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About Wade

I like play basketball, my favorate basketball player is Dwyane Wade who is a super star in NBA. Not only do I like his skills and style , but also his personality.

Yes, Wade plays basketball like painting pictures, he is full of passion when he stands on the piayground ,at the same time,he is agreessive, sometimes, even hell-bent. The morecritical moment, he is more calm , he never give up, this is because he is keen on victory, and there is few player who is able to defend him successfully.

However, there is a difference Wade in life, he is a modest and grateful man, he has no gossip and never talk big, besides ,he donates 20 percentage of his salary to charity foundation every year, and he also takes a look at the local orphans and spends Christmas with kids.

To be most important, he is a good father and husband,he would spend much time in taking care of his two sons andaccompanying his wife, although he is really busy. of course,he is also fashion, to my surprise, he is one of mostfifty beautiful man in the USA, so does his wife.

I like him so much, when I meet diffficulty,I would think of Wade,I learn from him in every aspect, I have never

meet him, but he give me the mysterious force. Come On! Wade!


高考英语作文 人物传记

高考英语作文 人物传记


时态:一般过去时/ 一般现在时

内容:(1). 出生年月

(2). 主要经历

(3). 事迹或成就

(4). 影响, 评价

一. 常用词汇


Player, pop singer, movie star, actor/ actress, writer, hero, scientist ...

During, graduate, come from, be born in, die of/ from, make money, make a living, be interested in, try one’s best to do, live a rich/ poor / colorful life, with the help of...

2. 影响评价

Be famous / well known as / for/ to, be popular with, win the prize, strong will (坚强的意志)/ diligent ,hard-working, admire,be impressed by/ with ,set an example to sb.

3. 常用句型

(1). He was born on September 18, 1957 in a little village of China./ Moyan, who is a great writer born on... and popular

with Chinese people.

(2). He is famous/ well-known as a writer. / His name is

popular among Chinese./ He is popular with Chinese people.

(3). We are deeply impressed with/ by his great works, such as...

(4). There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest scientists in history.

(5). The spirit will live in our hearts forever./ All of the world will remember him forever.{人物传记英语作文80字}.

(6). He set an excellent example to all of us.

4. 实文操练 安徒生(Hans Christian Andersen)

1805年4月2日生于丹麦,父亲是个穷鞋匠于1816年病故,母亲是洗衣工。安徒生从小就为贫困所折磨,没有受过正规教育。少年时代即对舞台发生兴趣,幻想当一名歌唱家、演员或剧作家。1819年开始学习写作,安徒生文学生涯始于1822年,早期主要撰写诗歌和剧本。出名代表作《丑小鸭》The Ugly Duckling《卖火柴的小女孩》The Little Match Girl。1872年因患癌症去世,近40年间,共计写了童话168篇!安徒生,被尊为现代童话之父。他不畏贫穷,以顽强的毅力,克服了种种困难,他的精神值得我们学习。







Our English Teacher

Do you know our English teacher? Look! There is a young man standing over there. He isn't tall, and looks very thin. Who is he? He is our English teacher. His name is Sun Feng.

Our teacher is strict not only with himself but also with us. We all like him, because he is a good teacher and often helps us with our English.

My classmate Wang Haiyan was not good at Eng-lish at first. He often thought: “My

English is poor, what can I do?” Mr Sun knew it and said to him: “Don't be disappointed, keep up with your classmates! I believe, you can. ” With the help of our teacher, he decided to catch up with his classmates. So he began to put his heart into English and did better in English. At last, he took part in the English contest and got a prize.

Our English teacher works hard and he is as busy as a bee. He often prepares lessons and studies until late at night. In Grade three, we often have tests and have more English homework. Mr Sun always goes over it carefully.

Mr Sun gets on well with us. He likes singing very much. One day before classes began, he said to us: “Now, let me teach you an English song. ”

We all like our English teacher. He is not only teacher but also our good friend. Don't you think so?

Zheng leaps into history

In the winter of 1953, a powerful jump from a Chinese woman attracted world attention. Twenty-year-old Chinese athlete Zheng Fengrong shattered the women's high jump world record with a leap of 1.77 metres in a Beijing athletic meet on November 17, 1957.

The new record, the first women's world record for the People's Republic of China, was one centimetre higher than the old mark held by American Mildred McDaniel .

The jump also made Zheng the first Asian athlete to break a world track and field record since 1936.

The record jump, although by a tiny margin, was described by the foreign media as “an explosive jump” because it generated China's first athletic world record.{人物传记英语作文80字}.

