about him who is always my hero in my mind.

I sincerely respect you, admire you and love you, my dear father, no matter today or yesterday.

It seems as if it had happened yesterday. At that time I could hardly reach your elbow and you always held my hand tightly when going outside; at that time you were a man with black hair and strong muscle and you always raised me up in the sea of people, letting me sit on your shoulders and enjoy the shows. In the morning, I preferred leaning on your warm back while you were driving me to school by motorbike; at night, you always accompanied me, telling the fairy tales until I fell asleep because of my fear of darkness. I realized that you were my hero who gave me a sense of security and provided me a healthy and happy growing environment.

Time flies without notice. Gradually, my head can reach your shoulders and I become so heavy that you can’t raise me up anymore. Your hair is greying and the relentless wrinkles appear on your face. There is also a spare tire around your waist. However, you are still the hero in my heart. Every time I feel upset, disappointed and heart-broken, you are always the first one to discover and console me with cold jests; every time I am ambitious to do something, you always encourage me and support me unconditionally; every time I do the wrong things, you instruct me patiently and persuade me with your own experiences. I believe that even if I fail and lose numerous things, you are still my harbor, my refuge, my hero, the one who never gives me up.

My today depends on your yesterday, so I hope I can reward you a bright tomorrow. I am longing that I can be my hero’s hero.




我最喜欢的颜色 The Color I Love Best

Of all the colors, I love white best. White is the color of snow and cloud. Snow in winter is clean,pure and holy. When it is melted, it moistens everything and the whole earth. White clouds are hanging on the blue sky. We can dream a lot on such a nice day. White is a color of purity and calmness. It can make a harmony picture with any other colors. This is white, a selfless color. 在所有的颜色中,我最喜欢白色。雪和白云都是白色的。冬天的雪是干净、纯洁和神圣的。在她融化的时候,湿润了大地和万物; 白云高高悬挂于蓝天之上。在如此好的天气下,我们会有很多要实现的梦想。 白色是一种纯洁和淡静的颜色。她能使任何颜色画变的和谐。这就是白色,一种无私的颜色!

幸福的家庭 A Happy Family

Last year my father lost his job. At that time my parents felt a bit sad. I encouraged my father and said I was old enough and could do something to help. In order to help my parents, I took a part time job on weekends in the KFC near my home.

Luckily, it didn't take long time for my father to find a new job in a company. With the money I earned through working I bought a pair of new shoes for my father to celebrate the good news. My parents were deeply moved. I said, "We are a happy family whether we are rich or poor.


My favourite colour



There're many different kinds of colour in the world, such as white, blue, orange, red, and so on. But my favourite colour is green.


I think green is the most beautiful colour. Do you know why? Because green is the colour of life. Do you think so?

我认为绿色是最美丽的颜色。你知道为什么吗?因为绿色是生命的颜色。你觉得呢? As you know, most alive plants are green, like grass and trees. Green is good for our eyes, too. When your eyes are very tired, you will watch the green trees or

green grass, they can help you to relax your eyes. And I think green is the nature colour, I love nature things.


Can you tell me what your favourite colour is?


My Favourite Writer


Guo Jingming is a famous writer in China. I think all the students have known him. He is also my favourite writer. He was born in 1983. He has published many books, such as "Visionary"," The Summer Still Doesn't Come"…These books are very touching.


I often cry and shed bitter tears while I am reading his books. I thought he was a pessimistic person but now I think he is sensational person. He doesn't want to grow up judged by this. I think he is pure and naive. Although he is a writer, he studies well.


I admire him very much. His words are common, but they make people feel quite close to him. I hope he can write better articles and I want to be a writer like him when I grow up.


I like history lesson


Which lesson do you like most? I think different person has different answer. As for me the answer is definite history. I like history since I am very little when my

grandma told me the stories of the great historic person such as Chairman Mao, Yuefei, Simaguang.


