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Today is Saturday,It's very hot. I say."Let's go to WAL-MART OK?"

There are lots of people in WAL-MART square,in the supermarket, there are fruit , books, toys, food and clothes. We have supper in WAL-MART, I like KFC, I eat a hamburger and some fried chicken, Dad likes Guoba soup, Mum likes noodles, so we eat different food in the store. Mum buys a book for Dad, two clothes for me, a dress for herself, I buy a watermalen. At about 10, we go home with the music Go Home.

We buy a lot of things, we are tired and thirsty, but tonight is a happy night.




快乐之家-A Happy Family

It is a happy family. Tom's family are all at home in the evening. Tom is listening to music while his young sister is playing with a Cat. What are his parents doing? His father is reading a book. His mother is making a telephone call to someone. Look! His grandparents are watching TV. They are all enjoying themselves. It is cold outside, but inside it is warm.


It is the best time in the evening. Tom and his family members all return home. After supper they enjoy themselves.Look! His grandparents are watching TV. Father is doing some reading as usual. By the window his mother is calling someone.His little sister is playing with the cat while Tom is listening to music.

The living room is very clean and tidy. You can see a nice picture and a clock on the wall. There are some books on the desk. It must be a happy family.





1.My busy morning

I got up at six o’clock in the morning.Today is sunday, but I am very busy. When I opened my eyes, the sun was shining brightly. I got up quickly. After washing, I had breakfast first.Then I went to help grandpa clear the old house. The house was empty for half a year, so it's very dirty. We swept the floor first, then we cleaned the tables and beds. It took us about 2 and a half hours to finish the work. I felt very tired, but happy.I felt proud of myself!

2.Introduce myself

My name is yuyan. I’m eleven years old. I was born on February 3rd,2001 in yingkou.i like to eat noodles,cakes,and chocolates.i love my parents and my friends very much.3.who:billy and his parents

When: last weekend

Where: the forbidden city

(born:1406 age: about 600 years old)

What: visit the forbidden city,have dinner,take some beautiful photos

3.Happy weekend

Last weekend my parents and I went to Beijing.we visited the forbidden city .it was born in 1406.about 600 years old.we have dinner at there.we also take some beautiful photos.

I had a happy weekend.


This morning my mother and I ate two eggs,four pieces of bread,dumplings and two glasses of milk. Eating breakfast is good for our health. We must have it everyday.

5.A happy day

Yesterday was Sunday. My father, my mother and I went shopping.

First, we went to the supermarket on foot. We bought some pineapples and oranges there. My mother bought a nice T-shirt for me. It is yellow and white. I like it very much. Then we went to the bookshop.There were so many kinds of books. I bought three English storybooks. After that we went home by bus. What a happy day!




原文 My Favorite Holiday{乐趣英语作文}.

There are many holidays in a year.Among them, the holiday I like most is the Children's Day.Children's Day is on the June First.In school, we have many activities to celebrate it.For example, our school often holds a garden party on that day.We can play various games and get awards if we win.It's the most popular activity in my school.Besides, we can watch movies or hold a small party in our class.We often buy some snacks and fruits to eat.It's really interesting.It's a holiday for fun.We enjoy it very much.

译文 我最喜欢节日


原文 Spring Festival is My Favorite Festival


The Spring Festival is my most favorite festival, because it's time for family gathering.And the Spring Festival is a new start of a year.It brings me hope and courage.On Spring Festival, my parents usually take me back to my hometown.My hometown is a small town.Many of my relatives move to the larger cities, but we usually go home when the Spring Festival comes.During the gathering, we share our lives with others and care about each other.Of course, big meals are necessary.Families prepare for the big meals together.They all cook their specialty dishes.Therefore, our meals are always delicious.We often stay at home for three days and then we leave with others' wishes.I like the Spring Festival, because I like family gathering.

译文 春节是我最喜欢的节日


介绍生活类 原文 My Day

Now, the new term begins.I live the life normal as before.Every morning, I get up at 6:30.After washing, I eat breakfast at home.My mother always cooks delicious and nutritious breakfast for me.I usually go to school at 7:20 by bike.It only takes me ten minutes to get to the school.We have the morning reading at 7:40 and the classes begin from 8:00.I usually have Chinese, math, English and other subjects.I go home at noon and have a short rest at home.Classes are over at 5:30.I usually play at school for a while and then go home.At night, I usually finish my homework and then watch TV.About 10:00, I go to bed.This is my all day.

译文 我的一天{乐趣英语作文}.


原文 my day

My aunt went to Nanning to see me yesterday.I was very happy.She arrived on friday niht.On Saturday, we went to the zoo, which has many interesting things.There are lovely delphis, sealions, special birds, acrobatic show, and so on.However, the most excited thing is the Roller Coaster, which is the thing that I dream to play but don't dear.Having hesitated for a long time, I decided to play once.In fact,I wasn't too afraid to play it.When we went out the zoo, it was already six o'clock.It was our dinner time.After dinner,I had to go back to school.It's a wonderful day!

译文 我的一天



原文My Favorite Animal

Dog is my favorite animal.The reason why I like it most is because it's very competent.Dog is the best friend for mankind.It is also the best companion for the old people.The dog can feel the human nature.So many old people will raise dogs if their children are not with them.The old can give their love for their children to the dog to make themselves feel warmly.I believe the seeing eye dog is very famous.They are special dogs.Those dogs will guide their owners whose eyes is blind to go the correct way.See, I say dogs are very competent.

