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中考英语作文范文 人口问题 (一)

中考英语作文范文 人口问题 (一)

Almost every country in the world faced the population

problem.China has the largest population, so the one-child policy was necessay. In America, there were 2 billion people 20 years ago, now there were 3 billion. Some day they will have the same amount people as we had in china, will they apply our population control policy? Anyway we could be sure they will not critize our population policy at that time.


Population Overload (人口膨胀问题英语作文)

Population Overload

Nowadays,with the rapid increase of population,the problems of overloading in cities is becoming more and more serious around the world.

For instance,the resources such as education,jobs,health care that a city can supply is limited.So more populations mean that everyone living in the city have less welfare.In addition,the phenomenon of pollution can also be aggravating.And the traffic jams will disturb drives frequently.

In order to deal with the problems caused by overloading,in my opinion,Lowering the birth rate is the essential methods.On the other hand,another way which is executable to reduce the pressure of population in cities is to move people from cities to suburban areas.Of course,this need the help of governments.

In a nutshell,it is time for us to make efforts to control the population timely.



Recently, the problem of human population has been brought into focus. As we haven seen,a series of social problems had emerged .for example,there are increasing difficulty in getting jobs,traffic,and natural resources.Generally speaking,as a result of overpopulation, almost all of the social problems will be are enlarged.

There are some factors accounting why overpopulation should take place.with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard,the birth rate became higher than the mortality,and the good medical condition made contribution to it.

So ,it's hight time that we should take measures to change the current situation.


人口老龄化的影响 英文版作文

Nowadays,the percentage of older population has increased a lot. In modern times, many reasons could lead to this problem and a large quantity of changes will be brought to our sight by this. Simply, new couples have changed their mind about marriage and having a child since the new times came. There are more and more young people tend to born only one baby and feed the only one lovely creature.

By now, the youth has taken a smaller takes in all population. In some countries, the number of working age is growing up while that of people who reach retirement age is growing. That is to say, fewer people are contributing to Social Security and Medicare in proportion to the number of people needing and using those programs.

As followed by the burden of Social Welfare Program increased, the standard to the working guys rises. They are required to upper their working efficient to make more treasure than before. And postponing the retirement age evidently is a solution which can use more labor force to ease the pressure .However, in some industry lands, the older age of working people means relative poor efficient. Maybe all the medicines have their side effects.

On the positive angle,aging of population could proceed the

changing of structural transformation of the economy. The needs of the elderly probably open up a brand new market. This difference would promote the consumption one the opposite height.

Everything that exists has its reason and its influences. The only thing that we can do is try our best to learn it and solve its effects, such as the aging population.






中考英语作文范文 人口问题 (二){人口问题英语作文}.

中考英语作文范文 人口问题 (二)

人口问题(The Problems of Large Population)

It is reported that the world’s population was 6 billion in the year 2,000, and it is growing faster and faster. The world’s population problem is the greatest one because it brings lots of problems, such as water resources problem, more and more people losing their jobs and so on. These problems are mainly in the developing countries because the population of the developing countries is over 4/ 5 of the world’s popuation. So China, the largest developing country, has kept the policy “one couple, one child.”







Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 150 words. Your essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

Your essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:

1. Effect of the country’s growing human population on its wildlife

2. Possible reason for the effect.


3. Your suggestion for wildlife protection.









Currently, there is a widespread concern about the previously neglected connection between growing human population and decreasing wild species. As the two graphs obviously portrayed, American population in 1980 was 250 times than that in 1800, a trend accompanied by the extinction of nearly 70 kinds of wildlife in the past 300 years. A clear correlation is suggested that mankind has exerted a tremendously negative influence on natural species.

There are many factors responsible for the aforementioned tendency. First and foremost, to satisfy the space demand for the booming population, the only available solution for Americans is to take occupation of forests and grassland. that used to be habitat of wild animals and plants. Furthermore, the process of industrialization and urbanization has generated severe pollution that essentially destroys environment and ecosystem.{人口问题英语作文}.

In my point of view, the dearth of wildlife today forecasts an unpromising future for humans tomorrow. In order to eliminate species extinction, relevant laws and regulations must be established and enforced to maintain a large portion of unspoiled areas. Effective measures should also be applied to ensure that the impact of pollution be removed.






exert an influence: 对……造成影响

booming: adj. 急速发展的

take occupation of: 占据,占有{人口问题英语作文}.

generate: v. 产生,发生

ecosystem: n. 生态系统{人口问题英语作文}.

dearth: n. 缺乏

unpromising: adj. 没有前途的,没有希望的

eliminate: v. 排除,消除

unspoiled: adj. 未损坏的,为开发的


Currently, there is a widespread concern about the previously neglected connection between…

As the two graphs obviously portray…

… is a trend accompanied by…

A clear correlation is suggested that… There are many factors responsible for the aforementioned tendency. First and foremost … Furthermore… Effective measures should also be applied to ensure that…




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