Some people maybe think that history is boring and hard because it has so much persons and accidents to remember. But I am very interested in it. All the people and accidents are just like the heroes in the stories that grandma told me. And reading history is just like making friend with them. Is it hard to remmenber your friend?


Some people think that history is the past and it is useless to daily life. I don't think so. Looking into past may help us to understand future better. History is a good teacher for us to let us know which is right and which is wrong and help us to live a happy life.


We all can benefit from history,so I like it.


MP3 and MP4 Among Students


Mp3 and Mp4 are quite popular among us students now. Some teachers and parents are worried about this. They think listening to Mp3 and Mp4 can get in the way of school work, because some of us only use them to listen to music or watch movies. Some even bring Mp3 and Mp4 to school and listen to them in class.


I often listen to Mp3, too. We should use Mp3 and Mp4 not only for having fun, but also for English learning. If we listen to them after we have finished our homework, this will make teachers, parents and us students happy. What do you think?


The Internet


The Internet is very useful in our daily life. We can use the Internet to send e-mails to friends and talk with friends online. The Internet is also used for downloading information.


However, some of us only use the Internet to play computer games. Playing computer games can make us relaxed, but playing computer games too much is bad for our studies and heart. The Internet can both help us and hurt us. We should be careful when we enjoy the Internet.


My favorite flower


I like jasmine not because it has stunning beauty, but because it gives off elegance and fragrance. Such plain beauty is the right thing to characterize Chinese culture. Never showing off, it stands out strikingly among much more colorful peers.

我喜欢茉莉花不是因为它有惊人的美丽,而是因为它散发出来的香气和优雅。这样质朴的美丽很好的表达了中国文化的特点。从不炫耀,(使)它在非常多亮眼的花朵里脱颖而出。 The fascination is brought home by American saxophone player Kennedy G.Kennedy G's solo presenting jasmine in the form of popular music.


A new recommendation of Chinese tourism


As a highly profitable industry, tourism needs to develop new items of interest. 旅游业作为一个高盈利的产业,需要发展新的盈利项目。

My suggestion is landscape plus Chinese calligraphy. I think it's quite potential for two reasons. The first is that Chinese calligraphy is an art which is so

naturally and nicely incorporated with China's abundant resources of landscape. The second reason is that Chinese calligraphy has such fascination for foreign tourists especially westerners.

我的建议是风景加中国书法。我认为有两个原因(证明)它非常有可能(实现)的。第一个(原因)就是中国书法是一门艺术,它是很自然地,并且与中国丰富的风景资源很美妙地结合在一起。第二个原因就是中国书法对外国游客特别是西方人来说具有非常大的魅力。 Imagine a scenery spot displaying artists' masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy! Such blend can nowhere be enjoyed outside of China.


How to show your best?


Showing one's best is essentially different from showing off. It is a quality not everybody can be good at.


In order to show your best, you are advised to do three things. First, you should equip yourself with the knowledge you can acquire. Only thus can you be

confident of yourself. Second in importance is a good command of verbal skills. This is how effectively you will be able to make yourself convincing. My last advice is modesty. Don't let others suspect you are being arrogant and showing off.












Ladies and gentlemen:

We are glad to have such a good chance to visit Hong Kong with our hero Yang Uwei. And I'll take this opportunity to introduce Yang Liwei to all. Mr Yang was born in Suizhong, Liaoning Province. Mr Yang has a happy family, he and his wife with his 8-year-old son. He used to be an excellent pilot with an experience of 1350 hour s flight. Many years ago he had a dream, that is to step on the moon. We are sure that his dream will come true. Yang Liwei is the first astronaut who flew in space in China. We are proud of him!

That s all. Thank you!




赞成的理由 反对的理由

1.广交朋友 1.浪费时间

2.可自由表达思想 2.影响学习

3.有利于外语学习 3.可能上当受骗




Should students make friends on line? Some people say yes. Internet helps people make many friends. Chatting on line, students can express more freely their feelings and opinions, and even get help for their foreign language studies.