Dubbed “ a spring swallow (燕子) awakening (唤醒了)Chinese sports, ” Zheng sent a message to the world that China was Nolonger the “sick man of the East. ”

Born in the spring city of Jinan, Shandong Province, Zheng, who stands at 1.70 metres, has a good physique and a skillful scissor----sharp jump which was seldom seen among top jumpers in the world.

She once leapt 1.78 metres, a national record in 1963.

She claimed a well-merited place in sporting history when her achievement was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (吉尼斯世界纪录) .

Due to her contribution (贡献) to athletics, Zheng was awarded a series of honours. She was named among the nation's greatest athletes (运动员) in 1984.

Rong is first world champion

When China was hungry for their first world title to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China table tennis player Rong Guotuan made their dream come true.

Rong became New China's first world champion after he won the men's singles title at the 25th World Table Tennis Championships, in former West Germany on April 5, 1959.

Before the championships, the team had pinned their gold hopes on the men's team. But their dream of a world team title was destroyed by the Hungarian team in the semifinal match, losing three games to five.

After a chain of (一系列) unexpected defeats to Chinese favoured for the title, Rong carried the heavy hopes to make a breakthrough.

Rong's rival in the final was top Hungarian paddler Ferenc Sido.

Rong was seen as an underdog for the title as he had just lost to Sido in the team contest. Even the victory flowers were being prepared for Sido.

But much to the surprise of the 8000-member audience, Rong won three straight sets with a big margin 21-12, 21-15, and 21-14 after losing the first set 19-21. Until that very moment, Rong realized the promise he made one year ago, that was to win a world championship for his motherland.

Two years later at the 26th championship for his motherland.

Two years later at the 26th championships in Beijing, Rong led the Chinese men to win the team title.

After becoming the coach(教练) of the Chinese women's team, Rong led the team to the winners' podium at the 28th championships(锦标赛)in 1965.



提示:马丁·路德·金是著名的美国黑人民权运动领袖。他1929年1月15日出生于乔治亚州亚特兰大,1951年就读于波士顿大学,1952年认识了Coretta Scott,并相爱,1953年结了婚。1954年金离开波士顿,成为阿拉巴马州蒙哥马利基督教浸礼会牧师,开始领导黑人运动。1963年成千上万的黑人来到华盛顿听他著名的演讲。1964年他获得了诺贝尔和平奖。1968年4月4日他在田纳西州孟菲斯被暗杀。(字数:120左右)



the black American civil rights movement

波士顿大学Boston University

爱上„„fall in love with


林肯纪念馆the Lincoln Memorial

诺贝尔和平奖the Nobel Peace Prize

被暗杀to be assassinated


a.歇洛克·福尔摩斯是19世纪末英国的一位著名侦探; b.他通常在警察到来之前,就把案件侦破了;

c.许多人信任他,当他们有麻烦或有危险时来求他帮忙; d.他足智多谋,帮助很多人解决了他们的私事;



福尔摩斯Sherlock Holmes

19世纪末at the end of 19th century

信任to believe in

陷入困境to be in trouble

私事personal affairs{人物传记英语作文80字}.

被怀念to be remembered

③请以Madame Curie为题,写一篇英语短文,要点如下: a.Madame Curie为世界著名的女科学家,1867年出生于波兰一个教师家庭,卒于1934年。






中学毕业to finish one's middle school

过着简朴的生活to live a simple life

科学研究the study of science

诺贝尔物理奖the Nobel Prize for physics{人物传记英语作文80字}.

成功地干to succeed in

考入巴黎大学to enter Paris University


a.保罗·罗伯逊(Paul Roberson)出生于一个贫苦的黑人家庭。 b.12岁做工,先在农场,后来在工厂。

c.他热爱音乐,虽然每天工作繁忙,但只要有空就练习唱歌。 d.有一副好嗓子。




出生于to be born

靠„„为生to make a living by doing

充分利 to make full use of

闻名于to become well-known to



 He is one of my friends.

He was born in Aug. 30th,1994 in Beijing Children's Hospital.

He is a boy with verities of personality,such as introverted, open and bright, optimistic, strong ,careful and so on ,he can express all of them very well

 He has a three—people family with many cousins aunts and uncles. Both of his parents are teachers.And they once taught in the same school.

 Dancing and singing were among his many accomplishments and His illustrious skills of playing basketball also made him famous in our junior high school .

 I learnt what is “strong” from him.

At the last the sports meeting, he entered for 1800 meters to challenge himself. As the command come out , players Galloped away just like arrows . but it didn’t past long,and he was so tired that he had to breath hard. and everybody advised him: "stop running, or you

will fall down!" But he insisted on running down, until he finally "poof" fall down. Although he failed in this game, but he annotated to us the true meaning of strong and unyielding.

I feel warm from him.