译文 我最喜欢的动物


原文 tiger

Tiger looks handsome as well, the skin has two corlors:yellow and black,and they are both my favourate colors.I like tiger.I hope all the people will keep healthy,just like tiger.admin) My favourate animal is tiger,because tiger is very strong and powerful,it is the king of the forest.

译文 老虎




What is happiness? What is the good life?How should one live in order to live well? What are the definingcharacteristics of the good life? For much of the history of thought these questions have been understood asasking the same thing. For some of the ancient Greeks a keyquestion was whether happiness or the good life had to be amorally good life. For instance, Plato is concerned to showthrough a number of arguments in the Republic that the just(‘‘dikaios’’) or morally good person is also the happy person.And Aristotle, by defining happiness or ‘‘eudaimonia’’ as activity exercising or realizing excellence or virtue, seems to by hisdefinition work in morality as part of the nature of happinessor the good life.These questions – the perennial concern of classicalscholars – have in the last 25 years become the subject of debates in contemporarysocial and political theory as well. Foucault (1986), Taylor (1989), Kekes (1995),Cottingham (1998) and Nehamas (1998) have all stressed the importance of the “artof living” or “caring for the self” in light of contemporary political and economicdevelopments.


这些问题 - 经典常年关注学者 - 在过去的25年成为当代辩论的主题社会和政治理论为好。福柯(1986年),泰勒(1989年),Kekes(1995年),科廷厄姆(1998)和Nehamas(1998)都强调了“艺术的重要性生活中“或”在当代政治和经济的光关爱自我“发展。

The paper starts with a general discussion of the concepts ofthe good life. I argue that there is a conceptual core of happiness which has to do with one’s life as a whole. I discuss affective andattitude or life satisfaction views of happiness.本文用的概念的一般性讨论开始幸福和美好的生活。我认为,有一种幸福的概念核心,有一个人的生命作为一个整体的事情。我讨论情感和幸福的态度或生活满意度的看法,并指出所面临的问题这些看法。

The good life is also a ‘‘big’’ concept. It has a long history. I believe, however, that it is less clear than the concept of happiness. This can perhaps be seen by its easier application to various kinds of things such as a name for a chain of health clubs,advertisements about vacation spots, etc. It is harder to see a conceptual or logical core of it. Nevertheless, it is important for the issues we are studying. Therefore, rather than relying on any kind of shared understanding, some stipulation of how we are using the term will be required. If we understand it to refer to a life that is good for the person who lives it, good as a final value, then we can meaningfully ask whether such a life will bethe same as happiness, or whether there may be other things which could be seen as part of the good life, such as rationality and autonomy.

美好的生活也是一个'大''的概念。它有着悠久的历史。我相信,但是,它比幸福的概念不太清楚。这也许可以通过它方便的应用到各种事情中可以看出,如健康俱乐部链的名称, 关于度假胜地等,这是很难看到它的概念或逻辑的核心广告。然而,这是我们正在研究的问题的重要。因此,而不是依靠任何形式的共同理解,我们是如何使用这个词的一些规定是必需的。如果我们的理解是指生活是好谁住呢,好为最终值的人,那么我们就可以问有意义这样的生活是否会一样的幸福,还是可能有其他东西可以被看作是美好生活的一部分,如合理 If we seek to understand what a happy life is, or what makes alife happy, at the outset we should take care to note an ambiguity of the question ‘‘What is happiness?’’ Sometimes the question is about what is its nature. Sometimes the question is aboutwhat its conditions, antecedents, or


determinants are, or how itmight be brought about (satisfying personal relationships, adequate income, meaningful work, etc.). I wish to focus on thenature of happiness. Some empirical studies of happiness suggest they are providing definitions of happiness, saying what itsnature is, when they really are discussing conditions, causes orcorrelations related to happiness (e.g., people who are relativelymore sociable report higher rates of satisfaction with their lives;people who are unemployed report significantly lower rates ofsatisfaction with their lives, even if they are in a society with social support such that they experience no loss of income).




可能会带来的(满足个人关系,足够的收入,有意义的工作,等等)。我希望把重点放在 幸福的本质。幸福一些实证研究表明,他们所提供的幸福定义,说什么的






I think that, from a biological standpoint, human life almost reads like a poem. It has its ownrhythm and beat, its internal cycles of growth and decay. It begins with innocent childhood,followed by awkward adolescence trying awkwardly to adapt itself to mature society, withits young passions and follies, its ideals and ambitions; then it reaches a manhood of intenseactivities, profiting from experience and learning more about society and human nature; atmiddle age, there is a slight easing of tension, a mellowing of character like the ripening of fruitor the mellowing of good wine, and the gradual acquiring of a more tolerant, more cynical andat the same time a kindlier view of life; then in the sunset of our life, the endocrine glandsdecrease their activity, and if we have a true philosophy of old age and have ordered our lifepattern according to it, it is for us the age of peace and security and leisure andcontentment; finally, life flickers out and one goes into eternal sleep, never to wake up again.





英语作文About Love

Unit 3 E-era P. 79

It took me years, though, to learn that the love surrounding our family didn’t just happen. We had to learn about love from one another. In fact, love never just happens — not even to people who seem as naturally loving as my mother and father. But there is, I think, a climate that is best for love — a way of living that hastens the maturity of this matchless gift.

First, love needs time. Perhaps people can fall in love in a moment, but mature love is like a tree, moving slowly from the seed to the sheltering splendor of its prime. People need time to deepen their affection, to appreciate one another’s differences, to share one another’s joys and griefs. When we accept the differences of loved ones, we find that those very differences provide the mystery and wonder of human relationships. It’s foolish to expect perfection; it doesn’t exist. The key is to recognize and enjoy our differences.






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