Others, however, think students should not. They say making friends on line is a waste of time, which should be spent more meaningfully on study. Besides, some students get cheated on line.

It is my opinion that students should place their study, health and safety before other things. As for friendship, we can readily find it in our classmates and other people around us.

据报道,从2011年开始韩国除了向所有小学和初高中学生发放纸质的语文、英语、数学教科书之外,同时还将发放光盘形式的电子教科书。这表明,在韩国,电子图书即将走进寻常百姓家。某英文论坛发起了一次主题为“E-Books, Good or Bad?”的讨论,请你写一篇80词左右的短文,表达你对这件事情的看法。 参考范文:

E-Books Are Good

It’s reported that school students in Korea will use e-books from 2011. What good news this is! E-books have many advantages.

Most importantly, they are good for the environment, since they can save lots of paper and trees. Besides, they are very convenient. To get{heroes英语作文}.

a paper book, one has to spend a lot of time searching for it in a bookshop. But we can find e-books very quickly on the computer.


In short, e-books can help us enjoy our life more.

2011年初,我国南方大部分地区遭受冻雨(freezing rain),特别是贵州、湖南和四川,灾情失分严重。公路、铁路、机场都被迫关闭,电网瘫痪。冻灾致使贵州40万人饮水难,四川两电厂停运。部分山区人民生活异常困难,在各级政府的带领下,人民群众、解放军战士英勇抗击冰灾,涌现出大批可歌可泣的英雄事迹。作为一名中学生,你有何感想?有何打算?能不能改变这种状态?


As we know, our country suffered heavy ice early 2011. Everything was covered with freezing rain. Guizhou, Hunan and Sichuan suffered the most. It caused the buses, trains and planes stop service. The disaster destroyed power facilities, cutting power supplies in many areas. As a result, huge economic loss was caused. Many people could not work and live normally. There was no food, water or light in some places. Our government called on people to fight against heavy snow. As a student, I think we should learn from those heroes. We must study hard at school. We should learn all kinds of knowledge to make our motherland stronger, better and richer.

许多学习生活中的烦恼都会使人产生压力,为了更好地发现及解决同学们中存在的心理压力问题,你们班特意开展了一次以"Less Pressure, Better Life"为主题的英语演讲比赛,请你准备发言稿,谈谈你的一些缓解压力的好办法,与同学分享,内容包括:

●同学们中普遍存在的压力是什么; ●我的压力是什么;




Less Pressure, Better Life

Hello, boys and girls!

Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world. Students in our class are under too much pressure. „„

That’s all. Thank you!


Less Pressure, Better Life

Hello, boys and girls!

Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world. Students in our class are under too much pressure. Some students can’t get on well with their classmates, while others may worry about their exams.

I’m always under pressure, too. My parents want me to be the top student in class. So they send me to all kinds of training classes at weekends.{heroes英语作文}.

Last Monday evening, I had a talk with my mother. I told her I was not lazy. I really felt tired. I needed time to relax. My mother agreed with me at last. So I think a conversation with parents is necessary to solve the problem.

That’s all. Thank you!

随着互联网的发展和普及,网络购物在中国也变得越来越普遍了,甚至已经成了我们日常生活的一部分了;相信同学们身边一定有不少同学已经通过网络进行购物了,比如*****网,京东商城等;但是网络购物究竟有何利弊呢? 请写一篇短文,谈谈网上购物的好处与坏处。


We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of internet shopping these days. Some students think it's very convenient for us to go shopping on the internet. The shops on Internet ,for example, are open for almost 24 hours a day, so we can buy something we want at any time if we like. What's more, we needn't to wait in a queue.

However, some students disagreed with them. We can't see the things while we are shopping. So we are not sure whether they are good or not.. Besides, we can't enjoy the happiness of shopping with our friends.