He is a warm—hearted person , and he always tries his best to help people . till now I still rember , that when we were on our school trip,I wore a pair of shoes, which are beautiful but not suitable for climbing mountains. As a result ,not only was I the last one to reach the top,but also I almost fall down from the mountain! But thanks to him,I finally got safe. During the trip, he patiently walked sometimes infront of me,sometimes next to me, when we met steepy place.,he would went first and then held my hand to went through.

 He is also a very funny person .

He seems to have magic, he can always make people all around him have a hearty laugh, not just because he's lovely smile, but also because he is so capable. How mach unhappy we even

are ,but when we think of him ,there must be a sweet smile on our face. So we often say where he is where the laghter is.

That is my friend,a humorous sunny kind and strong boy.



William Henry Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. As the principal founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is one of the most influential and richest people on the planet. Recent estimates of his wealth put it at 56 billion dollars, this is the equivalent of the combined(结合) GDP of several (几个)African economies(经济). In recent (最近的)years he has retired(退休) from working full time at Microsoft, and has instead has concentrated on working with his charitable(慈善) foundation(基础) “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”(盖茨基金会)

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1976 when he formed a contract with MITTS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) to develop a basic operating system for their new microcomputers. In the early days Bill Gates would review every line of code. He was also involved in several aspects of Microsoft’s business such as packing and sending off orders.

The big break for Microsoft came in 1980 when IBM approached them for a new BASIC operating

system for its new computers. In the early 1980s IBM was by far the leading PC manufacture. However, increasingly, there developed many IBM PC clones; (PCs developed by other companies compatible with IBM’s). Microsoft worked hard to sell its operating system to these other companies. Thus Microsoft was able to gain the dominant position of software manufacture just as the personal computer market started to boom. Since its early dominance, no other company has come close to displacing Microsoft as the dominant provider of computer operating software

Bill Gates at the age of 13 computer programming design, 18 years old were admitted to Harvard University. A year later from Harvard drop out, 1975 and friend Paul Allen founded the Microsoft company, as Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, CEO and chief software architect. Buffett said that if Gates is not selling the software but Hamburg, he will become the world's Hamburg king.


这个星球上最有影响力和最富有的人之一。最近的估计他的财富还放在560亿美元,这是几个非洲国家的GDP总和相当于。在最近几年,他已经退休了,在微软工作的全职,并已取代为集中于他的慈善基金会“比尔和梅林达盖茨基金会 比尔盖茨创立的微软在1976时,他形成了手套合同工作(微型仪器和T遥测系统)开发新的微型计算机的基本操作系统。在早期的日子里,比尔盖茨会回顾每一行代码。他也参与了微软的几个方面如包装和发送订单等业务。微软的大突破是在1980的时候,IBM接近他们的一个新的基本操作系统的新电脑。早在上世纪80年代IBM是B远领先的电脑制造。然而,越来越多的有很多发达的PC(个人电脑;由其他

公司与IBM兼容的开发)。微软努力销售其操作系统我对这些其他公司。因此,微软能够获得主导地位的软件制造,正如个人电脑市场开始繁荣。自从早期的优势,没有其他公司任何一个已经接近取代微软的电脑操作软件的主要供应商 比尔·盖茨13岁开始计算机编程设计,18岁考入哈佛大学,一年后从哈佛退学,1975年与好友保罗·艾伦一起创办了微软公司] ,比尔盖茨担任微软公司董事长、CEO和首席软件设计师。巴菲特说,如果盖茨卖的不是软件而是汉堡,他也会成为世界汉堡大王。


关于国庆节英语作文 80字左右

关于国庆节英语作文 80字左右

几篇关于国庆节英语作文 80字左右

National Day is coming,and we can have a seven-day.My family are going to Hainan.It's a good seaside city.We are staying there for a week. We are going to the beach and going swimming in the sea.We're visiting Tianya Haijiao,Wanquan River and many other beautiful places.I think we'll have a good time there.


We had a seven-day National Holiday. I read lots of interesting books during the holiday. I got up at 8:30. After breakfast I began to do my homework because I had lots of homework to do. I helped my parents cook lunch. After lunch I washed the dishes. In the afternoon I could listen to music, read books and surf the internet. In the evening I usually watched TV after I did my homework. I nearly did the same thing every day so I felt boring.

Today is National Day.We have no classes. In the morning, I went to the People’s Park with my mother.We had a good time. In the afternoon, I helped my parents to cook supper.I had a busy day today.

My holiday was very interesting. I reads two hours book everyday,then I go out to play. In this holiday,I watch a lot of movies, for example:Twilight and Inception.My classmates and I sometimes go out to go shopping. I have eaten a lot of food. At night,I always listen to my favourite music, play computer games and chat with my family members. How foolish am I! I copy this on the Internet!




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