1.节水节电; 2.垃圾分类; 3.少用纸巾,重拾手帕; 4.步行,骑自行车或乘坐公交车。

参考词汇:低碳low carbon 纸巾tissue



Dear Jack,

Thank you for your letter asking about our discussion on low carbon lifestyle. Here is something about it.

We can do a lot in our daily life to achieve the goal of living low carbon life. First, we’d better turn off lights if possible and spend less time watching TV or surfing the Internet. Saving water also matters much. Besides, we should sort out the rubbish, hoping that we might recycle some, which will surely benefit us a great deal. In addition, we suggest using handkerchiefs instead of tissues so that we can prevent more trees from being cut down. More importantly, when we go out, walking, riding bikes or taking buses should be our first choice, which contributes to a cleaner world.


郎郎是当今世界最杰出的(outstanding)钢琴家之一,被誉为(name as)"一位改变世界的青年"。请根据下表中的信息并以"Lang Lang-A Well-know Pianist"为题,写一篇80个词左右的简介。


Lang Lang -A Well-known Pianist


Lang Lang, born in Shenyang in 1982, began to play the piano when he was 3. From 1987 to 1995 he took part in a lot of piano competitions and won all the first prizes. In 1996, Lang went to America to continue his study. At the age of 18, he began to show his unusual talent for understanding (to understand) music. In 2005, he was invited to have a concert at the White House.

Lang has become one of today's most outstanding pianists in the world, and is named as "A young people changing the world".


参考词汇:discussion, protect the environment, be caused by, ordinary people, instead of driving cars, use plastic bags, cut down on, recycle, natural food, save energy, reduce pollutions


Our class had a discussion about protecting the environment. Here is my opinion. I think the environment is one of our biggest worries. It was found out that a lot of air pollution is actually caused by ordinary people, not just by big factories. There are so many things each one of us can do every day. It's best for people to take buses or walk instead of driving cars. We should stop to use plastic bags for shopping. We can cut down on waste, recycle trash and eat more natural food. In these ways we can save energy and reduce pollutions.





1.Our school(我们的学校){heroes英语作文}.

Our school Our school is located at the centre of Beijing, It is one of the largest schools in the city with over 2,000 students and about 200 teachers. Our school subjects include politics, Chinese, English, maths, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology and so on. Most of us pay great attention to the study of English,Chinese and maths because they are very important subjects in the university entrance exam. We take special interest in English. We have spent much time on it, but we still find it difficult to learn the language well. In the afternoon when class is over, we fenjoy staying at school for about one hour for some physical exercises before leaving for home.



2.地球是我们的好朋友(The Earth Is Our Good Friend)

The earth is our home. We have only one earth. So we should love and take good care of her.

Being good friends of the earth, we should help to keep our earth clean. People have lived on the earth for millions of years. The earth was clean many years ago. But now the pollution is so serious that our earth is becoming dirtier

and dirtier. So we must help to fight pollution so as to make our earth clean. Factories must make the waste water

clean before they let it out. Cars and buses must use a new kind of fuel which doesn’t pollute the air.Being good

friends of the earth, we should live together with the animals and plants in a friendly way. We mustn’t cut down forests. We should plant more trees in order to make the air fresh and clean.{heroes英语作文}.

We must stop killing animals. Our earth is a beautiful planet. We should try our best to make it more beautiful.

3.建设节约型社会(Building a conservation-minded society) Dear fellow students,

Our government is aiming to build a “conservation-oriented society” (节约型社

会). I think it is every citizen's duty to achieve this goal.

As high students, what should we do?

We should focus our attention on details around ourselves. We should form the habit of saving water, especially when we brush our teeth and wash hands, and never leave water running unnecessarily. Meanwhile, we ought to save electricity. When we leave classrooms or our homes we should make sure that the light and some electrical equipments have been turned off. Do never make the light on in the daytime if unnecessary. We should also save our every piece

of paper as well as other writing materials. What's more, we should offer to recommend our relatives and friends as well as our parents to save energy.

Dear fellow students, let's start right now, and spare no effort to do every little bit from every detail on!


1. 计算机给我们的世界带来了许多变化。

2. 计算机的功能。

3. 计算机将永远不能代替人。 Computers have brought about many changes in our world. With the devek,pment of science and technology, the use of eleclronic computers is growing year by year in various fields of man' s activities. They have been of great help in scietific rescarch and engi neering They can do at a very high speed the calculations too complicated for a man to do in a few days or even in a few years. 计算机给我们的世界带来了许多变化,随着科学技术的发展,计算机在人类活动的各个领域中的使用年年增长,计算机对科学研究和工程学帮助很大,它们能以很快的速度运算,这些运算很复杂,要用人工运算需要几天甚至是几年。 Once it is given a plogram, a computer can operate automatically at a high speed. Not only can the computer gather call aim store them as fast as they are gathered and can pour them our whenever they are needed.一旦设计出程序,计算机可以以极高的速度自动运算。计算机不但可以搜集资料,而且可以贮存资料,不管什么时候需要这些资料都可以调出来。 However, computers are not replacing us. Even though computers are taking over some of the tasks their were once accomplished by our own brains, they are nothing but machines. They will never take the place of man.但是计算机不会代替人。尽管计算机正在接替一度用我们自己的大脑去完成的工作,但是它们只不过是机器而已,它们决不会代替人。

5.在你心目中,什么才是美?(What is beauty in your mind?)

Everyone admires beauty. Everyone has his own standard about beauty.

Nowadays some people tend to think that they own beauty i

f they have a good looking. They are not satisfied with their appearance. They spend much money taking a kind of operation. Can beauty really be man-made?If so,everybody can

get beauty. As a result,there is no beauty at all.The appearance is given by our parents and is unique in the world. Everyone should value it. I would rather nature as the standard of beauty. Just accept yourself,accept everything

the god gives to you,and create the beautiful life belonging to you.

Many heroes don't have beautiful surface. However,their beautiful images often come to our minds. Their beauty comes from their contributions to the society.Don't be eager to judge whether a person is beautiful or not without a thorough understanding of him. A beautiful person is not the one with a good looking,but with a broad and kind heart.

Good looking is pleasant while spiritual beauty is more important. As an old saying goes,"Virtue is fairer than beauty. "If you have a kind heart,you own real beauty. 6.英语作文MP3 and MP4 of students 学生的mp3和mp4


Mp3 and Mp4 are quite popular among us students now. Some teachers and parents are worried about this. They think listening to Mp3 and Mp4 can get in the way of school work, because some of us only use them to listen to music or

watch movies. Some even bring Mp3 and Mp4 to school and listen to them in class.

I often listen to Mp3, too. We should use Mp3 and Mp4 not only for having fun, but also for English learning. If w

e listen to them after we have finished our homework. This will make teachers, parents and us students happy. What do you think?

7.拯救我们的城市(Saving our city)

拯救我们的城市(Saving our city) 在世界环保日到来前夕,联合国教科文组织就如何处理城市垃圾向世界中学生征文。请你根据下列提示,以“Saving our city”为题,写一篇100词左右的短文。文章的第一句已经为你写好。








It is important to deal with the rubbish in cities... Saving Our City It is important to deal with the rubbish in cities. Rubbish must be treated properly. Otherwise it may cause a lot of problems. It may pollute the air and water. When people breathe the polluted air or drink the polluted water, they may get iii.处理城市垃圾非常重要。垃圾必须被合理地处理,否则,它会带来很多问题,它可能会污染空气和水。当人们呼吸这些被污染了的空气、饮用这些污水时,他们或许会染上疾病。

Our city has begun to pay attention to the problem. As far as I know, some rubbish is sorted and sent to different factories. Rubbish,such as old newspapers and glass, is





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